How to Charge Talismans and Cleanse Our Sanctuaries

Pentagrams, crosses, or other sacred items can be charged, or the environment of our sanctuaries can be cleansed, by reciting the Conjuration of the Seven. The talismans must be placed on a table set in order to serve us as an altar. We must light three candles, and filled with faith, we begin to pray as follows:

Conjuration of the Seven

In the name of Michael, may Jehovah command thee and drive thee hence, Chavajoth!

In the name of Gabriel, may Adonai command thee, and drive thee hence, Bael!

In the name of Raphael, begone before Elial, Samgabiel!

By Samael Sabaoth, and in the name of Elohim Gibor, get thee hence, Andrameleck!

By Zachariel and Sachiel-Meleck, be obedient unto Elvah, Sanagabril!

By the divine and human name of Shaddai, and by the sign of the Pentagram which I hold in my right hand, in the name of the angel Anael, by the power of Adam and Eve, who are Yod-HaVah, begone Lilith! Let us rest in peace, Nahemah!

By the holy Elohim and by the names of the Genii Cashiel, Sehaltiel, Aphiel and Zarahiel, at the command of Orifiel, depart from us Moloch. We deny thee our children to devour!

Amen. Amen. Amen.

Thereafter, with faith, sprinkle water over the items to be charged or within the area that will be your sanctuary, while reciting:

In nomine Elohim et per spiritum aquarum viventum, sis mihi, in signus lucis et sacramentum voluntatis.

Smoke the items with frankincense and recite:

Per serpentum oeneum sub quo cadut serpentes igneis, sis mihi.

Then blow seven times over the items that are being charged and recite:

Per firmamentum et spiritum vocis, sis mihi.

Sprinkle salt or earth in a triangular form over the items and recite:

In sale terrae et per virtutem vitae eternae, sis mihi.

Thus, the sacred or consecrated items are blessed, which become powerful accumulators of divine cosmic forces. These items are talismans of light, which irradiate light, force, power, and glory. For these ritualistic works, every Gnostic must have an ornamental sword on the altar, which must be consecrated as a talisman. In the astral, we receive sacred jewels. Any talisman must be consecrated in order to wear it.

The Invocation of Solomon must also be recited aloud or mentally before our ritualistic works or when falling asleep. Thus, in this way, during sleep we will be astrally transported to the most elevated planes of cosmic consciousness. This is how we will ask for help from the high divine hierarchies.

Invocation of Solomon

Powers of the kingdom, be ye under my left foot and in my right hand!

Glory and eternity, take me by the two shoulders and direct me in the paths of victory!

Mercy and justice, be ye the equilibrium and splendor of my life!

Intelligence and wisdom, crown me!

Spirits of Malkuth, lead me betwixt the two pillars upon which rests the whole edifice of the temple!

Angels of Netzach and Hod, establish me upon the cubic stone of Yesod!

Oh Gedulael! Oh Geburael! Oh Tiphereth!

Binael, be thou my love!

Ruach Chokmael, be thou my light!

Be that which thou art and thou shalt be, oh Ketheriel!

Ishim, assist me in the name of Shaddai!

Cherubim, be my strength in the name of Adonai!

Beni-Elohim, be my brethren in the name of the Son, and by the powers of Sabbaoth!

Elohim, do battle for me in the name of Tetragrammaton!

Melachim, protect me in the name of Yod Hei Vau Hei!

Seraphim, cleanse my love in the name of Eloah!

Hasmalim, enlighten me with the splendors of Elohim and Shekinah!

Aralim, act!

Ophanim, revolve and shine!

Hajoth ha Kadosh, cry, speak, roar, bellow!

Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh!

Shaddai, Adonai, Yod-Havah,

Eheieh Asher Eheieh!

Hallelu-jah, Hallelu-jah, Hallelu-jah,

Amen. Amen. Amen.

This is better than the spiritual-mediumistic invocations. Mediums end up insane, deranged, because they are always searching for buried treasures. They are always cheated by those tenebrous entities who possess them and pass themselves off as saints, geniuses, etc.

Although the genuine teachings of Jesus were obscured and hidden from the public, the time has come for them to be restored and made known.

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