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The Eighth Infernal Circle, the Sphere of Uranus

Friends of mine, tonight, November the 18th, 1972, the tenth year of Aquarius, once again we are meeting, now with the purpose of studying the eighth Dantesque circle submerged underneath the terrestrial crust within the infradimensions of nature.

Regarding explanations, we have to start by reviewing what we have already said in other books in relation to Black Tantra. Obviously three types of Tantra exist, namely:

  • White Tantra
  • Black Tantra
  • Gray Tantra

Hindustanis talk to us in frankness about the igneous serpent of our magical powers, about that solar electronic power that ascends through the spinal medulla of the ascetics.

It is clear that the transcendental fohat develops exclusively with White Tantra. We have already given the clue in our previous books. Nonetheless, we repeat it: “the connection of the lingam-yoni (phallus-uterus) without the ejaculation of the sacred sperm.”

Black Tantra is different, since it has connection of the lingam-yoni and magical rites yet with seminal ejaculation. In this concrete case, the outcome is the awakening of the igneous serpent in its strictly negative form. It is evident that in Black Tantra the sacred fire is downwardly precipitated from the coccyx towards the atomic infernos of the human being; thus, when this occurs, the tail of Satan, the abominable Kundabuffer organ, appears.

Gray Tantra has another purpose, which is animal pleasure without transcendental aspirations.

Now, we will focus explicitly on the abominable Kundabuffer organ.

apollo-slays-pythonTwo fiery serpents exist. The fiery serpent that awakens with White Tantra is the serpent of brass, which by victoriously ascending through the spinal medullar canal healed the Israelites in the wilderness. In contrast, there is the tempting serpent of Eden, which is the horrible Python that writhed in the mud of the Earth and that the irritated Apollo slayed with his arrows.

The first, the fiery serpent of brass, is the ascending fire that has the power of awakening the chakras of the dorsal spine. It opens, we might say, the seven Churches of the Apocalypse of St John, thus transforming us into terribly divine Gods.

The second fiery serpent opens the seven chakras located in the lower abdomen, which are the seven doors of hell, as Muslims call them.

Much has been said about the Kundalini, the annular, serpentine power that wonderfully develops within the body of every white tantric devotee. However, we solemnly affirm that no one can enjoy the powers of the luminous serpent without having been previously devoured by it.  Now, friends, brothers and sisters of the Gnostic Movement, you will comprehend for yourselves the reason why the adepts from India have been qualified as Nagas (serpents). The great Hierophants of Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Chaldaea, etc., named themselves “serpents.” In serpentine Mexico, Quetzalcoatl, the Mexican Christ, was devoured by the serpent, and therefore the title of Flying Serpent was granted unto him. Wotan was likewise a serpent because he had been swallowed by the serpent.

It is obvious and clear that the core of marriage—that is, the integral fusion of the Divine Mother with the Holy Spirit; in other words, the union of the igneous serpent of our magical powers with Shiva, the Third Logos, the Arch-Hierophant and Arch-Magi—is only possible when we have been devoured by the serpent. Then, the glorious resurrection of the secret Master within us here and now comes as a completion.

Now, I invite the entire audience and all the Gnostic Movements in general that listen to me, to an in-depth reflection on the antithesis... It is unquestionable that the horrible Python serpent is the negative and fatal opposite—better said, the shadow, the radical antithesis—of the serpent of light, since indubitably, truth disguises itself with darkness within the abyss.

If in the superior dimensions of nature and the cosmos we are devoured by the serpent of brass that healed the Israelites in the wilderness, obviously, within the eighth Dantesque circle the condemned are devoured by the horrible tempting serpent of Eden. Thus, this is how they are transformed into frightfully malignant, poisonous vipers.

I want you to integrally comprehend that the serpent will always have to devour us, whether in the luminous aspect or in the infernal tenebrous eighth circle.

