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The Fourth Infernal Circle, the Sphere of the Sun

Respectable friends, on this night we are going to study with cognizance the fourth Dantesque circle, located within the natural infradimensions, underneath this tridimensional region of Euclid.

Yet first, we who have passed through the diverse esoteric transcendental processes within the superior dimensions have been able to directly verify the crude reality of the submerged mineral kingdom of the Sun for ourselves. Thus, unquestionably, we do not see the grotesque Dantesque spectacles of the terrestrial infernos within the solar infernos of the resplendent star that gives life to our entire solar system of Ors, since it is obvious that the most perfect mineral purity exists within the submerged solar mineral kingdom. So, it is indubitable that only the solar spirits happily dwell within that radiant star, which is the very heart of this great solar system in which we live, move, and have our Being. Then, given that in the Sun only exist sacred and eternal individuals, it is not possible to think of evident and definitive failures like those within our terrestrial world. The concrete fact is therefore evident, that tenebrous dwellers do not exist within the natural infradimensions of the solar world.

On the other hand, the infradimensions of our planet Earth are indeed a very different case for any esoteric investigator, since the devolving states of the fourth circle underneath the geologic crust of our planet Earth are strikingly clear and manifest.

Now, in accordance with the eternal, common, cosmic Trogoautoegocrat Law, the Sun is the source of all life and the marvelous agent that sustains any existence; thus, obviously, we come to find as a tangible fact the fatal and negative antithesis of this cosmic law within the antithetical solar aspect of the fourth submerged terrestrial zone.

So, within that tenebrous region, within those atomic infernos of nature, we find two specific types of devolving people. I am emphatically addressing the squanderers and hoarders. These are two types of individuals who on either side can never be conciliated, since they again and again attack each other incessantly.

By analyzing this subject-matter in depth, we must solemnly affirm that squandering is as absurd as cupidity. Thus, regarding the scales within the merely common, cosmic Trogoautoegocrat process, we must always remain in equilibrium. It is clear that the violation of the law of equilibrium brings about painful karmic consequences, since in the area of practical life we can consciously verify the disastrous consequences that come from the violation of the law of the scales. It is indubitable that the prodigal people, the squanderers who misuse their money, violate the law even when within their very depth they might feel very generous. The avaricious people, who do not circulate their money, those who egotistically retain their money in an improper manner beyond the norm, are indeed harming the collective, they are snatching bread from many people, they are impoverishing their fellowmen. Thus, for that reason, they are violating the law of equilibrium, the law of the scales. Even when the squanderers are apparently doing good by making money circulate intensely, it is logical that they are producing imbalance not only within themselves but also within the general movement of values; so, their squandering eventually causes tremendous economic harm to people.

Therefore, prodigal and avaricious people become beggars; this has been proven. Thus, it is indispensable, it is urgent, to cooperate with the eternal, common, cosmic Trogoautoegocrat Law, in order to not alter the economic equilibrium, in order to not harm oneself, and in order to not harm the neighbor.

Now, since many people ignore what the eternal, common, cosmic Trogoautoegocrat Law connotes, it is convenient to clarify its means. This great law manifests its means through the reciprocal nourishment of all organisms.

Thus, if we carefully observe the entrails of the Earth, we will find copper as the center of gravity for all the evolving and devolving processes in nature. If we apply a merely positive force to that metal, we will then see by means of objective clairvoyance extraordinary evolving developments. Yet, if we apply the negative force, we can then directly evidence the devolving descending forces within all of the atoms of such a metal. Moreover, if we apply the neutral force, we will then see processes of atomic stabilization within such a metal. So, for the esotericist investigators it is very intriguing to contemplate the metallic radiations of copper within the living entrails of our planetary organism. One is astounded when seeing how the emanations of that metal animate other metals, while in turn as a reward it receives nourishment through the emanations of those other metals. There is therefore an exchange of radiations among the different metals within the interior of the Earth. This is the reciprocal nourishment among the metals.

