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The Ninth Infernal Circle, the Sphere of Neptune

Worthiest friends, we meet here tonight with the purpose of studying the ninth Dantesque circle. Our purpose is to delve into the core of this subject, since through these lectures we have arrived at the very center of the Earth, which has a frightful inertia, given that it is the very nucleus of our planet. Thus, when reaching this inmost part, Dante in his Divine Comedy cites the spear of Achilles. It has been told unto us that if in the beginning that spear hurt and caused harm or bitterness, thereafter it became a true blessing. That spear clearly brings to our memory the lance with which Longinus the Roman centurion wounded the side of the Lord.  That spear, grasped by Parsifal, the marvelous hero of the Wagnerian drama, manages to heal the wound in the side of Amfortas.

In our former books we spoke in a concrete manner about this weapon of Eros. Within these books we stated that the spear is a phallic type of weapon that when wisely handled can be utilized for the disintegration of the pluralized “I.”  Consequently, the fact that Dante mentions the spear of Achilles precisely in the ninth sphere is something outstanding. Thus, this is an incentive impelling us to meditate.

It is commendable to remember that the holy lance is the very emblem of the phallus, within which stands the principle of all life, the transcendental sexual electricity, which is the weapon with which we can disintegrate and reduce the pluralized “I” to cosmic dust.

parsifal-holy-grailIn this lecture I want to also address the Holy Grail, that divine cup or miraculous chalice from which the great Kabir Jesus drank at the last supper.  It is clear that such a jewel is the living symbol of the eternal feminine uterus or divine yoni.

Thus, given that in this lecture we have entered into the theme regarding the ninth sphere, we cannot avoid mentioning the chalice and the lance from the great archaic mysteries, since it is in the ninth sphere where the devolving creatures definitely disintegrate.

What happened to Nimrod and his tower of Babel? What will occur to the modern fanatics of that tower? Vain will be their attempt to assault heaven with their rockets, since cosmic travel is not allowed to intellectual animals. Thus, to attempt it is a sacrilege. Cosmic travel is an right exclusive to authentic, legitimate, and true human beings.  Therefore, after the great catastrophe that is approaching, the intellectual loafers of the tower of Babel will enter into the infernal worlds, into the ninth sphere, in order to be reduced to cosmic dust.

What happened to Ephialtes? Great was his prowess when he brought alarm to the incarnated Gods from ancient Atlantis. Nonetheless, within the ninth Dantesque circle he was reduced to dust.

What happened to Briareus, the one with one hundred arms, living allegorical representation of the adepts of tenebrous countenance who inhabited the submerged Atlantis in the times of yore?  He was dissolved. He became dust of the earth within the ninth infernal Neptunian circle.

Woe to Brutus, Cassius, and the interior Judas of every living creature! The traitors are reduced to dust within that submerged Neptunian zone.

And what happened unto you, Alberigo de Manfredi, lord of Faenza? What were your good intentions worth? To what avail did you enter the order of the Jovial Friars?  The divine ones and humans know very well the horrible crime that you committed. Were you not the one who slew your kindred in the midst of a banquet? The legend of the centuries states that pretending that you wished to be reconciled with your kindred, you invited them to an infamous banquet. Thus, precisely when the supper ended, in the very moment when the dessert was served, you ordered your servants to slay them.  Nevertheless, you apparently continued to live. This is how it appeared to people, yet indeed, in the very moment in which your crime was committed, you entered into the ninth infernal circle. Who then remained, inhabiting your body? Was it perhaps a demon?

Woe to the traitors! Woe to those who commit similar crimes! They are immediately judged by the tribunals of objective justice and sentenced to death. The cosmic executioners perform the sentence. Thus, those unfortunate souls are immediately executed and sink into the ninth Dantesque circle, even when their physical bodies are not dead. It is known that the physical bodies of those unfortunate souls are immediately taken from them by a demon that thereafter rules it, thus replacing the traitor.  That demon remains inside the body so that the karmic processes are not altered for the people or relatives who in one way or another are related to such perverse personalities.

Even though it might appeared incredible, presently there exist many living dead who tread the streets of many cities, physical bodies whose true owners now live within the infernal worlds.

Question: Venerable Master, if the essence bottled within the pluralized “I” is what transmigrates into the infernal worlds—in the replacement that you spoke to us about—does this signify that another bottled essence takes over the body of the living dead?

Samael Aun Weor: Friends, I repeat: any demon can replace the ex-owner of the body. There can also be the case that the demon who becomes owner of that situation, that is, master and lord of such an abandoned vehicle, is one of the less harmful demons that formed part of the ego that was precipitated into the Avernus.

Thus, the judges of Heavenly Justice condemn the crimes of high treason with the death penalty.

Question: Master, what should be understood by “a crime of high treason?”