The fatal feast of the horrible tempting serpent of Eden is pathetic when devouring the lost ones with the purpose of destroying them, of disintegrating them, of reducing them to cosmic dust, in order to liberate the essence, in order to restore the original pristine purity of the consciousness. It is only in this manner that the soul attains its emancipation from the painful Tartarus.

dante-serpentsIt is quite astounding to know that either through the luminous way based on conscious work and voluntary sufferings or through the tenebrous way within the eighth circle of fatalities, the serpent always destroys the ego.  Thus, it is wonderful to know that the ego has to always be dissolved, no matter what our will may be—that is, according to our will or against our will. Thus, either as victors or failures the serpent must inevitably swallow us…

Thus, once the tempting serpent of Eden, that horrible Python, which is the negative aspect of the Divine Mother, completes her labor within the Avernus, she then returns to her positive polarization within the luminous region… Behold therefore, friends, in what manner the Divine Mother loves her child.

Therefore, those who go astray on the path of Black Tantra when developing the serpent of fatalities inevitably condemn themselves to the Second Death. Thus, the red turbaned Drukpas can never flee from the Divine Mother Kundalini. She will devour them inevitably, no matter what the cost might be.

Therefore, within the eighth infernal circle unluckily dwell the false alchemists, the devotees of Black Tantra, the falsifiers of metal. They are those who crystallized negatively. To be more precise, they are those who, instead of crystallizing the Sexual Hydrogen Ti-12 in the superior existential bodies of the Being, made it crystallize negatively in order to transform themselves in fact into Adepts from the tenebrous countenance who inevitably will be devoured by the horrible serpent of fatalities.

Hence, I want everyone to become aware that there exist two types of alchemy, two types of death for the ego, and two types of banquets that the serpent engorges. You can choose the path… You must choose. Knowledge is given unto you. You are before the philosophical dilemma of “to be or not to be.”

Woe of you, candidates for the Second Death! Your tortures will be frightful. Only in this manner can you die within the tenebrous Avernus.  Otherwise, in what other manner can the essence be emancipated? In what other manner can the essence be free in order to re-initiate a new evolving cycle that undoubtedly has to begin from the hard rock?

Likewise, within the eighth infernal circle we find the money counterfeiters, the falsifiers, the impostors, the incestuous, the sowers of discord, the bad counselors, those who promise and do not fulfill their promises, those who create scandals, and also those who commit pilferage, false and lying people, etc.

The eighth submerged region is the antithesis, the opposite, the negative aspect of the planet Uranus.  That planet of our solar system is very interesting. It has been told unto us that the North and South Pole of the planet Uranus alternately point towards the Sun. When the positive pole of that planet is oriented towards the Sun, then the masculine force is imposed upon the face of the Earth. Yet, when the negative pole of that planet is oriented towards the resplendent Sun, then the feminine force commands on our afflicted planet.  Each cycle or magnetic period of Uranus lasts 42 years. Thus, this is how in cycles or periods of 42 years men and women alternate their command here on the Earth. The complete orbit of the planet Uranus around the Sun endures 84 Earth years: 42 masculine types of years and 42 feminine types of years.

If we carefully observe the customs of people during history, we will see intensive epochs of masculine activity—such as piracy, for example, when all the seas of the Earth were full of corsairs—and feminine epochs like the present epoch [1972], or like that epoch in which the Amazons established their lunar cults and governed a large part of Europe, making the world to shake.  So, each masculine cycle is proceeded by a feminine cycle and vice-versa. Everything depends on the polarization of Uranus and on the type of energy that comes to Earth from that planet.

It is good to know for the benefit of the great cause that the sexual glands are governed by the planet Uranus.  We need to integrally comprehend that the feminine ovaries are also governed by the planet Uranus.  This is why such planet, as ruler of the new era of Aquarius, brings a complete revolution to our afflicted world.

Therefore, it is not strange that the sexual aspects of the totally lost ones are defined and that the tempting serpent of Eden engorges the fallen ones within the submerged region of Uranus underneath the crust of the Earth in order to begin the destructive process on a great scale, which concludes with the Second Death.

