Imagination, Inspiration, Intuition

Imagination is clairvoyance. To imagine is to see.

The inventor who imagines his invention is indeed clairvoyantly seeing it. Before appearing in this physical world, any invention already exists in the internal worlds. Thus, all inventions previously existed within the internal worlds. The inventor imagines them, and thereafter he makes them concrete in this physical world. If the painter captures the images of the painting that he is going to paint, it is because the painting already exists within the internal worlds.

In order to develop clairvoyance, it is necessary to know how to be silent. Clairvoyants who boast about their visions are worthless. These types of sacrilegious individuals must be cast out of the Gnostic sanctuaries.

When we impel the frontal chakra to spin, then within it, images are reflected full of light, color, and sound; this is trained clairvoyance. Thus, the clairvoyant must know how to suffer, how to abstain, and how to die.


When we learn how to interpret the symbolic images of the internal worlds, we have then attained inspired knowledge. Internal images are interpreted based on the law of philosophical analogies, the law of the analogy of opposites, the law of correspondences, and the law of numerology.

What does an enemy resemble? It resembles a furious bull. What does the rain look like? It looks like tears.


When we see a symbolic image within the superior worlds and we instantly know its meaning, it is because we have attained intuitive knowledge; this is to know without any need for reasoning. The intuitive person knows everything without the need for reasoning. The new Aquarian Age is the era of intuition.

The mantra OM has the power to awaken the frontal and cardiac chakras, namely clairvoyance and intuition. We attain enlightenment by meditating on the mantra OM. Imagination, inspiration, and intuition are the three obligatory paths of initiation.

Warning: those who attain illumination and thereafter go around boasting to others about their esoteric achievements transform themselves into profaners of the temple. Instructors must severely admonish these types of “Gnostics.”

Although the genuine teachings of Jesus were obscured and hidden from the public, the time has come for them to be restored and made known.

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