The Labarum of the Temple

Christonic semen is the raw-matter of the Great Work.

The semen is the pure living water. The semen is the spring water of everything that exists; the semen is the water of Genesis. A plant without water dries and dies; the water is vegetable semen within plants, this vegetable semen is transformed into leaves, flowers, and fruits. Marvelous are the combinations of this infinite substance.

The sea is the semen of the planet Earth; everything comes from the sea and returns to the sea. The continents emerged from the sea and will return into the sea.

We have the sea within our sexual glands, thus the mystery of life is hidden within our seminal waters. We emerged from the spermatic semen in that initial moment.

All animal species carry the secret of their existence within their seminal waters. People can only see the gross physical matter particles that form the material cortex of the pure living waters.

Yet, in Eden we know the waters of the sea of life; yes, in Eden we see the waters of Genesis glittering with glory. All things that are created emerge from this raw-matter of the Great Work. Marvelous are the combinations of this infinite substance.

A sacred cup filled with pure living water was never absent from within the sacred shrines of the temples; this is the Labarum of the Temple. Whosoever drinks of this water of everlasting life shall never thirst, and out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.

These are the waters of Amrita, which is the Mulaprakriti of the Orientals; when the Great Night arrives, the entire universe will fade to dusk and be reduced to its semen (Mulaprakriti). The universe emerged from this water and will return into this water.

The pure living water is the Labarum of the Temple. The waters of Genesis are governed by the rays of the Moon and by the Elemental Gods of the waters.

The Major Mysteries by Samael Aun Weor

This chapter is from The Major Mysteries (1956) by Samael Aun Weor.

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