In our book entitled The Three Mountains, we stated that within the submerged mineral kingdom of the planet Uranus, the initiate has to disintegrate the bad thief Cacus or Gestas as it appears in the Christian gospel. Whereas, Agatho or Dismas, the good thief, is that inner power that from the depth of our being steals the Sexual Hydrogen Ti-12 for our own Inner Self-realization. Caco or Cacus, the bad thief, the horrible Gestas, is that tenebrous, sinister power that steals the creative energy for evil. It is not irrelevant to inform you that the abominable Kundabuffer organ is the outcome of the bad use of the creative energy, stolen by Caco, therefore the Kundabuffer organ develops not only within the black alchemists or tenebrous devotees of Tantra, but also within the decidedly lost souls, even if they possess no magical knowledge.

Now, in regard to the antithetical sphere of the planet Uranus, which is located within the abysmal depths of the planet Earth, by the law of contrasts and analogy of the contraries and of simple correspondences the horrifying Caco must also be destroyed.

Behold then, ladies and gentlemen, in which manner these luminous and tenebrous antithetical aspects correspond and how they are developed...

Question: Master, is the tempting Serpent of Eden the same sacred serpent?

Samael Aun Weor: My estimable brother, I will quickly answer your very interesting question. It is clear that within the Avernus truth disguises itself with darkness. Thus, it is remarkable to know that the serpent can be polarized in a positive or negative manner.  This means that the tempting serpent of Eden is the tenebrous contrast, the negative polarization of the serpent of brass, which healed the Israelites in the wilderness. So, it is intriguing to know that the radiating serpent become polarized in this fatal manner. Yet, this invites us to comprehend that the serpent does it for the good of its own child, in order to destroy - within the Avernus - the infrahuman elements that we carry within, and thus to liberate us from the frightening claws of pain. Thus, this is how the love of every Divine Mother is.

Question: Beloved Master, since it is evident that the majority of the inhabitants of this planet do not practice either White or Black Tantra but Gray Tantra—that is, sexual intercourse with the ejaculation of the Ens Seminis and without any transcendental longing—I ask you if all of these masses of souls automatically enter the Eighth Dantesque circle like those who practiced Black Tantra.

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable gentleman, your question is very intelligent, therefore, understand my answer. It is worthwhile for you to know that every Gray Tantra inevitably becomes Black. When someone descends into the Avernus, that one awakens negatively. That fatal awakening is based on the development of the abominable Kundabuffer organ. It is therefore urgent to know that any fornicator, even if they do not know Black Tantra, is in fact tantric, and inevitably becomes a tenebrous personality with the tempting serpent of Eden completely developed.

Question: Master, when you talked to us about the second infradimensional circle, you explained that the fornicators dwell within it. Thus, just in order to clarify the concept, I want to know what difference exists between the fornicators that inhabit the circle of Mercury and those who enter the eighth Dantesque circle.

dante-decaySamael Aun Weor: Friends, lust is the root of the ego, of the “I,” the myself, the self-willed. Thus, this invites us to comprehend that lechery, fornication, unquestionably exists within each one of the nine natural infradimensions underneath the geologic crust of our planet. Nonetheless, a difference exist in all of this. Within the submerged sphere of Mercury, the frightening Coatlicue or Proserpine, the tempting serpent of Eden, does not yet devour her children. Only within the submerged eighth region is where she has her frightful banquet. Now we can explain to ourselves why the Florentine Dante saw in the eighth circle millions of human beings turned into pieces, bleeding, tearing themselves with their nails and with their teeth, decapitated, etc. It is obvious that in such a submerged region begins the process of ossification, crystallization, mineralization, and the destruction of any ego.

