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Total Revolution and Partial Revolution

The order of the factors does not alter the product.1

Partial revolution is not total revolution.

The order of economical and political factors can be modified without the vital product suffering any change. Life continues with all of its pains. Partial revolution changes the order of the factors, yet it does not alter the vital product. Human beings continue to torment each other.

We Gnostics do not like partial revolution; we want total revolution. We can have total revolution only by dissolving the “I,” the myself, the ego.

The “I” sabotages and damages the revolutionary order.

The “I” forms conflicts amidst the revolutionary orders.

The “I” wants to escalate, to rise, to show off, and to make itself noticed everywhere.

The “I” exploits. The “I” steals. The “I” cheats. The “I” slanders. The “I” calumniates and makes turbid the waters of revolution.

The “I” conflicts and forms problems in public education, in agrarian matters, in commercial transactions, in the public ministry, etc.

The truth comes to us when we dissolve the “I.” When we dissolve the “I,” we think with a consciousness of multitudes. We do not affirm the “I” when we dissolve the “I,” instead we affirm the pronoun “we.”

When we attain total revolution, each of us becomes a perfect government. Who wants to govern when each one of us is already a perfect government?

This is total, integral, absolute revolution.

When the “I” will be dissolved, all governments will disappear, because they will be useless.

The “I” is the origin of crime and pain.

The “I” created pain. The universal spirit of life did not create pain. The “I” is the author of pain. The “I” is Satan. Satan created pain. If what is divine did not create pain, if Satan created pain, then pain is useless, absurd, and stupid.

Those who affirm that through pain we reach perfection are deifying Satan (the “I”). Whosoever loves pain is masochistic and satanic.

We decapitate the “I” only with the Arcanum A.Z.F. We dissolve the “I” only with a profound creative comprehension.

Every human being has formed some opinion about the truth. Every religion of every school has its own opinion about the truth. Human beings search for the truth; they adore the truth.

We, the Gnostics, state: “Know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”2 This is how total revolution will exist.However, we warn you that no one can search for what he does not know. The truth is the unknowable from moment to moment. The truth comes to us without us searching for it. The truth comes to us when the “I” is dead.

Pain cannot lead us towards the truth, because pain belongs to Satan. Only the Arcanum A.Z.F. and profound creative comprehension can lead us towards the truth.

Every desire originates ideas. Every idea transforms itself into projects. Every project is desire. Projects conduce us towards crime. Projects are true monsters that devour the neighbor, and in the end, they swallow their progenitor. This is how we become victims of our own inventions.

Desire is the origin of crime. Desire is the origin of pain.

The delinquent enjoys when his desire is satisfied. The delinquent suffers when his desire is frustrated. Every human being is a delinquent even if he is not in jail.

If we comprehend the process of desire, we then dissolve the “I.” When the “I” is dissolved, the origin of crime is finished. There is total revolution when the “I” is dissolved.

You must transmute desire into willpower. This is how you will finish with desire.

When sexual desire is transmuted into willpower, it becomes the flaming fire that victoriously ascends throughout the spinal medulla.

Every desire can be transmuted into light and fire. Transmute desire into light; thus, the “I” will dissolve as a fatuous diabolic flame. This is how there will be total revolution.

Desire is extinguished when we transmute it. We can transmute every desire based only on creative comprehension.

Desire is the fundamental matter of every crime. The three most dangerous crimes are anger, greed, and lust. Anger is the violent outcome of frustrated desire. Greed is desire of accumulating. Lust is sexual desire.

Anger can be transmuted into sweetness. Greed can be transmuted into charity. Lust can be transmuted into love.

When the human being does not respect the life of his neighbor, he overestimates his own desire very much; this is how he kills.

When the human being steals, it is because he has the desire of accumulation, or he desires what he does not have.

The impurity of the mind is the dog of desire.

To lie is the desire of falsifying the truth.

Gossip and slander are frustrated desire or overestimation of one’s own desire. When someone feels himself frustrated in his own desires, he then gossips against his neighbor. When someone overestimates his own psychological “I,” he then gossips against his neighbor.

The one who takes a false oath and the one who blasphemes against the divine overestimates his own desires too much.

Idle conversations are children of desire.

The one who envies, covets what he does not have. The one who covets is envious of his neighbor. When someone covets, he desires. When someone envies, he covets what he does not have and feels distress because of his neighbor’s goods.

Malice is accumulated desire. Hatred and resentment are frustrated desire.

Ignorance is the mother of desire.

Desire of killing is transmuted into the science for healing and giving life. Desire of stealing is transmuted into altruism and charity.

Mental impurity is transmuted into chastity.

Desire of lying is transmuted into words of truth.

Desire of gossip and slander are transmuted into words of wisdom and love.

Desire of blasphemy and prejudice are transmuted into supreme veneration and adoration of the divine.

Desire for pleasure of idle conversations are transmuted into sublime silence and words of wisdom.

The frustrated desire of envy is transmuted into intimate happiness for our neighbor’s goods.

The accumulative desire of greed is transmuted into the happiness of giving everything, even one’s life, for the love of this suffering humanity.

The rottenness of malice is transmuted into the innocence of the child.

Anger, rancor, and hatred are distinct forms of desire that are transmuted into supreme sweetness, infinite pardon, and supreme love.

