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The Seventh Infernal Circle, the Sphere of Saturn

Friends, once again we meet here so that we can talk profoundly about the submerged sphere of Saturn.

Indeed, we are not talking about eternal damnation or endless condemnation. Unquestionably, eternal damnation does not exist, since every punishment—as serious as it may be—has to have a limit, beyond which happiness reigns. So, in this sense, we radically differ from the clerical orthodoxy.

Indubitably, the devolving processes of life performed within the entrails of the Earth, within the submerged infradimensions, underneath the geological crust of our planet, conclude with the Second Death. Once the pristine purity of the psychic material has been restored through the Second Death, the essence is then liberated in order to inevitably re-initiate new processes of a completely evolving type. Therefore, our opposition to the dogma of an absolutely eternal damnation is obvious and evident. Thus, our means of comprehending the expiation of faults stands out at first glance.

We could never conceive that any expiatory debt—as grave as it may be—would not finally arrive at an end. It is clear that divine justice can never fail, since every fault—as serious as it may be—has its exact mathematical expiatory equivalent. Thus, it is not possible to pay more than what is owed, and if divinity would collect more than what is owed, it would obviously be unjust.

Thus, beloved friends of mine, with this clarification I have started our lecture of today, with the unavoidable purpose for you to comprehend our esoteric, occultist point of view, which is radically opposed to all sectarian dogmatism, this, as a mode of preamble before entering into the theme of the submerged sphere of Saturn. Let us now therefore delve a little bit more into this subject-matter related with the submerged spheres.

In our past lecture, we studied in detail the sixth Dantesque circle, and today it is convenient that we profoundly penetrate within the seventh, the circle of Saturn.

If we carefully read The Divine Comedy, we will find that Dante describes such a region converted into an ocean of blood and fire. Let us be granted the liberty of stating that Dante’s point of view is completely allegorical or symbolic. Such a description signifies the concrete and definite fact that a certain reddish, bloody color, which highly characterizes violent animal passion, definitely prevails in that Saturnine region.

Regarding colors, we must know that above the solar spectrum, the entire ultraviolet range shines within the superior dimensions of nature and the cosmos. Yet, below the solar spectrum, the infrared range fatally shines. The infrared is the characteristic range of the infradimensions of nature, underneath the geological crust of our planet. Therefore, such a passionate, blood-red color of the submerged Saturnine region cannot be exhibited in our tridimensional world of Euclid, since in our tridimensional region, that color finds its opposite in a different yet similar one of the ultraviolet range.

It is intriguing to know that every lost one who enters the seventh Dantesque circle shows in their radiant aura that abominable bloody color, which certainly makes them compatible to that submerged zone of our planet Earth.

The seventh Dantesque circle is, therefore, occupied by the violent against nature, the violent against art, the fraudulent, the violent against God, the violent against themselves, against their own goods, and against their neighbor’s goods.

Once - in my astral body - when moving around in a positive and conscious manner within that submerged region, I observed the reigning violence within such a frightening zone of bitterness.

I still remember two very notable demons whom I approached diplomatically, with the purpose of not hurting their susceptibilities or provoking unnecessary psychological reactions. These demons, feeling perversely satisfied with their miserable satanic condition, pronounced themselves against the Cosmic Christ, thus they denied Him emphatically.

Violence reigned everywhere; unnecessary destructions, frightening blows against things, against people, against everything, were seen here, there, and everywhere within that bloody, submerged atmosphere. In that region I felt as if the Saturnine influence with its definitive centrifugal forces were propelled to disintegrate, to reduce everything, people, furniture, doors, etc. to cosmic dust.

Then, I was very astounded when finding a very respectable creature, whose eyes still reflected the soft light of day; presently, he is a very famous doctor, a true Samaritan, who in life has only proposed to heal his patients with true love and without any exploitation. Now, what I just stated might cause bewilderment. Many of you could object and tell me, “How is it possible that one, being righteous, could end up within the region of the wicked?” Likewise, the subject-matter about life and death could be debated, since the good man in question is obviously still alive. Yes, he is still breathing under the sun. Then if that is so, why is he dwelling within the seventh Dantesque circle? So, it is necessary to answer such enigmas, to clarify them, to inspect, to inquire, to investigate with precision.

