There are many disciples who, in spite of knowing our clues for astral projection, have not learned how to project themselves at will. The failure of these students is due to the fact that they already lost the powers of their Astral Body; these students have no other choice but to be submit themselves to the discipline of meditation: this is how they will recover their lost powers.

Meditation is a technique in order to receive information. When the sage is submerged into internal meditation, it is because he is searching for information. The chakras enter into activity through meditation.

Meditation encompasses three steps:

First, concentration.

Second, meditation.

Third, Samadhi.

Before starting our practice of concentration, we must sit comfortably; we can also perform our practice lying down in bed. All types of earthly thoughts must withdraw from our mind; thoughts must fall dead at the doors of the temple. Before concentration, we must also empty our mind, to not think of anything. When these prerequisites have been fulfilled, we then start our practice of internal concentration.

Thus, we separate our mind from the things of the physical world, and we inwardly direct it towards our Innermost. "Know ye not that your bodies are the temple of the living God, and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?" [1 Corinthians 3:16] The Spirit of God within us is the Innermost. We must love the Innermost. We must adore the Innermost. We must render cult to the Innermost. We must profoundly meditate on the Innermost.

Then, while immersed in profound meditation, we must provoke drowsiness: this profound drowsiness will lead us to the state of Samadhi. Thus, we will leave the physical body without knowing how or at what time. This is how we will enter into the internal worlds. Dreams are legitimate internal experiences.

If we want to study a plant, we concentrate on it, we meditate on it, we provoke drowsiness and we fall asleep; then in dream visions we see that the plant is transformed and becomes a beautiful child or a beautiful creature: this is the elemental of the plant. We then can converse with that vegetable elemental. This is how we can gather information about the properties of that plant, about its magical powers, etc. The vegetable elemental will answer our questions; this is how we will receive the requested information.

So, meditation will awaken our occult powers. Meditation provokes fundamental changes in the Astral Body. Then, during our normal sleep, there will be moments in which we will be conscious, and later in time we will say, "I am out of my physical body, I am in the Astral Body." This is how little by little we will acquire "continuous consciousness." Finally, the day will arrive in which the student will be able to utilize our clues in order for him to be consciously projected in his Astral Body at will. He will have then re-conquered his lost powers.

All human beings travel in the Astral Body during their hours of sleep. Their dreams are astral experiences; we must learn to remember our astral experiences. Thus when awakening from our normal sleep, we will practice a retrospective exercise in order to remember all those things that we did during normal sleep. During normal sleep, our disciples transport themselves to the White Lodges; during normal sleep, our disciples transport themselves to remote places.

Therefore, all our disciples must learn how to interpret their dreams, since even the most absurd dreams are absolutely symbolic.

Our internal experiences are interpreted based on the law of philosophical analogies, on the law of the analogy of contraries, on the law of correspondences, and on the law of numerology. The one who wants to advance in these studies must persistently study the book of Daniel in the Bible. The system of Daniel teaches us how to interpret our internal experiences.

Although the genuine teachings of Jesus were obscured and hidden from the public, the time has come for them to be restored and made known.

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