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The Wedding of Cana

The first miracle performed by Jesus was the transmutation of water into wine. Jesus performed this miracle at a wedding. Thus, this is the first miracle that our disciples must perform, because this is how one enters initiation.

Yes, it is certain that by means of sexual contact within marriage we transmute the water into wine. We have to transmute the water (semen) into the wine of the light of the alchemist, and indeed, sexual magic is the way.

So, through his first miracle Jesus publicly taught sexual transmutation, sexual magic, and in this way he began the opening of the path of initiation for all of this suffering humanity!

Jesus Christ represented the entire drama of initiation in the flesh. This drama begins with sexual transmutation, because it is by means of sexual magic that we become as gods.

When spouses upraise themselves to the state of gods, only then can they enjoy the delights of love without sexual contact. This is something that pertains to the gods.

When we study the wedding of Cana within the Akashic archives of nature, we see a great, wonderful party within a great wooden palace. The bride was a young aristocratic female of that old palace. She had a body of medium height, dark features, blunt nose, and a protruding upper lip. She dressed in a white wedding garment and a crown of flowers over her head. The feast was solemn, and Jesus attended it. Yet suddenly, when the wine was consumed, all the guests looked to each other as if saying, “This party is over.” However, Jesus crossed the room towards a corner of the luxurious palace where a barrel (a square-shaped container) of pure water was set up; a few olive leaves were floating on the water. So, Jesus Christ extended his right hand over that pure water of life and the water was transmuted into wine. Thereafter, everyone rejoiced and continue their feasting celebration. So through this miracle, he publicly taught sexual magic.

We have to transmute the water of life (semen) into the wine of light of the alchemist. This is how the sacred fire awakens. This is how our spinal fires develop.

Let us not forget that the Cosmic Christ dwells within the seed of every plant, animal, and human being.