Combative Psychosis

The press, radio, magazines, etc., have created the state of combative psychosis.

The Gnostic Movement, AGLA, and Sivananda Aryavarta Ashrama fight against argumentative necro-neurosis.

Combative psychosis evolving within the human infraconsciousness finally converts itself into violence, hatred, and war.

Combative psychosis originates sicknesses.

While in the middle of a battle in the Second World War, a soldier became blind. The cause of his blindness was his self-guilt. The man saw a hand grenade coming; thus, he threw himself to the ground and sheltered behind a boulder. If he had warned his comrades, they would have not died; therefore, he felt guilty and became blind. When the doctors examined him, they did not find any wound in his eyes. The psychiatrist who hypnotized him could cure him because he discovered the cause. The psychiatrist commanded the man to see and he saw. Naturally, the psychiatrist had to persuade him with good arguments in order for the man to forget his guilt.

Gnosis is promoting the advent of a new civilization and culture.

Gnosis unites all philosophical and spiritual schools, all religions and sects, to study at a round table all the economical and social problems of humanity.

Gnosis works longing for the day in which each citizen becomes truly free and just.

Gnosis is a universal revolutionary movement that fights for the advent of the new Aquarian Era.

Cultural-spiritual labor must replace argumentative propaganda.

Gnosis performs a gigantic cultural-spiritual labor in many parts of the world.

Combative propaganda is destructive and dangerous.

The human being must resolve all of our problems without wars and without argumentative propaganda.

A saint or holy person is a result of a upright, pure sexual life, while a criminal or a liar is the result of a degenerated, impure sexual life.

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