If we think on the multiplicity of the “I,” then it is not strange to consider that any of these, his psychic aggregates related with the crime of violence against nature, are breathing within its corresponding submerged region, even when his personality is still alive upon the face of the Earth. Thus, obviously, if that doctor does not dissolve his pluralized “I,” he will have to descend with the devolving wave within the entrails of the planet in order to stand out very especially within the seventh Dantesque circle. Understand: there exists a great deal of virtue within the wicked and a great deal of evil within the righteous.

Once the cycle of 108 physical existences that are assigned to every soul upon the face of the Earth concludes, it is unquestionable that we descend with the devolving wave, even if we are bestowed with beautiful virtues. It is not irrelevant that we remember now Brunetto Latini, that noble gentleman who with so much love taught the Florentine Dante the path that leads to the immortality of man, a noble creature who was submerged within that abyss because of the crime of violence against nature.

Question: Master, could you please explain to us: when do we commit the crime of violence against nature?

Samael Aun Weor: I am very glad to give an immediate answer to this lady’s question. Violence against nature exists when we violate the sexual organs. Such a violent crime exists when a man forces his wife to copulate when she is not in the disposition to do it. Likewise, such a violent crime exists when a woman forces her husband to copulate when he is not in the disposition to do it.

Such a violent crime also exists when the woman forces herself to copulate when her organism is not really in the favorable condition to do it. Likewise, such a violent crime exists when the man obliges himself, thus violating himself, in order to copulate when his organism is not in the condition for it.

Such a violent crime exists when the woman obliges herself to copulate when her organism is not in the right condition to do it.

Such a violent crime exists in those who commit the crime of rape, that is, to force another person to submit to sexual intercourse against such a person’s will.

Since crime is also hidden within the rhythmic flow of the verse. It is not therefore unusual that violence against nature is committed when a man forces his phallus to become erect when it is not really in a favorable condition for copulation.

Violence against nature exists when—with the pretext of practicing sexual magic or even with the best intentions of attaining Self-realization—the male obliges himself to perform the chemical copulation, or obliges his wife to perform it, when their creative organs are not in the precise amorous moment and in the favorable conditions that are indispensable in order to perform the copulation.

Violence against nature exists in those ladies who, knowing they need inner Self- realization, violate their own nature by pitilessly obliging themselves to perform the copulation when they are certainly not in the required condition to do it.

Violence against nature exists in masturbators or in those who perform the chemical copulation when the woman is menstruating. Likewise, violence against nature exists when spouses perform the sexual act when the woman is pregnant.

Violence against nature exists when the Vajroli Mudra is practiced vigorously several times during the day or during the night, when the sexual organs are not really in favorable and harmonious conditions.

Violence against nature exists when sexual magic is practiced two consecutive times, violating in this way the laws of the creative magnetic pause.

Question: Master, in the case when the spouse does not have complete potency and is practicing sexual magic, is nature also being violated in this manner?

Samael Aun Weor: I am very glad to give an immediate answer to this gentleman’s question. It also happens that an organ that is not in use becomes atrophied. Thus, if anybody—in this case a male—were to remain abstinent in a radical and absolute manner, it is clear that he would harm himself because he would become impotent. Then, obviously, if that male wanted to be healed from that harmful condition, he could then attain it by practicing sexual magic, which is, the connection of the phallus and the uterus without the ejaculation of the semen. It is clear that—due precisely to the lack the of erection of the phallus—in the beginning the connection will be almost impossible. However, when attempting it, when placing the phallus close to the uterus, together with a mutual exchange of caresses, then there is no violation against nature, but an erotic medical therapy, which is indispensable in order to perform the healing. In the beginning, these types of patients can use some type of clinical medical treatment based on the advice of their physician, with the purpose of precisely achieving the first sexual connections. And it is clear that if the couple withdraws from the sexual connection before the orgasm in order to avoid the ejaculation of their semen, it will be reabsorbed within their organism, thus fortifying the sexual system extraordinarily. The exact outcome of this procedure will be the healing. So, I repeat, in this entire process there is no violation against nature.

