Astral Traveling

The human being is a triad of Body, Soul , and Spirit. The Soul is the mediator between the Spirit and the Body. A Soul is acquired and a Spirit IS. The Innermost is the highest aspect within us; the Innermost is the Spirit. The Testament of Learning states: "Before the false dawn came over this earth, those who survived the hurricane and the storm gave praise to the Innermost, and to them appeared the heralds of the dawn."

Thus, the Soul is between the terrestrial man and the Innermost; the Soul is dressed with an ultra-sensible, material body with which it travels through space. This ultra-sensible, material body is the Astral Body. Thus, the Astral Body has something of the human and something of the divine.

The Astral Body has its ultra-physiology and its ultra-pathology, which are intimately related with the grand sympathetic nervous system and our glands of internal secretion. The Astral Body is endowed with marvelous senses that we can utilize in order to investigate the great mysteries of life and death.

The mind, the will, and the consciousness are inside the Astral Body. Our disciples must learn how to travel in their Astral Body.

The subject matter we are teaching in this chapter is a tremendous reality. Unfortunately, the brethren from all spiritualist schools totally ignore the use and maneuvering of the Astral Body.

We feel nothing but pain when we see that the brethren of those distinct organizations are so ignorant about the use and maneuvering of the Astral Body. The brethren from these distinct spiritualist schools live in the Astral Plane with their consciousness asleep.

When a brother or sister enters into the path, the tenebrous ones from the lunar path attack them during their normal sleep; there, these brethren from the shadows assume the shape of the Guru in order to divert these disciples. Now we can comprehend why it is a crime to not teach the disciples the practical use and maneuvering of the Astral Body.

It is necessary for our disciples to awaken their consciousness during the normal sleep so that they can defend themselves against the attacks of the tenebrous ones.

To acquire cognizance of the process of normal sleep is not dangerous; we must acquire cognizance of all of our natural functions.

Although the genuine teachings of Jesus were obscured and hidden from the public, the time has come for them to be restored and made known.

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