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Ceremonial Procedures of High Magic

Before any ceremony of high magic, the four elements of nature must be exorcised.

Exorcism of the Air

Holding in the hand the feather of a bird (preferably of an eagle), we blow towards each of the four cardinal points while tracing the sign of the cross in the air with the feather. Thus, facing the east, we recite the Prayer of the Sylphs, as follows:

Spiritus Dei ferebatur super aquas, et inspiravit in faciem hominis spiraculum vitae. Sit Michael dux meus, et Sabtabiel servus meus, in luce et per lucem.

Fiat verbum halitus meus; et imperabo Spiritibus, aeris hujus, et refrenabo equos solis voluntate cordis mei, et cogitatione mentis meae et nutu oculi dextri.

Exorciso igitur te, creatura aeris, per Pentagrammaton, et in nomine Tetragrammaton, in quibus sunt voluntas firma et fides recta. Amen. Sela, fiat. So be it. Obey me sylphs and syiphids, by the Christ, by the Christ, by the Christ, Amen.

Exorcism of the Water

Facing the west, one commands the creatures of water by holding a cup of water in the hands, and reciting:

In the name of Christ, by the Christ, by the Christ. Fiat firmamentum in medio aquarum et separet aquas ab aquis, quae superius sicut quae inferius, et quae inferius sicut quae superius, ad perpetranda miracula rei unius. Sol ejus pater est, luna mater et ventus bane gestavit in utero suo, ascendit a terra ad coelum et rursus a chelo in terram descendit.

Exorciso te, creatura aquae, ut sis mihi speculum die rivi in operibus ejus, et fons vitae, et abllutio pecatorum. Amen.

Exorcism of the Earth

Facing the north and holding a rod in the hand, we exorcise the gnomes while reciting the following:

By the twelve stones of the holy city, by the hidden talismans, by the pole of loadstone which passes through the center of the world, I conjure thee subterranean toilers of the earth! Obey me in the name of Christ, by the blood of Christ, by the love of Christ. Amen.

Exorcism of the Fire

Facing the south and holding a sword in the hand, we command the elementals of fire while reciting:

Michael, king of the Sun and lightning! Samael, king of volcanoes and earthquakes! Anael, prince of the Astral Light! Assist me in the name of Christ, by the majesty of Christ, by the power of Christ. Amen.

Then sprinkle frankincense on the burning embers in a small brazier.

Secret in Order to Become Invisible

If a beloved relative dies, do not grieve; transmute those energies of pain into waves of peace, happiness, and joy. You can transmute your grief into a power that will make you invisible at will any time you wish. Jesus attained that power by means of the science of transmutations. “Permute nature, thus you will find what you are looking for.” Yes, all powers are attainable by means of the science of transmutations.

“Death is the crown of everyone.” We must not distress the souls of our dead relatives with our mourning and crying. Instead, let us pray for the dead, thus we grant them happiness and peace.