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The Devil

Friends of mine, tonight, December 18th, 1972, in the tenth year of Aquarius, we enter into the second part of our dissertations.

Much has been said about the Devil. Indeed, the topic of the Devil has been the cause for a great deal of writings. Nonetheless, those who have actually explained it are few, given that the origin of this myth should be researched within the initiatic crypts of the past and within archaic caverns.

Let us reflect for a moment about what the Sun is. Unquestionably, the king star illuminates us and gives us life. Nonetheless, the sun is in contrast with the darkness. Any sunny day—as bright as it might be—has its shadows, whether under the leafy trees of solitary roads, within the grottos of the mountains, or simply below any mobile or immobile body. Yes, each one of us projects our shadow, here, there, and everywhere. Thus, light and shadow in a harmonious antithesis outline a complete duality, whose extraordinary synthesis is wisdom.

Now, let us survey a little bit further. Let us delve deeper into the profound, unknowable depths of our Being. We know that our internal divine Logos abides beyond the body, the affections, and the mind. Thus, unquestionably, our divine Logos—that which is the ineffable, that which is the reality in us—projects its own reflection, its own shadow, within ourselves, here and now. Undoubtedly, the inner Sun of each one of us also has its shadow, which fulfills a specific mission within the very depths of our own consciousness. Obviously, that shadow, that Logoic reflection, is the psychological tutor, Lucifer, the tempter...

Seal-of-SolomonA tutor whose purpose is the development of powers, faculties, extraordinary virtues, etc., is always required in the psychological gymnasium of human existence. Otherwise, how could virtues spring forth from within us, if temptation did not exist? Thus, it is only through struggle, through contrast, through temptation, and through a rigorous esoteric discipline that the flowers of virtue can spring forth from within us.

Therefore, the Devil is not that tenebrous personage created by the dogmatism of some dead sects and against whom the Marquis Eudes de Mirville cast all of his anathemas. Nor is the devil that fabulous entity that deserved to be forgiven, as written by Giovanni Papini in his famous book entitled The Devil, which resulted in excommunication for this compassionate writer. We all very well know that Giovanni Papini was the spoiled child of the Vatican, nonetheless in the time of Pious XII they disqualified him. Ladies and gentlemen: Satan, Lucifer, the Devil, is something beyond all of this. The Devil is the reflection of our own inner Being in ourselves and within our own consciousness, here and now.

When revising old mythologies from ancient times, we come to clearly see that the satanic myth was divulged in all of the corners of the world by the priests of the Heliolithic or Heliocentric religion, which in the times of yore was definitely universal. Let us remember that epochs existed in ancient times where temples to the Sun and to the Dragon were built everywhere in all places of the planet Earth. Then, Dragonian cults existed, where the priests of that universal religion named themselves “Children of the Dragon,” or simply qualified themselves as “Dragons.” They depicted the symbol of the dragon from those gigantic flying reptiles that existed in the epochs of Atlantis and Lemuria. That such a symbol was used in order to allegorize every shadow of the Sun, every reflection of the king star, including the inner particular individual Lucifer of every human being, is indeed remarkable.

In the ancient Egypt of the Pharaohs, the midday Sun, the Sacred Absolute Sun, was always symbolized by Osiris, whilst his shadow, his reflection, his Lucifer, was allegorized by Typhon.

In the Greek mysteries, the spiritual Sun, the Christmas star, the Creator Demiurge, was always represented by Apollo, whilst his shadow, his Lucifer, his Satan, his divine reflection, was definitely allegorized by Python.

Now, in the Apocalypse of St. John, the resplendent Christ Sun is symbolized by Michael, the warrior divinity, whilst his cosmic shadow is personified by the red dragon.

In the Middle Ages, the Logos was allegorized in the personality of St. George, whilst his shadow is symbolized by the dragon.


So, let us survey what Bel and the dragon, the Sun and its shadow, day and night, signify.

Consequently, the Devil is not that personage that some dead sects have seated on a throne of ignominy in order to frighten the weak. This is why Goethe in his own right placed in the mouth of his God that phrase with which the divinity addresses Mephistopheles:

Of all your kind, spirits of negation, who insurrect against mine divine decree; you the least perilous is rated.

Much has been said about the satanic myth, and some assume that such a myth was exported into the Western world from the land of Egypt. We do not deny at all that many Solar Gods with their corresponding dragons arrived into the land of the Pharaohs, whose origins were from Hindustan. Likewise, we do not deny that the allegory of Osiris and Typhon has been portrayed in old Europe. Nevertheless, we go even further. We have the right to think about the Hyperboreans and their solar cults, together with their dragons and infernos.