Even so, what is most astounding is the interchange of radiations between the metals that exist within the interior of our planet Earth and those metal radiations that exist within the submerged mineral kingdom of other planets of our solar system. Lo and behold the eternal, common, cosmic Trogoautoegocrat Law in complete manifestation. So, the eternal, common, cosmic Trogoautoegocrat Law allows the coexistence among the planets. This reciprocating nourishment among planets, this exchange of planetary substances, originates the equilibrium of the planets around their gravitational centers.

Likewise, we must affirm the following: there also exists reciprocal nourishment among minerals, among plants, among all types of organisms, etc. Moreover, the economic and human processes, the fluctuations of currency, the financial earnings and expenditures, the interchange of merchandise and currencies, the particular economy of each one of us, what one earns and spends, etc., also belong to the great eternal, common, cosmic Trogoautoegocrat Law.

Again, we repeat, it is clear and evident that the radiant star that illuminates us in our solar system is in fact the administrator of this supreme, eternal, common, cosmic Trogoautoegocrat Law. Thus, the function of such a law would be impossible if all equilibrium is violated.

Now we can clearly explain to ourselves the fundamental reason by which prodigal and avaricious people alter the scales of payments, and cause therefore unfortunate consequences within the cosmic and human equilibrium. Therefore, whosoever violates the law in some way must receive their punishment. It is not strange then to find in the solar antithesis, which is the fourth Dantesque circle, the squanderers and the hoarders.


Question: Master, you have given us a truly transcendental explanation about the fourth Dantesque circle; you told us that within it dwell the squanderers as well as the hoarders. Would you be so kind to explain to us what type of sufferings the beings that dwell there undergo?

Samael Aun Weor: My friend, this is an interesting question that motivates me to an immediate answer, listen.

Since only consequences are what we see within the submerged worlds, I invite you to reflect; thus ask yourself, what is avarice, in which way is a hoarder similar to a beggar, what kind of life does a hoarder have, what kind of illnesses, what kind of sufferings, in which way do they die?

Conversely, let us go to the opposite. Let us think for a moment of a person who has squandered all of his fortune; how does he end up? What fate will his children have? What fate will his family have, in general, etc.? There were many cases of suicide in the Monte Carlo casino. Gamblers, who ended up in misery, who lost their millions, end up committing suicide from one day to the next.

What could we say now about these two types of people? Friends, only their catastrophic, terrible, and frightening consequences are what exist within the infernal worlds.

Squanderers and hoarders within the Avernus desperately blaspheme against divinity. Squanderers and hoarders utter maledictions. They fight each other while sinking themselves into a frightening desperation.

Question: Master, recognizing that squanderers and hoarders commit so much harm, I do not however understand the following: if the fourth Dantesque circle is much denser and materialistic than the second, and bearing in mind that in the second dwell those guilty of lust, the greatest sinners against the Holy Spirit, do not you think that the greater punishment should be for them?

Samael Aun Weor: Sir, ladies and gentlemen, I will repeat now what I emphatically and clearly affirmed in a former lecture. The original sin is lust and this serves as a basis for all the devolving descending processes within the nine Dantesque circles submerged within the entrails of our planet. However, it is evident that within the sum total of all of these descending processes within each of the nine natural infradimensions, certain specific defects, which are intrinsically correlated with their corresponding circle, stand out. Thus, friends, ladies and young people who listen, it is good for you to know that in the fourth circle the squanderers and hoarders are found perfectly defined, and that is all.

Question: Master, since - from my point of view - squandering and hoarding are directly related with the hunger of individuals and populaces, and since the great eternal, common, cosmic Trogoautoegocrat Law relates to equilibrium, it seems to me that this can lead us directly to the problem of nourishment, since indeed this also has to do with the suffering that we endure within the fourth Dantesque circle if we do not maintain equilibrium on the scales of our nutrition. Thus, can you teach us something in regard to this subject-matter?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable sir, regarding your question, we already made emphasis on the case of gluttons in our former lecture related with the third circle. Undoubtedly, gluttons violate the eternal, common, cosmic Trogoautoegocrat Law within themselves and by themselves when excessively engorging foods and drinks into the interior of their organisms. It is clear that any violation of the law of the scales originates disequilibrium, thus the outcome is pain.