Samael Aun Weor: Friends, there exist many genres of treason, yet there are some so grave that they are immediately executed with the death penalty.

To invite such and such person or persons to a banquet and then murder them at the same banquet, alleging such and such a motive, is a very grave crime that cannot be paid in any other manner. In this case, the traitor is taken from his body and immediately executed. Thus, his body is then controlled by the hands of some demon.

It is evident that in no way do people notice what has happened within the depth of the personality of the traitor, given that the judges of heavenly justice are only interested in the sentence being executed, and that is all.

Question: Master, I did not fully understand the subject-matter related to the essence, given that I do not comprehend how it is that the demon that replaces the ex-owner of the body of the traitor could have a physical life devoid of essence. What does Master G. tell us about this?

Samael Aun Weor: Master G. states that many people devoid of essence tread on the streets; they exist only with their personality, meaning, they wander around alive, yet they are dead.

Friends, there comes into my mind that little verse that states:

Dead are not those who in peace rest within the cold tomb;
dead are those who still are alive yet their souls are doomed.

The demon that replaces the owner of a given body can no longer have any type of essence; this completely clarified my explanation. These are the cases of those soulless people cited by H.P.B. in her Secret Doctrine, so I am not the first one to mention this subject-matter, neither I am the last, except that I am the first one who totally clarifies it.

Question: Venerable Master, would you be so kind as to give us an explanation in regards to what you formerly stated about the cosmic executioner?

Samael Aun Weor: I see in the audience an International Gnostic Missionary who very sincerely has posed this question.

The tribunals of objective justice—which are different from the subjective justice of this vain world in which we live—have cosmic executioners under their services. In these moments there come into my memory two very famous ones who worked in the ancient Egypt of the Pharaohs.  This type of executioner acts according to the Great Law. They are beyond good and evil. They have power over life and power over death…

Regarding this, I remember with completely dazzling clarity something unusual that occurred to me in my present existence. After having concluded all the esoteric, initiatic processes, I was submitted to many ordeals, yet there was one under which I was always failing; I am emphatically addressing a sexual problem.

parsifal-meets-kundryAt that time, many years ago, the inevitable always happened to me. I failed in the decisive moments, thus unfortunately swallowing the apples of the garden of Hesperides… Yet, in the physical world I kept the most absolute chastity. The disaster always happened to me out of the body within the superior worlds. I was failing when in the presence of many ineffable ladies... Over and over again I was succumbing amongst the immodest processes of Gundrigia, Kundry, Salome, the seductive Eve of Hebrew mythology.

The grave aspect of my case is that, in spite of having become triumphant in all of the former esoteric, initiatic ordeals, these failures had come to happen to me precisely at the end of the Mountain of Initiation.  Thus, my case was indeed lamentable, since in all of those scenes of an erotic type, under the tree of the science of good and evil, I was not the owner of myself: a demon was entering into my mind. That demon was controlling my senses, controlling my will. Thus, this is why I was failing, unfortunately… I suffered the unspeakable. The wound of Amfortas bled on my side. Hence, my remorse was frightful.

Thus, finally one day, when mortally wounded to the core of my soul, it happened that I cried out to my Divine Mother Kundalini in request for her succor. Thus, her aid was not delayed... Then, one given night, my adorable Mother detached me from my physical body and took me before the tribunals of objective justice.

Great was my shock when I saw myself in the presence of the judges of the tribunal of Karma. Many people filled the hall. Terror was expressed upon their countenances. All of them were grieving in their hearts. I advanced some steps into the hall of Truth-Justice. Then, a judge opened a book and read, “Crimes against the Goddess Moon, adventures of Don Juan Tenorio during the epoch of the medieval troubadours and of the knights-errant and feudal cities.”  Then, with a thundering voice, he pronounced the sentence of death, and in an imperative manner he commanded the cosmic executioner to execute the sentence at once.

I still remember the unspeakable terror of those moments. My legs trembled in the precise moment when the executioner unsheathed his flaming sword and menacingly directed it towards my defenseless person.  During those seconds—that to me seemed to be centuries of torture—through my mind passed all my sacrifices for humanity, my struggles for the Gnostic Movement, the books I had written, etc. Thus, I said to myself, “So, this is the fate that now lies ahead for me, after having suffered so much for humanity? Alas is this the payment that the Gods give me? Woe! Woe! Woe!”

Suddenly, as the executioner directed the tip of his sword towards me... I felt that something moved and agitated violently within my interior. Then, with mystical astonishment, I saw emerging from my body through the dorsal spine, a lustful, terribly perverse demon that assumed the shape of a neighing horse...  The executioner aimed his sword towards the malignant beast, which was precipitated headlong down into the bottom of a dark precipice. Its legs and tail were seen turned upwards, when finally the whole body of that frightful abomination totally penetrated under the epidermis of the planetary globe, to become lost within the tenebrous entrails of the Avernus...