So, Pre-Vedic India was not exclusively the only one that sent its Solar Gods and their cults into Egypt. Beyond all doubt, these archaic cults to the Sun and its dragons were also brought to the country of Sais and the banks of the Nile by the submerged Atlantis.

To overcome the dragon, to kill the dragon, is urgent when one wants to be swallowed by the serpent, when one’s longing is to be transformed into a serpent. All of this signifies to become triumphant over all the temptations placed by the dragon. To become a victor means to eliminate the ego, to disintegrate all the psychic aggregates that constitute the ego, to reduce all the memories of desire, etc., to cosmic dust.

Indubitably, we are transformed into serpents after we have been devoured by the serpent. Thereafter, the serpent is swallowed by the Eagle, which represents the Third Logos, the Arch-hierophant and Arch-Magi, our Real Being, our Secret Master. Thus, this how we are converted into a Feathered Serpent, into the Mexican Quetzalcoatl, into a Mahatma. Thus, the completion of the work is done.

When arriving at these transcendental heights of the Being, at these inner reevaluations, the reflection of the Logos—that is, the shadow of the Logos within ourselves, the Devil—returns into the Logos, it mixes with Him, it fuses with Him, because deep down He is what He is.

Question: Master, if I ought to forget even the memories of desire, then what stimulus will I utilize in order to work in the flaming forge of Vulcan?

Samael Aun Weor: I will gladly answer this question from the audience. The sacred scriptures emphatically affirm:

Howbeit that was not first which is spiritual, but that which is animal; and afterward that which is spiritual. – 1 Corinthians 15:46

Indubitably, when the work in the forge of the Cyclops begins, desire (uste in Sanskrit) is needed, because the profound reevaluations of the Being have not yet been performed. Therefore, it would be impossible to demand beginners to perform the Maithuna, the transcendental sexology, sex yoga, or Kundalini Yoga, with the radical exclusion of desire. Nonetheless, later on, with the dissolution of the psychological “I,” it is unquestionable that the factor “desire” becomes unnecessary. The reason: desire cannot radically exist once all the subconscious animal agents are eliminated. When arriving at these transcendental heights of the Being, we can then work in the Ninth Sphere exclusively with the force of Eros—that is, with the power of the Sexual Hydrogen TI-12, which is the transcendental electricity of the zoosperms. Therefore, my friends, as a last resource, desire is not indispensable for the work in the flaming forge of Vulcan.


Question: Beloved Master, since Satan is the reflection of God and therefore Satan is love, is it not incongruent to state that the ego is Satanic?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable gentleman, friends, ladies, remember that two types of darkness exist. The first we will name darkness of silence and of the august secret of the sages. The second we will call the darkness of ignorance and error. Obviously, the first is the super-darkness. Indubitably, the second is the infra-darkness. This means that the darkness is polarized, and the negative is only the unfoldment of the positive.

Now, by means of simple inductive logic, I invite you to comprehend that Prometheus-Lucifer—chained to the solid rock, sacrificing himself for us, subjected to all the tortures in spite of being the norm of the weight, the giver of light, measure, and number, the Guardian of the seven mansions, who alone dost not allow any to enter therein save the ones anointed by wisdom, and who hold in their right hand the lamp of Hermes—inevitably unfolds himself into the fatal aspect of the egotistic multiplicity, into those sinister psychic aggregates that constitute our “I,” and which have been properly studied by Tantric Buddhist esotericism. Gentleman, based on this explanation I expect that you have understood my words.

Question: Master, if the practice of Maithuna-Yoga existed from time immemorial, why then in Vedantic India are complicated erotic stimuli openly offered to the public eye as bas-reliefs on their temples. It seems to me that such stimuli make the practice of the Maithuna even more difficult.

Samael Aun Weor: I will gladly answer with precision the question that with complete clarity a respectable esotericist gentleman has formulated based on a tantric photograph of a sacred sculpture that exists at a very ancient temple and which is portrayed in the Hindustani Kama Kalpa. Now, I want to emphatically address that work of sexual magic.

