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The Testicles and the Ovaries

The internal secretions of the testicles and the ovaries are definitive for the life of the human being on the earth. The fundamental differences between men and women are due to the secretions of the testicles and the ovaries.

egg-and-spermOnly one spermatozoon and one ovum are necessary for the reproduction of the human species. That is all. Therefore, scientifically, we do not see the reason why the male enjoys spilling millions of spermatozoa, when indeed only one is needed to fecundate.

The egg is big, round, and possesses its own nucleus with a thick protoplasm that has an aspect of a yolk.

The spermatozoon is different; it is long and slim, has a pointed and oval body where the fundamental nucleus is found. The spermatozoon has a long tail resembling a tadpole.

The movement of the feminine egg within the waters of life is slow. The feminine egg waits patiently for the masculine spermatozoon to find it. The male’s spermatozoon, propelling itself with its fish tail within the waters of the sexual chaos, navigates very far in search of the egg that awaits it.

The biologists do not know with scientific exactitude the causa causorum that unites the spermatozoon to the egg. For science, this is an enigma. As in everything, scientists launch hypotheses which are more or less their scientific opinions. Thus, it is believed that the protoplasm of the egg possesses a great chemical attraction to the sperm, etc. All these are hypotheses but nothing more than hypotheses! Even if this hypothesis were to be true, it would still not resolve the enigma.

We cannot logically admit that a chemical reaction can be performed by itself without a conscious, controlling principle.

From the protoplasm of the egg, we will go on to the energetics of the egg.

Logic invites us to accept energy as a magnetic field of attraction to the egg. Logic invites us to accept electricity as a dynamic force impelling the spermatozoon to the egg.

In the final synthesis, the atom is an exponent of energies. The electromagnetic forces of every protoplasm are a tremendous reality. Everything radiates. We admit the mechanics of the phenomena, yet we need an explanation of the laws that regulate such mechanics.

Indeed, the cosmic consciousness is the primary intelligence that establishes the union of the spermatozoon with the ovum. We cannot accept an intelligent phenomenon without an intelligent cause. Facts are facts and before the facts we must surrender.

Gnostics talk about the Third Logos. Science must know that the Third Logos is that primary intelligence. The Third Logos is not an individual. The Third Logos of the Gnostics is the primary intelligence of nature.

The creative energy of the Third Logos is that primary intelligence of nature that unites the spermatozoon with the ovum. The creative energy of the Third Logos bipolarizes itself into positive and negative.

The spermatozoon is the exponent of the positive forces of the Third Logos. The ovum is the exponent of the negative forces of the Third Logos. Both poles of the energies unite in order to create. The law is the law.

The decapitation of John the Baptist occurs when the spermatozoon enters the ovum.

The materialist partisans of Darwinism point out the similarities of all animals in the embryonic state, including the human being. This they do in order to prove that the more complex and superior species have emerged by evolution and transformation from the more simple and inferior species.Nonetheless, we, the Gnostics, consider that the similarities of the animals in their embryonic state, including the human being, are revealing to satiety two things: first, the unity of life, second, an original genetic seed. The seed of all that exists sleeps as an original seed within the seminal atoms of the grand universal life.


The creative energy of the Third Logos makes the waters of life, the universal semen, become fecund. This is how the germs of every existence sprout.

Every species has a universal prototype within the original chaos. In the famous blastoderm, there are three layers of absolutely different cells. The first one is the internal, the second one is middle, and the third one is the external. The spermatozoon united with the ovum multiplies by cellular division; this is how that cellular community called the blastoderm is created.


The gelatinous state of the spermatozoon and the ovum demonstrate that in the beginning of the universe, life was subtle, fluidic and gelatinous, and afterwards more gross and hard. This reminds us of the great turtle worshipped by the Mayan Indians. First, it is subtle and gelatinous, afterwards its hard shell full of constellations and worlds appears. As above so below… Fortunately, the scientists in Russia have discovered worlds in a protoplasmic state.

The spermatozoon and the ovum must pass through a process of evolution and development before becoming a new vehicle for the human soul.

The internal causes for the maturation of the ovum-sperm are very unknown to biology.