Question: Master, when you talk about violence against nature do you exclusively address the violence of the human organism?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable friend, I want you to know in a clear and definitive manner that when we talk about violence against nature, we are emphatically addressing all types of sexual violence, clearly specifying the sexual organs of human beings. With this, nonetheless, I do not want to state that there are not other types of violence against nature. If someone forced the inferior creatures of nature to perform contrived copulations, in this way violating their free will, there would then be violence against nature. Another: if someone artificially inseminated animals, as it is the custom in this day and age, there would then be violence against nature.

There is violence against nature when we commit adultery, or when we adulterate vegetables and fruits with the infamous hybrids that have been invented by the ignoramuses of this Black Age of Kali Yuga.

There is violence against nature when we castrate ourselves or when we force animals to be castrated.

Therefore, the transgressions that enter into this type of violence against nature are innumerable.

Alas! Friends, ladies, and gentlemen that listen to me, people that receive this 1973-1974 Christmas message, remember that crime is also lurking within the incense of the temple. Crime is also hidden within the beautiful paintings that the painter portrays on his canvas. Crime is also hidden within the most delectable harmonies with which the musician delights us on this planet Earth. Crime is also hidden within the perfume of litanies that are delightfully whispered within the temples. Crime dresses itself as saint, as a martyr, as an apostle, etc. and even when it seems incredible, it disguises itself with priestly robes and officiates at the altars.

Friends, ladies and gentlemen, remember that noble sire whom they called Guidoguerra—cited by Dante—the grandchild of the chaste Gualdrada, who in his lifetime achieved many noble acts both by his wisdom and his sword. Remember also Tegghiaio Aldobrandi, whose voice in the upper world should be appreciated; both noble males that now live in the seventh infernal circle because of the crime of violence against nature.

Question: Master, if we disintegrate the “I” of violence against nature, or almost all the “I’s” that have bottled our essence, and if we still have some left, will we anyhow fall also into any of these Dantesque circles?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable lady, I am glad to hear your question, since this is quite opportune.

Someone could eliminate from his psyche those psychic aggregates related with the crime of violence against nature, and nevertheless still fall into any of the other Dantesque circles, since while the animal ego exists within us, it is obvious that we are indisputable candidates for the abyss and the second death.

Question: Master, if we have already arrived at the last of the 108 existences that have been assigned to every human being, yet in it we are working on the path of the razor’s edge, would another opportunity be given to us in order to finish our work?

Samael Aun Weor: Noble lady, I am very pleased to answer your question: You must know with complete clarity that the laws of nature are not governed by tyrants but by just and perfect beings. Therefore, if someone—despite having finished their cycle of 108 existences—starts to tread the path of the razor’s edge and thereafter disincarnates while treading the regal path, obviously they will receive assistance. New existences will be assigned unto them so that they can achieve the realization of their Inner Self. Nevertheless, if they deviate from the secret path, if they apostatize, if they do not dissolve their ego, and backslide into their same transgressions, then they would inevitably fall into the abyss of perdition.

Question: Based on what has previously been stated during the course of this lecture, I have arrived at the conclusion that once we devolve within the atomic abysses of nature, we are indeed inhabitants of all of the Dantesque circles from our planetary organism. Am I right, Master?

Samael Aun Weor: I want to tell the gentleman that the statement of his question is indeed correct. When someone enters into the submerged devolution of nature, through time he slowly descends from circle to circle, standing out very especially within that zone where his worst transgression is specifically found.

Question: Master, what can you tell us about homosexuals and lesbians; do they commit violence against nature?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable sir, your question is indeed quite interesting. It is urgent to comprehend that homosexuals and lesbians inevitably submerge into the seventh Dantesque Saturnian circle, precisely because of the crime of violence against nature.

I want you to comprehend that this type of degenerated people—enemies of the Third Logos—are indeed lost cases: seeds that do not germinate.

Question: Master, are lesbians and homosexuals born into the world as such due to the karmic law, or does the engendering of such children have some hereditary relationship? Which one of these two factors predominates?

