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Selection of Personnel

Presently, the brothers and sisters of the great College of Initiates of the White Lodge are selecting human personnel. They are separating the sheep from the goats so that the new era can be initiated. It would be impossible to initiate an age of light with personnel of murderers, prostitutes, and thieves.

We state that those who spill their semen eventually become demons, even if they are Theosophists or Rosicrucians. Yes, just as raging murderers do, mystical thieves also become demons.

Presently, there are millions of souls who are divorced from their Innermosts, thus they have horns on their foreheads. Among these demons we find thousands of Theosophists, Rosicrucians, Aquarianists, etc. Regrettably, many of them are sincere but mistaken souls who, despite their good intentions, have already unconsciously descended to the degree of demons. Nevertheless, they believe themselves to be saints. How naive they are.

Understand that demons are inhabitants of the abyss (infradimensions) and demons will not be reborn physically in Aquarius, which is the millennium mentioned in the Apocalypse (Revelation). The rebirth of demons in the physical plane will be postponed until the Age of Capricorn (the age of the Holy Spirit); yes, in Capricorn the last opportunity will be granted unto them.

During the Age of Capricorn, Javhe will also have a physical body, and he will be born in Palestine; he will be a warrior. Then, the inhabitants of the abyss, after having experienced the terrors of the abyss, will be called to order, and they will have to define themselves in the flesh for either Christ or Javhe.

The Jews will then present Javhe as their authentic, promised Messiah, and all the definitely perverse personalities will follow Javhe into the abyss. Finally, throughout successive eternities, they will be disintegrated. The Monads, the Innermosts, of those dismal personalities will continue their evolution at the level of those remnants. After eternities, these Monads will build new personalities, and through them, they will inevitably reach their goal.

The present human evolution has failed. Yes, this entire humanity, the Great Babylon, will be destroyed by blood and fire; regrettably, more than one half of the present humanity has horns on their foreheads. These souls will follow a slow, arduous, and frightful devolution.

The Aryan root race is the entire present humanity. This is the great harlot that will be precipitated into the abyss. The gods judged the great harlot, and she was found to be unworthy. To the abyss! To the abyss! To the abyss!

Before the beginning of the Third World War, politicians will search for peace with multiple formulae, but their intellects will totally fail.