If we carefully observe the photograph from that Hindustani book Kama Kalpa, we will see that it portrays a woman standing on her head in Sirsa-Sana, with the extraordinary particularity that her legs are not found in the lotus position, but upwardly opened from right to left so that the femoral parts are horizontal. Although one of her knees is bent, she is barely supported by her head, hands, and arms, as this sacred Asana is known to be performed in the world of Yoga. What is most interesting is the following: a magician, practically squatting between her legs with his phallus forcibly introduced within her uterus, is practicing the Maithuna with her. Undoubtedly, such a tantric woman could not hold herself standing on her head if two female attendants on either side were not participating, supporting her legs. One can clearly see a pair of young women helping to hold the body of the female yogi. Those naked auxiliary women feel terrible lust, and this can be clearly seen in their eyes. The magician enjoys himself, caressing the naked breasts of one and then of the other, while keeping his phallus connected to the feminine yoni. Indubitably, this complicated and difficult tantric practice among four persons is unnecessary and is totally rejected by the Universal White Brotherhood.


It is not irrelevant to remind the audience that these complicated sexual practices performed by more than two persons are indeed related to Black Tantra, and this can be evidenced when we study the sinister teachings of the Dag-Dugpa [Drukpa] clan within the church of the red hat priests in the region of the Himalayas, in Eastern Tibet. [Editor's Note: Drukpa comes from the Tibetan འབྲུག་ཡུལ་ (’brug yul), which means "country of Bhutan," and is composed of Druk, "dragon," and pa, "person." See the glossary entry Drukpa for more information.]

It is obvious that the adepts of the Yellow Church, White Tantrics, or true Urdhvareta Yogis, only practice the Sahaja Maithuna according to the rules of the Gnostic Church [sexual union of husband and wife in godly constituted homes].

Therefore, the sexual act or Maithuna among more than two persons, such as it is portrayed by the Kama Kalpa, is unquestionably Black Magic. Obviously, Left Tantra is different from White Tantra, hence this illustration from the Kama Kalpa is manifestly sinister and tenebrous and could never be accepted by the White Tantric Initiation of the Yellow Buddhist church.

Undoubtedly, the multiple asanas from Black Tantric adepts, instead of awakening the Kundalini or sacred Prana in order to make it to ascend through the spinal canal, stimulate and develop the abominable Kundabuffer organ. Thus, this is how the aspirants end transforming themselves into tenebrous personalities, into black magicians of the worst type.

We know about the Kama Sutra and the Kama Kalpa. Unfortunately, the Kama Sutra has been adulterated in a shameful manner in order to make it widely known in the Western world. Now, regarding the Kama Kalpa, it has been tainted with Black Tantra or Sadhanas of the Drukpas.

Let my affirmations be corroborated. Let them be clearly verified through previous surveys of Buddhist canons and occult secret books within subterranean crypts of central Asia. It is clear that I can make these clarifications in a completely conscious and precise manner, since I am an Adept and since I am in a direct contact with the Masters of the White Lodge, such as K.H., Morya, Hilarion, etc.,

Question: Master, how can we differentiate when Lucifer is acting in us and when the ego is acting in us?

Samael Aun Weor: I will gladly answer your question. We have already talked clearly about the Luciferic super-darkness and about the infra-darkness of ignorance and error. Lucifer, the tempter, the great trainer in the psychological gymnasium of existence, works by tempting us, yet these internal impressions tend to be polarized negatively or fatally by means of our egotistical activity.

Indubitably, it is only by means of serene self-reflection and profound, internal meditation that we can make a clear differentiation between inner, direct Luciferic impressions and bestial egotistical impressions.

Normally, people with sleeping consciousness are not properly prepared in order to make such a differentiation of impressions, since this requires a lot of psychological training.

shivaQuestion: Master, the Devil is always allegorized with the trident. Does this symbol have some special significance?

Samael Aun Weor: This question from the audience reminds me about the trident of the mind that is used by the Brahmins of India and Pakistan. Nonetheless, we go even further, we go into the three primary forces of the universe allegorized by the trident. It is clear that by overcoming the dragon we can crystallize these three forces within ourselves, and in fact we can then be transformed into true Solar Gods. So, if the dragon is the reflection of the Sun, comprehend then what the trident signifies.

Question: Beloved Master, when we are working with Lucifer in the ninth sphere in order to eliminate ego, are we doing it with the positive as well as negative forces of Lucifer?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable gentleman, ladies, obviously, Lucifer is the stairway to ascend, Lucifer is the stairway to descend, and a power in order to work and in order to dissolve the ego in the laboratory of sexual alchemy. Unquestionably, we can reduce the negative crystallizations of our psyche, the infrahuman elements, the psychic aggregates, the wretched deviations of the luciferic force, to ashes only through the same luciferic force. Thus, friends, this is how the transcendental fohat, the sexual electricity, the marvelous power of Christus-Lucifer, redeems, works, disintegrates, the worthlessness within us, so that the essence, the consciousness, the Buddhata, can be liberated.