The intimate causes for the maturation of a universe in a protoplasmic state are an enigma to astronomy and astrophysics.

It would be very interesting if the scientists would resolve the enigma of the chromosomes. Why does the egg have only 48 chromosomes? Why does the spermatozoon also have 48 chromosomes? Enigmas! Enigmas! Enigmas! [Modern science has so far only found 46. There are two more related to the vital body, the subtle aspect of the physical body (fourth dimension).]

What is the intimate reason for the spermatozoon and the ovum losing, during their maturation, the same exact mathematical number of 24 chromosomes each? Who is the one who endures the inconvenience of making such a perfect mathematical calculation?

When a spermatozoon unites with an ovum after their maturation, for what reasons do they together come to have the same original number of 48 chromosomes?

There are two mathematical operations in this, namely: subtraction and addition. The basic capital is 48. Can there be mathematical operations without a mathematical intelligence? All of this is showing us through simple logical deduction the reality of the primary intelligence of nature that we, the Gnostics, call the Third Logos.

After the human spermatozoon has fecundated the human ovum, the uterus gestates for nine months.

The cell of the ovum and sperm has two nuclei—one from the sperm and the other from the ovum. These two nuclei join themselves wisely. The protoplasm of these nuclei mix together.

There is a sphere of attraction inside the ovum-sperm cell. The great sphere of attraction also bipolarizes, obeying the primary intelligence. Each of the two polarities of that sphere of attraction contract and expand the nucleus, converting it into the mitotic spindle.

The chromosomes and genes are mixed in the center of the nuclei mitotic spindle. The genes are inside the chromosomes. The genes give us the heredity of our father and mother. Nevertheless, not everything that the human being receives is hereditary. Terrible murderers have been born from virtuous families, and great geniuses have been born from mediocre families.

If a clairvoyant examines an already mature spermatozoon when it directs itself into the ovum, then the clairvoyant will see in the superior vortex of the spermatozoon a very important atom. This is the seed atom. This atom is a trio of matter, energy, and consciousness. A very fine thread, united to a certain sum of energetic values of nature, comes from that atom. Those values are related to the soul, to the Being.

Within space, we are points who accede to serve as vehicles of determined sums of values from nature. Therefore, death is just a subtraction of fractions. Once the subtraction is done (death), only those values remain.

Those values of nature are electromagnetic. Once the physical body is dead, those values rebuild another one through new biological processes, whose steps are followed very carefully by biology. This is the law of reincorporation. The law is the law, and the law is fulfilled.

There is energy inside the physical atoms of the ovum-sperm. This energy forms the mumia. The atoms of the astral body abide inside each atom of the mumia. (We know Theosophy’s septuple constitution of the human being; however, here we are just synthesizing).

We are not setting down dogmas. We are analyzing. Science has already been capable of the materialization of the astral body in some laboratories. Facts are facts, and before the facts we must surrender.

The virtues and defects of every human being depend upon the quality of values that reincarnate in them. For instance, a dervish Moor who lived in Spain during the era of the Moorish dominion over Spain studied the Qur’an. He read the Qur’an and studied the Bible. The outcome was that the knowledge ingested in him, and he became full of skepticism. That dervish Moor died full of doubts. At a later date, the values from that dervish Moor reincorporated and became a man named Voltaire.

Any human being can develop clairvoyance and see the values of the consciousness evolving throughout space-time.

The great American physiologist Brown-Séquard, mentioned by Dr. Krumm-Heller, invented a system of healing that was judged by many people as immoral. This system consists of exciting the sexual organ without reaching the orgasm and the spilling of the semen [the seed, whether male or female]. In this case, the semen is cerebrated and the cerebrum is semenized. Thus the semen is assimilated inside the organism and the nervous system nourishes and fortifies itself totally. This system would not be an obstacle for the reproduction of the species. A spermatozoon can easily escape from the organism without the necessity of spilling the millions of spermatozoa that are lost in a seminal ejaculation.

The system of Brown-Séquard is known in Italy as Karezza. This is the Arcanum A.Z.F.

Dr. Krumm-Heller stated that impotence can be cured with this system.

