The Two Closed Doors

By uttering sublime and ineffable phrases, the tenebrous ones state that sexual magic is dangerous, thus this is how they divert wretched human beings away from the doors of Eden. By uttering words filled with sweetness, the tenebrous ones state that to project oneself in the Astral Body at will is dangerous. This is how the tenebrous ones close these two doors to liberation for the wretched souls . The tenebrous ones close the two doors of happiness and thereafter they enclose their victims within their intellectual systems.

The tenebrous systems are usually filled with reasoning and philosophical words. The intellect is the most powerful weapon that the Luciferians use in order to impede their victims' escape from the abyss; the abyss is filled with sincere, yet mistaken ones; the abyss is filled with people that have very good intentions. Many tenebrous ones from the abyss are sincere, yet mistaken.

Usually, the tenebrous ones believe that they can know God with their intellect.

We, Gnostics, state that only God knows himself; we need to abandon reasoning and intellect in order to attain union with God. We need to have the mind of a child in order to attain the union with God. We need sexual magic in order to enter into Eden.

We need to learn how to project ourselves in the Astral Body in order to converse with the Innermost. We need to study at the feet of the Master. Beginners must fall asleep while invoking the Lord Jehovah and pray to him to take them out in their Astral Body, thus the Lord Jehovah will take them out of their body. The student must get up in the moments of slumber. "Help yourself so that we can help you." Jehovah always helps us, thus let us help ourselves.

Although the genuine teachings of Jesus were obscured and hidden from the public, the time has come for them to be restored and made known.

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