Question: Master, the beings who enter into the fourth circle are only those who have already exhausted their cycle of 108 human existences?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable lady, regarding your question, allow me to emphatically, categorically, and definitively inform you that whosoever enters into the submerged devolution within the infernal worlds, including the inhabitants of the fourth Dantesque circle, have, in fact, already exhausted the cycle of 108 existences. Nevertheless, I have already stated in a former lecture that there are exceptions. At that time, I was specifically addressing the definitely perverse ones, those who because of their excessive malignity had to enter into the submerged infernal devolution without having yet exhausted their cycle of existences.

Question: Master, based on what you have just explained, I have made a synthesis from the purely economic point of view, which is: in the fourth solar Dantesque circle dwell all those who disequilibrate the scales of universal economy; am I right?

Samael Aun Weor: My gentlemanly friend, your question is correct. Indeed, one cannot violate with impunity the law of the scales of world economy without receiving the deserved penalty. The law is the law and the violation of any law brings pain.

Question: Beloved Master, when you addressed the gluttons in regard to the disequilibrium of the scales, can we by analogy say the same about those who ignorantly yet voluntarily lack adequate nutrition, especially because of their unawareness about the eternal, common, cosmic Trogoautoegocrat Law. Can we therefore consider that the orthodox parishioners who have created a religion within their kitchen, or rather the vegetarians, will dwell within the fourth circle which you are bringing up in this lecture?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable gentleman, in regard to your question, allow me to tell you with completely dazzling clarity that everybody is free to feed themselves as they please. There exist unbearable vegetarians who have created a religion out of food, likewise there exist upon the Earth bloody, carnivorous, near cannibals, who have also destroyed their organism. So, there are variety of nonsensicalities in this life. Thus regarding disequilibrium, everybody is guilty, since everyone violates the law of the scales, and the outcome of any violation is not pleasant.

However, it is not irrelevant to repeat that everyone is free to nourish themselves as they please. Nevertheless, we must not forget the law. If we destroy our bodies, we will have to endure the consequences. Regardless, it is convenient to specify that many vegetarians exist within the abysses. However, none of them suffer there because of the crime of eating vegetables, but because of many other causes and motives. Again, about nutritional matters, let everybody eat whatever they please. What is important, I repeat, is not to break the law, and that is all.

Question: Master, can you show us a procedure or a system, if there is one, which can teach us how to have perfect equilibrium on the scales?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable lady, it is good for you to understand that the eternal regulator of the eternal, common, cosmic Trogoautoegocratic process is your Inner Monad, your Immortal Spark, or as the Christic gospel states, your Father who is in secret. Yes, within us God has the power of giving and the power of taking away. Therefore, if we act in accordance with the law, if we live in harmony with the infinite, if we learn how to obey our Father who is in secret, on earth as he is obeyed in heaven, we shall never lack our daily bread. Remember the Pater Noster, a magnificent prayer. Meditate profoundly on it, listen…

Question: But Master, how can we do the will of the Father if we are asleep, if we cannot see him nor hear him?

Samael Aun Weor: Lady, gentlemen, friends, remember the written law, the Decalogue of Moses. Do not break the written commandments. Live by them, and respect them. Yes, if every one of those here present, if every people of goodwill determines to live in accordance with the law and the prophets, they will then perform the will of the Father on earth as it is in heaven. Thus, the day will arrive when the devotees of the real path will awaken their consciousness; then they will be able to see their Father in order to receive his commands directly and to consciously fulfill them. Yet, first we must respect the written law and thereafter we will know the commandments of the Blessed One.