Question: Venerable Master, it is truly impressive the narrative that you just gave us about the love of the Divine Mother, regarding how she, whether in her aspect of light or her aspect of darkness, inclusive through the most painful manner within the entrails of the Earth, liberates her child, the essence. Consequently, how is it possible that many black magicians with awakened consciousness, knowing the pain that they have to undergo, persist treading the path of Black Tantra and the Second Death?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable gentleman, it is worthwhile for everyone here present to know—as I have already stated in former books—that some awaken in the light and others in the darkness. Nonetheless, a radical difference exists between those who awaken positively and those who awaken in a negative manner. Undoubtedly, the lost souls, those who have awakened in evil and for evil, even when they know that they must devolve within the entrails of the planet until the Second Death before achieving the restoration of the original pristine purity of their psychic matter, do not repent of the path that they have chosen because they have made of their devolution and of the fatal wheel of Samsara a religion, a mystique... Therefore, it is not irrelevant to inform this audience that the leftist adepts have temples within the submerged regions where they worship the negative aspect of the serpent. Certainly, those infrahuman beings are never unaware of the fate that is reserved for them. Moreover, they even wish to accelerate it so that they can quickly emancipate themselves and thus go out free towards the light of the Sun with the purpose of once again starting a new evolution that will be reinitiated—as I have already stated—from the hard rock, and continue through the vegetable and animal states until re-conquering the intellectual humanoid state.

When one converses with Jahveh, one can clearly evidence that the lost souls abhor the Solar Logos and that they are completely enamored of the wheel of Samsara (vicious and fatal circle).

Question: Venerable Master, I do not understand how it is possible that an inhabitant of that submerged infradimension, of that eight Dantesque circle, whose essence is bottled within the tremendous “I” of lust, cannot even briefly awaken the consciousness, since in order for this to happen the essence must be liberated from within the ego.

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable gentleman, again I repeat what I have already stated: some awaken in the light and others in the darkness. Regarding this aspect of our lecture, let us tonight cite a verse from Daniel the prophet. Let us read the Bible:

And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt. Ant they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever. But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased. - Daniel 11:12

Since we are already in the times of the end and since knowledge has scandalously increased, it is therefore convenient to take the seal from the book and clarify the prophecy. I repeat: the abominable Kundabuffer organ has the power to awaken the consciousness of those who enter the abyss, where only crying and the gnashing of teeth are heard.

We can therefore awaken our consciousness in a positive and luminous manner by means the voluntary dissolution of the ego, or awaken it in evil and for evil by means of the development of the abominable Kundabuffer organ. Everyone can choose their path. The prophecy of Daniel has been clarified.

Question: Venerable Master, I know many spiritual mentors who, with a lot of sincerity, live separated from sexual practices. In other words, they are celibate. Therefore, as I understand it, they are not classified within any of the three Tantras that you have explained to us. Will these persons perhaps not enter into this region of the Avernus?

Samael Aun Weor: “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for you are like unto whited sepulchers, you perverted serpents, you generation of vipers, for you make clean the outside of the cup and of the platter, but are within full of all rottenness.”

The Pharisee “I” is found active in the depth of many devotees. They boast of being saints and sages, chaste and perfect, but in their depth they are frightful fornicators.

The Pharisee “I” blesses the food when sitting at the table. The Pharisee “I” has pietistic attitudes. The Pharisee “I” deceives himself when believing to be virtuous. Yet, within the profundity of himself, he hides unspeakable intentions and Machiavellian purposes that he justifies with good intentions.

So, such beatific devotees are irremediably devoured by the tempting serpent of Eden within the eighth Dantesque circle.

Question: Master, can you tell us about the density and elements that integrate that infradimension?

engorgedSamael Aun Weor: Respectable friends, the eighth Dantesque circle is simultaneously a petrous and igneous region. Fire really tortures the lost souls in it. This Uranian zone submerged underneath the geologic crust of the planet Earth has crystallizations of an unbearable materialism. It is not irrelevant to remember with complete astounding clarity that within that zone, each atom carries in its womb 768 atoms of the sacred Absolute Sun. Consequently, each atom of that zone is terribly dense, and therefore it is not strange that in such region materiality is even denser than in the seven former circles. Thus, an equal number of laws (768) control all the activities of the infernal eighth circle. Therefore, life is extremely complicated and difficult within this submerged zone of the Avernus. Hence, sufferings are terribly intensified within that tenebrous zone, the negative aspect of the planet Uranus, located underneath the epidermis of the Earth.