Thus, friends of mine, this is how I was freed of that lustful “I” that I created in the Middle Ages when, as a fallen Bodhisattva, I wandered from castle to castle on a regal mount, upon the rocky roads, on the lands of feudal lords. Thus, once I was freed of that abomination of nature, I felt happy, since I never failed in the sexual tests again. I became master of myself and thus I continued along the path of the razor’s edge.

Lo and behold, ladies and gentlemen, the great benefit that the cosmic executioner performed for me...  Unquestionably, these types of beings are beyond good and evil and they are terribly divine.

Understand: by no means do I want to demagogue, since I do not even remotely pretend to praise the infamous executioners of subjective justice, of earthly justice, of that vain justice that is bought and sold.  In this lecture I am exclusively referring to those sacred individuals of objective justice, of heavenly justice, which are radically different...

Question: Master, at the beginning of your impressive narration regarding the souls that entered into the ninth Dantesque circle, you addressed the present builders of the tower of Babel, and mentioned the men of science who launch rockets into space. Can you clarify what these sages of modern science are guilty of?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable gentleman, I will gladly answer your question at once.

Ancient texts of ancient wisdom state that when the Titans of submerged Atlantis wanted to assault heaven, they were precipitated into the abyss. I want you ladies and gentlemen to be fully aware that the sages of the twentieth century are not the first ones to launch rockets into space, neither are they the only earthlings that have been able to send astronauts to the moon. Nimrod and his henchmen, the fanatics of the tower of Babel, inhabitants of submerged Atlantis, created better rockets, propelled by nuclear energy, and also sent men to the moon.  This is something I know. I saw it, and I give testimony of it because I lived in Atlantis. I still remember an airport of the submerged continent... Many times from a neighboring restaurant, “Caravancin or Asana,” amidst the enthusiastic shouts of the excited multitudes, I saw many of those spaceships launched... What was the end of all of this? What happened to the Titans? Now we find only dust within the ninth infernal circle.

Friends, ladies, do not forget that space is infinitely sacred, and consequently, interplanetary navigation is controlled by very severe cosmic laws.

The error of these modern henchmen of the tower of Babel precisely consists in their self-sufficiency. These learned ignoramuses, these braggers, rely on the mistaken principle that they are already human. They do not want to realize that they have still not arrived at such a stature. They are only rational homunculi, intellective humanoids.

Listen: in order to be human, one needs to give oneself the luxury of creating for personal use an astral body, a mental body, and a causal body.  Thus, only those who have created such suprasensible vehicles can really incarnate their Real Being, which would immediately place them within the realm of human beings.

It is therefore absurd for rational animals to escape from the zoo (planet Earth) in order to travel throughout the infinite space.

Therefore, it is necessary to know that these braggers of the tower of Babel will be fulminated by the terrible ray of cosmic justice and will perish within the ninth Dantesque circle.

Dressed with the Eidolon (astral body), I have spent entire hours within the entrails of the Earth, within the very center of permanent gravity, in the nucleus of our world.  Such a region is terribly dense since each atom of the cited zone carries within its womb 864 atoms of the sacred Absolute Sun.  An equal number of laws (864) control the unhappy creatures which in this zone are found in the process of complete disintegration.

While walking there, I saw a stone upon which a head similar to that of a human was standing. That head moved very slowly, mechanically repeating everything that I considered to say.  That head belonged to someone who had already become totally mineralized and who unquestionably was decomposing and disintegrating to finally reduce himself to cosmic dust.

Continuing on my way within the entrails of the planet, I suddenly felt as if a diabolic entity had alighted upon my shoulders. I shook myself forcefully, and that creature fell a little further on the ground.

Thereafter, continuing on the solitary path of tenebrous Tartarus within those frightful profundities where time is terribly long and tedious, I entered into a filthy room where there was a prostitute who, wallowing on the Procrustean bed, was slowly disintegrating. That whore was slowly, little by little, losing fingers, arms, legs, while incessantly copulating with whichever larvae could approach her… Terribly moved, I withdrew from that horrible bedroom...

Last of all, something unusual happened. I saw a pair of witches dressed in black who, slowly soaring over the floor, moved towards a kitchen where these witches prepare their brews, their potions, their spells, in order to cause harm to other unhappy souls from the tenebrous Tartarus…

Time passed by and I began to feel annoyed within such a gross materiality. I longed to emerge from it. I wanted to ascend to the surface of the Earth, to see again the soft light of the day.  My longing was not in vain. Soon I was assisted and my Real Being again took me out of those abysses in order to contemplate anew the lovely mountains, the profound seas, the light of the Sun, and the twinkling stars.