Samael Aun Weor: I hear this question from the international Gnostic missionary Efrain Villegas Quintero who is visiting us here in the patriarchal headquarters of the Gnostic Movement in Mexico City. Ladies and gentlemen, it is convenient to know that those humanoids who in former lives violently precipitated themselves on the path of sexual degeneration, obviously downwardly devolved from existence to existence in order to finally appear as homosexuals or lesbians, before entering into the infernal worlds. Lesbianism and homosexuality are therefore the outcome of a processed degeneration through preceding lives, a fatal karmic consequence, that is all.

Question: Master, if any of those people would for a moment manage to know that their lesbian or homosexual condition is a punishment based on the karma of their degeneration from preceding lives, and thus asked the law for help, would the law concede them the mercy of recovering a normal state, or do they not have enough strength in order to ask for such benefit?

Samael Aun Weor: Ladies and gentlemen, there exists a proverb that states, “Heaven helps those who help themselves.” Divine Mercy is beside Justice, but “Actions speak louder than words.” Thus, if any of these degenerates of infrasexuality were to truly repent, let them demonstrate it with concrete, clear, and definite actions. Let them immediately marry someone of the opposite sex, and let them really start treading the path of authentic and legitimate sexual regeneration. So, it is right for these types of delinquents to cry, pray, and beg, but let them also show their repentance with actions. Only in this manner is salvation possible for these types of creatures.

Nevertheless, it is very difficult for homosexuals and lesbians to have courage, a true longing for betterment. Undoubtedly, they are completely degenerated people, within which certain areas of the brain are no longer active. They are rotten seeds, where it is impossible to find any longing for regeneration.

Some individuals from this devolving class have made of their crime a mystique disguised with garments of sanctity. These types of individuals who promote human rottenness are even worse, and more dangerous. Thus, regarding this kind of people, we must not forge illusions, since they are lost cases, abortions of nature, complete failures.

Question: Master, sequentially, is every hope for self-realization lost for those who reject the opposite sex, or does any door remain open?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable friend, listen. Infrasexuality is symbolized in ancient Kabbalah by

the two wives of Adam: Lilith and Nahemah.

Lilith frankly allegorizes the most monstrous sexual degeneration. Within the sphere of Lilith we find many anchorites, hermits, cloistered monks and nuns who mortally hate sex. We also find in that sphere all those women who take abortive and who murder their newly born creatures, true hyenas of perversity. Another aspect of the sphere of Lilith corresponds to pederasts, homosexuals, and lesbians. Unquestionably, those who violently reject sex as well as those who abuse it, falling thus into homosexuality and lesbianism, are lost cases, terribly malignant creatures. For these types of people all doors are closed, except the door of repentance.

The sphere of Nahemah is represented by another type of violence against nature: the irredeemable fornicators, the fornicators of abomination, etc., people who find themselves quite defined as Don Juan or Casanova types, and even the devil type, which is the worst of the worst.

Ladies and gentlemen, let us now continue talking a little bit about the violent against God. When reaching this point of our lecture I want to remember Capaneus, the ancient of Crete, one of the seven kings who sieged the Theban walls and who now breathes within the seventh submerged Saturnian zone, underneath the geological crust of our Earth. In his Divine Comedy, the Florentine Dante, disciple of Virgil, the great poet of Mantua, cites this terrible case related with this particular theme.



That shadow cried out:

Such as I was alive, such am I dead. Though Jupiter weary his smith, from whom in wrath he took the sharp thunderbolt wherewith on my last day I was smitten, or though he weary the others, turn by turn, in Mongibello at the black forge, crying, Good Vulcan, help, help!' even as he did at the fight of Phlegra, and should hurl on me with all his might, thereby he should not have glad vengeance.

Their own rage and pride of those violent against the divine is the worst punishment within the seventh submerged infradimension.

There exists violence against divinity when we do not obey superior orders, when we attempt against our own life, when we irately blaspheme.

There exist many subtle moods of violence against the divine. Undoubtedly, those violent against God are those who do not want anything to do with mystical or spiritual subject-matters, those who suppose they can exist without divine mercy, and who at the bottom of their soul rebel against everything that has a smell of divinity.

There exists violence against God in those self-sufficient people who in a skeptical manner smile stupidly when listening to some subject matters that in some way are related with the spiritual aspects of life.