On page 174 of Rosicrucian Novel, Dr. Krumm-Heller states the following:

“The Rosicrucian studies teach us that the semen is the astral liquid of the human being; it is life; it encloses power. Yet, it is so immense a power, that knowing how to drive it, one can achieve everything. This is why it is so important to know the Rosicrucian secrets, because one possesses a powerful weapon against the adversities of destiny.”

On page 172 of the same novel, Dr. Krumm-Heller states the following:

“The Rosicrucian magician feels the same nervous arousing as any human being full of desire. If men would know what they are capable of doing during this moment of nervousness, I am sure they would do anything but to follow the woman.”

The Aztec sages of ancient Mexico knew very well what can be done in that moment of nervousness. Men and women were naked on the stone patios of the Aztec temples. For months they loved one other there, uniting sexually. Those couples knew how to withdraw from the sexual act before the orgasm. This is how they avoided the ejaculation of their semen. These couples did not allow the wonderful semen to escape out of their organism. This is the famous Italian Karezza, the system of the great American Brown-Séquard.

The awakening of the Kundalini is achieved with Brown-Séquard’s system. Indeed, surgeons will not be able to find the Kundalini with the surgical scalpel. Yet, if they were to practice the Gnostic-Rosicrucian exercises, then they would become clairvoyant. Any clairvoyant doctor can see the Kundalini.

The Kundalini is the Aztec serpent Quetzacoatl; that is, the fire of the Holy Spirit, the igneous serpent of our magical powers.

The clairvoyant yogi sees a lotus flower with four wonderful petals situated exactly between the sexual organs and the anus.

This lotus flower with four wonderful petals is the church of Ephesus, the Muladhara chakra. The Kundalini is found inside this chakra. The Kundalini has the shape of a sacred serpent; it is a solar spiritual, fiery serpent that can only be seen with clairvoyance. It cannot be found with the surgical scalpel because it is not material.

The Kundalini is concentrated akasha. Akasha is the cause of ether and the agency of sound. Only those who raise the akashic serpent through the canalis centralis of the spinal medulla can incarnate the Word.

The Kundalini develops, evolves, and progresses inside the aura of the Solar Logos.

The chakra of the sexual organs is the center of the prithvi tattva (the petrous ether). Whosoever controls the prithvi tattva can control earthquakes.

There are seven magnetic centers within the spinal medulla. These seven centers of the spinal medulla are connected with the seven important plexuses of the autonomic nervous system. All the tattvic powers are within those seven centers. The flaming akasha opens those seven tattvic centers of the spinal medulla. This is how we become masters of the tattvas.

1. The first magnetic center of the spinal medulla is the abode of the tattva prithvi, the power of sex.

2. The second one corresponds to the prostatic / uterine chakra. This is the church of the tattva apas (water), liquid ether.

3. The third chakra is at the height of the navel. It is related to the solar plexus. This is the church of the tattva tejas (igneous ether), universal fire.

4. The fourth center of the spinal medulla corresponds to the chakra of the heart. This is the sacred abode of the tattva vayu (gaseous ether).

These are the four inferior tattvic centers of the human temple.

The tower of the temple is the neck and the head. The following three superior tattvic centers are in this human tower.

5. The fifth center is the larynx. This is the church of the Word. Sound cannot exist without akasha. The Kundalini becomes creative with the Word.

6. The sixth magnetic center is related with the frontal chakra. This is the center of clairvoyance. When the Kundalini opens this center the human being becomes clairvoyant. This is how one can see the ultra.

7. The seventh tattvic center is the chakra of the thousand petals situated in the pineal gland. When the Kundalini opens this chakra we receive polyvoyance, omniscience, etc.

We receive all these powers with the system of Brown-Séquard. The only requisite is never to spill the semen during our whole life. Brown-Séquard’s system is the Arcanum A.Z.F.

The famous North American Kabbalist Manly P. Hall, mentioned by the Dr. Francis A. Propato, states in his book Occult Anatomy the following,

“Those who are incapable of raising the fire of the spinal medulla through their sushumna channel will be cast down into a lateral kingdom similar to that of today’s apes (monkeys, gorillas, etc.).”