Friends, remember the city of Dis in the ninth infernal circle. There, those who have devolved in time exhale their last breath.

Prometheus-Lucifer, the adversary, that abhorred worm that bores through the world, had the most beautiful face, although now he is found chained to the fatal rock of impotence.


Let us not think of a dogmatic Lucifer, but of an interior Lucifer within each one of us. Yes, Lucifer is the reflection of the Logos that is found within the inner depth of each person.

It is stated that Lucifer weeps with six eyes. Six is a number that invites us to reflection. 666 is the number of the great whore, and by adding the numbers 6+6+6 we have 18 as a result.  Continuing with new additions we arrive at the following synthesis: 1 + 8 = 9, the ninth sphere, the ninth Dantesque circle.

Lucifer is therefore that revolutionary force found in the core of our sexual system, and which wisely handled can transform us into Gods.

To whom would I compare those who do not know how to handle the Luciferic force? I would possibly compare them with the apprentices of electricity or to those unwary ones who—not having such a profession—ignore the danger and dare to play with high tension electrical cables. Undoubtedly they are fulminated and are precipitated into the abyss.

The negative aspect of Prometheus-Lucifer inevitably leads us to failure. This is why it is stated that he is the adversary who dwells within the core of the world.

The antithesis of Lucifer or the superior aspect of Lucifer is the Solar Logos, the Cosmic Christ.

Lucifer is the ladder to descend into the Avernus and the ladder to ascend from it.

Comprehension is indispensable; remember that our motto is Thelema (willpower)…

It is necessary to learn to distinguish between a fall and a descent. We need to descend into the ninth sphere (sex) in order to build the superior existential bodies of the Being and in order to dissolve the ego.  The well of the universe is within the ninth circle, the center of the planetary gravity.

It is not irrelevant to remember that the creative organs of the human species have their full representation in the ninth submerged sphere.

No one can ascend without having taken the courage to descend. Any exaltation is preceded by a terrible and dreadful humiliation.

To descend into the ninth sphere is indispensable. Some do it during life by means of their own will, spontaneously, and for their Inner Self-realization. Yet, others, the majority, the multitudes, do it in an unconscious manner when they descend into the abyss of perdition.

Question: Venerable Master, would you be so kind as to explain why sex is also called the ninth sphere? Is it perhaps because this is related with the center of the Earth?

Samael Aun Weor: Friends, it is urgent to comprehend that in the superior dimensions of nature, submerged beneath the epidermis of the Earth, by the law of antithesis there is a ninth circle of glory, where the Initiates of the Universal White Fraternity can see, traced in a concrete manner, the sign of the infinite, the holy eight, set in a horizontal manner.  Those who have studied esoteric Kabbalah know very well the inner significance of this magical figure.

The upper part of that symbol represents the brain. The lower part allegorizes sex. The center of that magnificent figure is the atomic point where the nine submerged regions gravitate.  Behold there: the brain, heart, and sex of the planetary genie…

Terrible is the struggle: brain against sex, sex against brain.  When sex overcomes the brain, when the brain remains without any control, we are then precipitated headlong into the abyss.

When brain and sex are mutually equilibrated we then realize our selves intimately.

All creatures that exist upon the face of the Earth have been created in accordance with the holy symbol of the infinite. Now you can explain to yourselves why sex corresponds with the ninth sphere.

The child remains nine months within the maternal womb. For nine ages was humanity within the womb of great nature, Rhea, Cybeles, etc. With this explanation I seriously believe that I have answered the question of the gentleman.

Question: Venerable Master, I would like to know how the essence emerges to the light of the Sun, once the ego has been reduced to cosmic dust within this ninth circle of the center of our planet.

Samael Aun Weor: Let us now return into the subject-matter related with the infernal dimensions or infradimensions of nature, after having explained about the sign of the infinite and the superior dimensions of nature.

BirthdeathAfter the essence exhales its last breath within this region where the throne of Dis is found, the essence without ego, the psychic material, that embryo of soul, is liberated, since as we have already stated, the ego is reduced to cosmic dust.  Thus, once the essence is emancipated, it takes up a very beautiful child-like figure, filled with radiant beauty. This is the solemn moment in which the Devas of nature examine the liberated essence. So, after having proved to satiation that the essence no longer possesses any subjective, infrahuman element, they give unto it the token to freedom. What I mean to say with this is that they grant unto the soul the bliss of liberation.

Happy are those moments in which the soul of the dead penetrates through certain luminous atomic doors that immediately grant them departure into the light of the sun.

Thus, once the creature is free and upon the epidermis of our planet, the essence initiates a new evolution. It then becomes a gnome or pygmy of the mineral kingdom. Thereafter it will continue its evolution by ascending through the vegetable and animal levels, until on a faraway day it will re-conquer the intellectual humanoid state that was lost in the past.