There exists violence against God within those scoundrels of the intellect, in those ignoramuses who deny any spiritual possibility to the human being, those who believe that they have monopolized the universal knowledge, in those “models of wisdom,” in those learned ignoramuses who not only ignore, but moreover they ignore that they ignore, in those iconoclasts who make a clean sweep when they analyze religious principles and thereafter they leave their henchmen without any new spiritual base.

karl-marxThere exists violence against God in the pseudo-sapient Marxist-Leninists, who have taken away the spiritual values from humanity. Regarding them, there comes into my memory in these moments an encounter with Karl Marx within the submerged worlds. I found Karl Marx within those tenebrous regions. That individual had awakened in evil and for evil. Nonetheless, he is a fallen Bodhisattva. Lenin, unconsciously and profoundly asleep like an ominous shadow, was following him. I questioned Marx with the following words, “It has been many years since you died, thus your body became dust within the tomb. Nonetheless here I find you alive within these regions. What happened then to your dialectical materialism?”

Karl Marx, while looking at his wristwatch, did not dare to give me any sort of answer, but turned around and withdrew. However, a few meters away he shouted a sarcastic and horrifying guffaw. By means of intuition I managed to capture the living essence of that sarcastic guffaw, since in it was his answer, which we could summarize in the following phrase: “That dialectic was nothing but farce, a dish in order to deceive naïve people.”

It is intriguing to know that when Karl Marx died, he received the religious funerary honors of a great rabbi.

In the First International Communist gathering, Karl Marx took the floor and said, “Gentlemen, I am not Marxist.” There was surprise among the audience, loud shouts, and from there many political sects were born, namely, Bolsheviks, Mencheviks, Anarchists, Anarchist-Unionist, etc. It is therefore quite interesting to know that the first enemy of Marxism was Karl Marx. In a magazine from Paris, one can read the following:

“By means of the triumphant worldly proletariat, we will create the Universal Soviet Socialist Republic with its capital in Jerusalem. In this way we will take possession of the wealth of all nations. This is how the prophecies of our holy prophets of Talmud will be fulfilled.”

Indeed, these were not phrases uttered by a materialist nor by an atheist, but by Marx, a Jewish religious fanatic.

Understand: I am not criticizing political matters through this lecture. I am emphatically and essentially addressing occult matters.

Indeed, Karl Marx, moved by religious fanaticism, invented a destructive weapon in order to reduce all religions of the world to cosmic dust. That weapon is without a doubt a “jargon” that can never withstand an in-depth analysis. By “jargon” I refer to the dialectical materialism.

The intellectual loafers know very well that Karl Marx manipulated Hegel’s “metaphysical dialectic” in order to elaborate that deceptive “dialectical materialism.” Evidently, Karl Marx took from Hegel’s work all the metaphysical principles that Hegel gave to his work, and with the leftovers Karl Marx elaborated his deceptive dish. Thus, it is not irrelevant to repeat in this lecture that Marx, as the author of such a lie, of such a farce, of such Communistic dialectic, never believed in it, and therefore he did not have any inconvenience in confessing his feelings in the heat of the assembly when saying, “Gentlemen, I am not Marxist.”

Undoubtedly, this gentleman fulfilled one of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion that literally states:

When we come into our kingdom it will be undesirable for us that there should exist any other religion... We must therefore sweep away all other forms of religion. It does not matter if for our means, we have to fill the world with materialism and repugnant atheism, since the day we become triumphant, we will universally preach the religion of Moses that, by its codified and thoroughly dialectical system will bring all the peoples of the world into subjection to us.

Concerning this, I am not condemning any race in particular. I am frankly addressing some Semitic personages with Machiavellian plans. They are Marx, Lenin, Stalin, etc.

Sequentially, from a rigorously occultist point of view, I could evince that the cited fallen Bodhisattva struggled in his own way on behalf of divinity, using for his means a cunning weapon in order to destroy the other religions. Marx was a priest, a rabbi from the Jewish religion, a faithful devotee of the doctrine of his ancestors.

