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The Consciousness

Only those who have achieved awakening in the superior worlds possess conscious clairvoyance.

During the normal hours of sleep, all human beings live in the suprasensory worlds wrapped in their astral bodies.

During sleep and after death humanity lives in the suprasensory regions of the great mother nature. Unfortunately, while in the suprasensory worlds people act with their consciousness asleep.

Positive clairvoyance is possessed only by souls who live awakened in the suprasensory worlds. Indeed, those who possess continuous consciousness, whether out of their body when it is asleep or inside it when it is awake, are always in the state of watchfulness. They are positive clairvoyants. They possess continuous consciousness.

Every authentic extrasensory or esoteric investigation begins from that perfect state of surveillance.

It is necessary for the dreamer to awaken within the internal worlds before converting himself into a competent investigator in the superior worlds.

The mediums of spiritism or spiritualism are incompetent to investigate in the superior worlds, because they have their mental body dislocated. The mediums of spiritualism are mentally unbalanced; therefore, any investigation they attempt to do in the superior worlds results in failure.

The psychopathic states of the mediums of spiritualism, the compulsive and pathologic suggestions, the paroxysmal epileptic states during their trance, and the psychic obsession to which they are exposed, convert them into fallacious, abnormal, and mentally unbalanced individuals.

Logical thought and exact concepts are necessary in order to investigate in the superior worlds.

Every true, positive vision must be totally supported by concrete facts of the physical world.

The truth does not diverge from human nature. Therefore, if what we consider true diverges from human nature, then it cannot be true.

If the clairvoyant is not a saint, then at least one must be a perfect gentleman or lady.

We know of the case of a paranoid clairvoyant who slandered a virtuous mother, accusing her publicly and pointing her out as an adulterer and a witch, etc. This poor innocent and virtuous woman was mocked publicly by the paranoid clairvoyant.

We also know another case where the clairvoyant was a neurasthenic; he slandered and threatened a virtuous and honorable citizen to death, accusing him of being a warlock and asseverating that he was endowed with diabolic powers.

We know about a schizophrenic clairvoyant who reacted instantaneously against an honorable citizen. The schizophrenic clairvoyant accused that man of having an affair with the clairvoyant’s wife. The schizophrenic clairvoyant said that he saw this with the use of his clairvoyance. If this clairvoyant had been a neurasthenic, he would have murdered that gentleman. If he had been paranoid, he would have studied and planned a perfect murder. If he had been an oligophrenic, he would have killed the man by starving him or by shooting him, even though the victim had never thought of having an affair with the clairvoyant’s wife. If the clairvoyant had declared his accusation in front of the judges, they would have declared the other man innocent because of the lack of evidence, since in order to sentence someone it is necessary to prove the “corpus delicti,” the responsibility of the accused.

The majority of clairvoyants could be prosecuted for slander, threats, and defamation of character.

Another aspect that one must take into account is the evidence of the “corpus delicti.” If the “corpus delicti” is not demonstrated in any of the established forms and penal code proceedings, then the accused is innocent.

“Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them.” —Matthew 7:12

The truth does not diverge from human nature. Therefore, if what we consider true diverges from human nature, then it cannot be true.

Christ said:

“Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.” —Matthew 7:1, 2

The clairvoyant must be rigorously analytic, highly intellectual, and strictly scientific.

The clairvoyant’s worst enemy is ignorance. The clairvoyant must learn to see in the absence of the “I,” the myself. The clairvoyant must see without judging.

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