We must transmute all thoughts, words, and actions of desire into wisdom and love. This is how we annihilate the “I.”

That which is non-temporal, the eternal one, the truth, the inner Christ, comes to us when we annihilate the “I.”

The only way to dissolve the “I” is by annihilating desire.

The only way to annihilate desire is by transmuting it. When a superior law transcends an inferior law, the superior law washes away the inferior law.

The science of transmutations is called alchemy. The basic foundation of alchemy is the Arcanum A.Z.F.

Mind, heart, and sex are the perfect triangle of holy alchemy. The struggle is terrible: brain against sex, sex against brain, and even more terrible and painful, heart against heart. You know this!

Many are those who blaspheme against the divine life, against God. They accuse the unknowable and divine of being the cause of all their sufferings and pains. The great divine life has nothing to do with all the errors of the “I.”

Any man or woman desires something; thereafter, they form their plans and projects. These plans and projects are very beautiful when they think about them; yet, the problems come when they want to fulfill them. When our plans are fulfilled we say, “God is very good to me, as he granted me what I desired.” Yet, when those plans and projects fail, then the desire is frustrated and the devotee feels himself disappointed. He then blames God and blasphemes against the eternal one. However, if they are occultists or Theosophists, etc., then they blame the lords of karma, or they blaspheme against them.This is how humanity is!

People do not want to realize that what is divine is absolute happiness and has nothing to do with pain. The “I” creates its own pain. The “I” is Satan.

Those who convert pain into mysticism are masochists.

Pain ends when we dissolve the “I.”

There is total revolution when we dissolve the “I.”

We only annihilate the “I” based on alchemical operations.

The incessant transmutations of alchemy are performed in exact arithmetical operations.

Many masochistic students of occultism, Theosophy, etc., consider misery, pain, and even sickness as an inexhaustible fountain of light and wisdom. Those wretched people adore the “I.” Those people are Satanic. God or that which is God, the divinity, is happiness, peace, and abundance. Misery and pain belong to Satan.

Other people wait, believing that through evolution and time they will one day attain perfection. Those people are even worse, because they want to perpetuate Satan throughout the centuries. They are worse, because they want to perfect Satan (Satan is the “I”). Satan enjoys when he reincarnates in order to satisfy his desires. Satan enjoys when he gets more experience. The experiences of life complicate and strengthen the “I.”

As adolescence, youth, and maturity pass away, the innocent and beautiful child gains experiences that complicate him and finally transform him into a sly, malicious, distrustful, etc., old man.

The innocent human being of eighteen million years ago is now the human being of cabarets and the atomic bomb, the human being of embezzlement and crime.

This is what the evolution of the “I” is. It is a complication and a fortification of the myself. It is the projection of error throughout the centuries.

Therefore, evolution ends when the “I” is dissolved. This is what total revolution is.

The Absolute does not know itself. The Absolute needs to know itself. Each super-divine atom needs to know itself in order to have consciousness of its own happiness. Unconscious happiness is not happiness.

The human being, in his last synthesis, is just a super-divine atom from the Abstract Absolute Space. That atom is known by the Kabbalists by the name Ain Soph. It is urgent to know that the Ain Soph sends its spirit to the world of matter with the purpose of acquiring that which is called self-cognizance of its own happiness.

When the spirit, after having passed through the mineral, plant, and animal states of consciousness, attains the human state, it can return into the Ain Soph to fuse with it. This is how the Ain Soph becomes conscious of its own happiness.

Unfortunately, the human being allows himself to be confused by matter and by the fatal voices of desire. This is how the “I” is born.

The worst disgrace is the continuity of the “I.” Satan complicates himself through reincarnation. Satan suffers the consequences of his own errors through reincarnation (karma). Satan is born in time and dies in time. Satan is time.

To want to perfect Satan is an absurdity. To want to become liberated with time is the same as to adore Satan. That which is God, the divine, the truth, is non-temporal.

The human being organizes mystical schools with the great pain of Satan. The human being converts pain into mysticism. This is masochism.

We created the complicated theory of evolution based on a mistake.

The human being committed a mistake when he ate the forbidden fruit. This is how the “I” was born. The forbidden fruit that Adam ate was sex. Since then, the error continues reincarnating. This is how pain continues.

We dissolve the “I” only through incessant transmutations. This is how evolution ends. This is total revolution.

Economical and political revolution is partial revolution. We need total revolution.

After the absolute death of the “I,” the spirit of the human being returns unto his interior star that has always smiled upon him. That star is a super-divine atom from the Abstract Absolute Space. The spirit of the human being is the ray of that interior star.

The horrible dragon of desire trapped that ray. Therefore, when the ray liberates itself from the horrible beast of desire, he then returns into his interior star. This is how the star becomes conscious of its own happiness.

The ray returns into its star by climbing the symbolic ladder of Jacob. In its return, the ray acquires angelic, archangelic, seraphic, etc., types of consciousness. Therefore, the divine hierarchies are the outcome of tremendous interior revolutions.

Partial revolution is another type of pain.

We need total revolution.

Total revolution is supreme happiness.

  1. Terms of mathematics, referring to the fact that whether the factors are written as 2x3 or 3x2, the result (the product) is the same.
  2. John 8:32