Indeed, what is astounding is the credulity of the fools who—believing themselves to be erudite—fall into the skeptical snare set by Karl Marx. These naive people from the Marxist-Leninist dialectical materialism obviously become violent against divinity. Thus, for such a reason they enter into the seventh Dantesque circle.

Question: Venerable Master, in the Masonic Order to which I belong, it is stated that religion assists man for a good death and that Masonry assists man for a good living. Notwithstanding, I believe that the majority of Masons that I know do not know what religion means, and confuse it with something totally negative. Since we are dealing with violence against God, would you be so kind to give us the right concept about the meaning of religion?

Samael Aun Weor: Regarding your question, respectable sir and good friend, likewise people who attend this lecture, listen: Religion derives from the Latin word “religare,” from re-, again, and ligare "to bind," and which means “to bind again the soul to God.” Now, Masonry is not, properly said, a religion. It is rather a universal type of fraternity. Nevertheless, it is very commendable for such a meritorious institution to study the science of religion. By no means we are suggesting that some should be affiliated to such-and-such school, since everybody is free to think as they please. We only limit ourselves to advise the study of the science of religion. The science of religion is precisely Gnosticism in its purest form, a divine type of wisdom, profound analytical esotericism, transcendental occultism.

Question: Beloved Master, allow me to insist. I have heard in another lecture within the Gnostic teachings that the universe was created by seven Masonic Lodges, and this undoubtedly links Primeval Masonry with the Father. Consequently, I have the concept that in synthesis, Masonry is the common denominator of all religions, and therefore it proceeds from Gnosis. Would you be so kind to clarify this for me?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable sir, those who have profoundly studied the Masonry of Ragon or Leadbeater know very well that occult esoteric Masonry existed not only under the porticoes of the temple of Jerusalem but also in ancient Egypt and in submerged Atlantis. Regrettably, in the age of Kali Yuga or the Iron Age in which we currently find ourselves, such honorable institution has entered into the descendent, devolving circle.

Nevertheless, it is cleaar that in the future great Root Race—precisely when the powerful esoteric civilizations of the past resurrect—that honorable institution will have to fulfill a brilliant mission. So, we do not deny the divine origin of that institution.

We know that the seven Cosmocreators officiated with holy liturgy at the dawning of the great day, when they fecundated the chaotic matter so that life could spring. From century to century, throughout the different cosmic rounds, the workshops became each time denser and denser, until finally reaching the state in which they are currently found.

We recommend the Masonic brothers to study in depth the esotericism of Solomon and the divine wisdom of the land of the Pharaohs. It is necessary, it is urgent, for the Masonic brothers to not fall into the Marxist-Leninist skepticism, into that dialectic for fools. Let the Masonic brothers not pronounce themselves against divinity, because this, besides being contrary to their esoteric order of divine origin, will inevitably lead them to the seventh Dantesque circle, the tenebrous region of the violent against God.

Question: Venerable Master, how can we classify the concrete fact of some Gnostics who, believing that they are identified with the doctrine of Christ, are also identified with the opposite side, which is the Marxist atheism?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable gentleman, it so happens that within the occultist or esoteric currents some sincere individuals, who truly aspire to work for a better world, never cease to exist. It is unquestionable that these individuals become poisoned by the red propaganda. Thus, since they desire to create here in the Western world such a “Soviet paradise,” they work with enthusiasm in order to achieve the total realization of this great longing of theirs. They are sincere but mistaken individuals, people with magnificent yet mistaken intentions. Remember that the path that leads to the abyss is paved with good intentions. If these individuals lived for a while as workers in the Soviet Union, I am sure that when returning to this region of the Western world, they would furiously demonstrate themselves as anticommunist.

It is very intriguing to know that there are more communists in the Western hemisphere than in the Soviet Union. This is because in the Soviet Union, behind the iron curtain, people already know about the Communist reality. They have lived it, and therefore they cannot be cheated by the red propaganda. On the other hand, since in the Western hemisphere we still do not have a Marxist-Leninist type of government, the red agitators can play with naive people in the same manner that a cat plays with the mouse before devouring it.