Question: Master, what can you tell us about the materiality and about the laws that govern the fourth Dantesque solar circle?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable gentleman, friends, listen to me well: the fourth Dantesque circle is constituted by atoms much denser than those that give form and structure to the three previous circles. It is evident that every atom of the fourth tenebrous circle carries within its belly 364 atoms of the Absolute. These specific types of atoms give unto the fourth submerged region a terribly gross and material aspect, immensely heavier and more painful than the aspect that is lived and breathed within the three previous circles.

However, it is not surprising when one sees stores, shops of all types, markets, cars, objects of all types within those regions, objects which in the end are nothing more than simple gross mental forms, which are crystallized by the minds of the defunct. Regarding this, I still remember a very curious case.

One night, I entered with my astral body within such a tenebrous region of the Tartarus, then before the counter of a luxurious store (a mere mental form from a submerged merchant) I called Bael. That dreadful magician of darkness, dressed in a blood-colored robe and wearing an oriental red turban, came to me, seated in a palanquin. In the rear his followers were pushing and carrying his carriage. This leftist personage, a fallen angel, luminary of the firmament from ancient times, looking at me with hatred, hurled himself against me and bit my right hand. It is obvious that I conjured him at once, thus that phantom became lost within the darkness of that horrible abode of Pluto in the end.

Alas friends! One is astounded when seeing within those regions so many exploiters of bodies and souls. There we find the lottery and decks of cards of gambling people, likewise many priests and hierarchs, mystics who insatiably covet their neighbor’s goods. Indeed, one is filled with amazement when seeing so many prelates and anchorites, penitents and devotees who, despite their covetousness, loved humanity, moreover, astonishingly, all of these lost souls live within the fourth submerged region, still believing that they are doing very well, and what is the most grave aspect of this subject-matter is that they will never accept the concrete fact that they are doing evil.

Question: Master, can you tell us if there are Masters of the White Lodge within this fourth Dantesque circle who instruct those who dwell there with the purpose of making them to comprehend that they are doing evil?

Samael Aun Weor: Hierophants of the light, Nirmanakayas of compassion, splendorous Kabirs, Children of the Flame, abide everywhere, and many of them have renounced all bliss in order to live within the profundities of the abyss with the purpose of assisting those who are decidedly lost. Regrettably, the inhabitants of the Tartarus hate the Children of the Light. They classify them with the name of “white demons.” They curse them. They will never accept their warnings that they are doing evil, since those who are decidedly lost always believe that they march on the path of righteousness, truth, and justice.

Question: Master, can you tell us what element is found within the fourth Dantesque circle: air, fire, water, earth, or what?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable lady, those who are very avaricious are people who have metallized themselves very much; thus, I invite you to comprehend that the fourth Dantesque circle is essentially metallic or mineral. It is extremely dense. Obviously, just as the creatures that live in water, the fish, do not see the element in which they live, likewise, we who dwell within the element air do not see that element. Similarly, those who live in the mineral element see mental forms, shapes of stores, bars, taverns, banks, etc., but they do not perceive the element within which they live. For them, that element is as transparent as the air.

Now, what can we state about the element water? Obviously, it is by means of this element that the eternal, common, cosmic Trogoautoegocratic process is crystallized. Yes, the reciprocal nourishment of all creatures is made possible by means of the element water. Therefore, if the Earth were to remain without water, if the seas were to dry up, if the rivers were to disappear, then all the creatures that inhabit the face of the Earth would die. Thus, the concrete and definitive fact that water is the agent by means of which the eternal, common, cosmic Trogoautoegocrat Law is crystallized is completely demonstrated.

In the fourth Dantesque circle, the waters are black, and I repeat, mineral is its fundamental element.

Do not the squanderers and hoarders violate the law? Do they not alter the equilibrium of the economic scales of people? Do they not alter the modus operandi of the eternal, common, cosmic Trogoautoegocrat Law? So, dear friends, ladies and gentlemen, reflect upon all of this.