The sushumna channel runs lengthwise and inwards within the medullar canal.

The Arcanum A.Z.F. must only be practiced between husband and wife in legitimately constituted homes.

Those men who practice the Arcanum A.Z.F. with many women commit the serious crime of adultery. The adulterous man will never achieve the awakening of the Kundalini and the tattvic powers. Likewise the same will happen with women; the adulterous woman who practices the Arcanum A.Z.F. with many men will never awaken the Kundalini or the tattvic powers.

The Gnostic initiates who adulterate lose their powers.

God is the Innermost. God is the inner Being of each human being who comes to the world. God is a divine hermaphrodite, male-female. God does not need a spouse to light the fire. Yet, the human being is not God. Human beings cannot light their fires without a spouse. The human being needs a spouse to enlighten the fires, because the human being is not God.

The human being must put aside the pride of believing that he is a god, because the human being is nothing more than a miserable slug that wallows in the mud of the earth.

The great female yogi Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, after becoming the widow of the Count Blavatsky, had to remarry with Colonel Olcott in order to awaken her Kundalini and achieve the tattvic powers.

The Sacred Order of Tibet teaches their disciples the Arcanum A.Z.F.

In the mysteries of Egypt, the Arcanum A.Z.F. was taught to the initiates, and those who would divulge this great Arcanum were condemned to death. They were taken to a patio, and there, against a wall, they were decapitated. Their hearts were stripped away and their ashes were thrown to the four winds.

On the patios of the temple of the Aztecs, naked men and women participated in the Arcanum A.Z.F. for entire months. Whosoever ejaculated the semen, by any chance, was condemed to death for profaning the temple. Afterwards, he was decapitated.

The initiates from the schools of mystery of all times received initiations with the great arcanum. There was never known within any school of mysteries someone who had achieved initiation without the great Arcanum A.Z.F. This is the great arcanum.

Once on a given occasion, after having dictated a lecture, we were asked by a bachelor disciple if it were possible to practice the great arcanum with a woman of the astral world. We answered him that only with a woman of flesh and blood is it possible to awaken Kundalini.

Another brother who was also a bachelor wanted to practice with imaginary women! This is very ominous! When the mind creates a mental effigy, this effigy acquires consciousness and converts itself into a tempting demon of the mental world. During sleep, this effigy sexually discharges us through nocturnal pollutions (wet dreams).

It is very difficult for a student to disintegrate those mental effigies. Commonly, the students become victims of those mental effigies that their own mind invented. The best is to find a spouse that will really cooperate in the grand opus.

Those who do not have a spouse must raise their creative energy with sports in the open air, like hiking excursions and swimming. They must raise their creative energy when listening to good music and when admiring the great works of art: sculpture, painting, classical music, etc. In this way, the unmarried ones can raise their sexual energies and bring them up toward their hearts. There in that center of life those creative forces mix themselves with the luminous waves of the internal Christ and are taken toward the ineffable regions of the great light. We also elevate the sexual energies with the aesthetic sense, with charity, and love.

Nevertheless, in the name of truth, we must affirm the following: if you want higher initiation, if you long for the awakening of the Kundalini and the tattvic powers, you need to find a spouse, because the initiate without a spouse is like a garden without water.

Many mystical initiates believe that they are chaste because they do not have a spouse. Nevertheless, they have nocturnal pollutions. This is how they miserably lose their Christic semen, within which is found the genesis of the great life.

The sacred fire of the Solar Logos (Christ) is found within every seed, whether it is vegetable, animal, or human seed. This is why the seed has the power to reproduce itself.

Human beings must take care of their semen, their seed, as if it was potable gold.

We heroically extract the sacred fire of the Kundalini from our seed through the Arcanum A.Z.F.

Nocturnal pollutions are radically healed with the Arcanum A.Z.F.

We are children of a man and a woman. We are not children of any theory. The Word, the Son of Man, is the child of a man and a woman. The Son of Man is the child of immaculate conceptions. We need to lift up the Son of Man inside us, and in order to lift up the Son of Man inside us we need a spouse.