From a rigorously esoteric point of view, we can emphatically affirm the following: within the submerged worlds, within the tenebrous regions of the seventh Dantesque infradimension, Communists dress in black robes, since they are indeed leftist personages, priests of black magic. I will conclude stating the following: the venerable great White Lodge has classified Marxism-Leninism as authentic and legitimate black magic.

Therefore, those who have seen the secret path that leads to final liberation cannot avoid committing the crime of violence against God if they become active leftist members of leftism’s ranks.

Question: Dear Master, albeit all of us know what fraud means, since we always relate it with economic types of matters, are all type of frauds included in this crime which is purged within the seventh Dantesque circle?

Samael Aun Weor: Friends, many types of fraud exist, thus it is good to clarify all of this. Dante symbolized fraud with an horrifying, tenebrous image. Dante depicted the monster of fraud in the following manner:

His face the semblance of a just man's wore, so kind and gracious was its outward cheer; the rest was serpent all: two shaggy claws reached to the arm - pits; and the back and breast, and either side, were painted o'er with nodes and orbits. Colours variegated more nor Turks nor Tartars e'er on cloth of state with interchangeable embroidery wove, nor spread Arachne o'er her curious loom. - Inferno, Canto 17


Dante stated that such a monster had a terrible stinger at the end of its tail. This symbolic monster expresses very well the crime of fraud. Let us think for a while on the variegated colored snares with which the fraudulent envelop their victims, and the very kind and gracious faces with which the fraudulent people appear, likewise their poisonous snake bodies, and their horrible shaggy claws and the sting with which they hurt their victims.

The types of fraud are so varied that one is really astounded.

There is fraud in the one who forms an esoteric circle and thereafter abandons it.

There is fraud in those who open a Gnostic center and thereafter disturb it with their crimes, namely, when falling in love with the neighbor’s wife, seducing members with the purpose of practicing sexual magic, committing adultery in hiding, coveting the Isis (priestess) in the temple, exploiting the brothers and sisters of the Sanctuary, promising what they cannot fulfill, preaching what they do not practice, performing the contrary of what they teach, creating scandals, drinking alcohol in front of the surprised devotees, etc.

There is fraud in the man who promises matrimony to a woman and does not fulfill his word, in the woman who gives her word to a man and then disappoints him by falling in love with another man, in parents of family who promise their son or daughter such and such a gift or such and such help and thereafter they do not fulfill their promise, etc.

All these forms of fraud are violence against the Father. This is why Dante allegorizes them as that frightful monster with a venerable face.

There is fraud in the individual who borrows money and does not return it. There is fraud in the sellers of lottery and gambling games, since the victims, convinced that they can win, lose their money and feel deceived.

Question: Venerable Master, we understand that the seventh Dantesque circle is denser than the former circles, so we would like if you would be so kind to explain to us about the material constitution of such infradimension.

Samael Aun Weor: Friends, the seventh Saturnian submerged region is of an astounding material density, since each atom within this submerged region possesses 672 atoms of the Absolute within its womb. Obviously, these specific types of atoms are extremely heavy, and therefore the seventh submerged region is extremely gross and painful. In it, life is unbearably difficult, terribly complicated, and frighteningly violent, given that this number of laws (672) governs this tenebrous submerged zone, located underneath the geological crust of our planet.

Question: Master, I would like to know if the element or elements within which the inhabitants of such circle move about is also not seen by them and if they think that they are doing very well?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable friends, I want you to know that this cavernous region of our planet is a mixture of mineral and fire. Nevertheless, there, the flames are only known by their effects, by the violence, by the rough, instinctive and brutal blows, etc.

I repeat what I already stated at the beginning of this lecture: what Dante symbolizes with blood is exclusively the bloody color of sexual violence shown in the aura of the lost ones and within the infrahuman atmosphere of that zone.

fraudUndoubtedly, the inhabitants of this submerged Saturnine region never think bad about themselves, since they always suppose that they march on the path of righteousness and justice. Some of them know that they are demons, but they console themselves with the idea that on this Earth all “human beings” are demons. However, they who do not ignore that they are demons would never admit the idea that they are wicked, since they firmly believe they are good, just, and upright people. If someone were to reprimand them because of their crimes, if someone were to admonish them, if someone were to call them to repentance, they would feel offended, slandered, and would react with acts of violence.