The Seven Temples

The seven churches of our spinal column are intimately related with seven temples of Major Mysteries; these temples have their equivalent in the seven chakras of our spinal column. Therefore, these seven churches are seven temples within which the terror of love and law reigns. These seven churches exist within the human being and within the universe, within the microcosm and within the macrocosm.

As we open one by one our seven churches in the spinal column, simultaneously, one by one, we penetrate each of the seven internal temples where only the terror of the great mysteries reigns, i.e. we experience a divine awe when we contemplate the cathedral of Sardis amongst lightnings, thunders and tempests; yet, we can only enter into this cathedral when the laryngeal chakra (the church of Sardis) in our spinal column has been activated.

When the initiate has lifted up the serpent upon the rod (spinal column), he then receives the staff of the Patriarchs, the rod of Aaron, the cane of seven knots, the golden reed, etc. We then enter into the church of Laodicea; that cathedral is made of pure gold. The initiate receives different rods according to his works with the spinal fires. The cane of seven knots of Eastern yogis symbolizes the spinal column with its seven churches.

Although the genuine teachings of Jesus were obscured and hidden from the public, the time has come for them to be restored and made known.

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