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Intellectual Criminology

Intellectual criminology is so profound and complex that we would need millions of volumes in order to study this single subject; therefore, we will touch on a few points only.

Intellectual criminology is found in books, magazines, bull fighting arenas, movie theaters, pamphlets, etc.

There are pornographic magazines that prostitute the minds of male and female youngsters in different countries.

When a pornographic representation reaches the mind, the unconsciousness traps that representation and elaborates its conceptual content. The conceptual content elaborated by the unconsciousness is the exact outcome of the quality of the representation. The psychological “I” traps that representation within the depths of the mind’s unconsciousness and elaborates its conceptual content with it. The conceptual content is translated as semi-conscious images within the world of the cosmic mind. These are the effigies of the mental world. The psychological “I” fornicates and commits adultery with those images within the plane of the cosmic mind. This is what the prostitution of the mind is. Nocturnal pollutions (wet dreams) are the morbid outcome of the prostitution of the mind.

There are also magazines [now matchmaking websites] for failures. In the magazines for the failures, women announce themselves. They solicit for a husband who is short, fat, skinny, with money, etc. Many young ladies are following that ultramodern example. This is mental prostitution. The outcome of this mental prostitution is critical. The interchange of writing begins. They start falling in love with someone they do not know and they start projecting plans. Yet, in the end, on the day when the couple meets, failure is the inevitable outcome.

Ladies who have never been prostitutes—honorable and distinguished young ladies—allow themselves to be cheated by modernism and fall into the crime of mental prostitution.

If a clairvoyant were to study in the mental plane the announcements of love of all of those magazines [matchmaking websites], one will see houses of prostitution. Each announcement of love corresponds in the mental world to a horrible mental bedroom of a whorehouse. Every clairvoyant is astonished when seeing those whorehouses of the mental plane.

Within each bedroom of those horrible dens a prostitute is found lying there. Men enter and leave from those bedrooms. Each announcement of the magazine corresponds to one of those bedrooms. The woman who placed the announcement is lying down in her bedroom. This is what the prostitution of the mental plane is.

True love has nothing to do with those whorehouses of the mental plane.

Thousands of young and distinguished ladies are perverting themselves with those types of magazines [and websites].

True love begins always with a flash of delectable affinity. It is substantiated with the force of tenderness, and it is synthesized in infinite, supreme adoration.

True love is natural, without artifices, like the love of birds, like the love of the fish of the immense sea, like the love of the savage creature from the impenetrable jungle.

Another intellectual crime is “bull fighting.” The first critical symptoms are shown among those women who in their emotional climax hurl even their intimate underwear or pantyhose to the torero. It is ludicrous to see women’s shoes or any type of dressing garments falling down into the arena. Those women look insane.1

Violent emotion causes transitory mental disturbances. The violent emotion is a function of the instinctive “I.” Antisocial and highly criminal acts are the outcome of violent emotions. Violent emotions originate instantaneous psychic traumas. The violent sensation transmitted by the torero, the bullfighter, produce internal criminal reflexes within the depths of the mind.

The mental criminal reflexes evolve within the psychobiological field of the human infraconsciousness. Internal criminal reflexes that evolve within the field of the infraconsciousness are the secret causes of criminal sadism.

There are three types of emotions: light, optima, and puissant.

The first does not reach total alteration of the mind.

The second activates the sensual imagination, inhibiting intellectual analysis. This is when we see hysterical emotional episodes, like those in the black masses of the Middle Ages. The hysterical emotional episodes in bull fighting arenas and those in black masses during the Middle Ages are similar. In both cases we find out-of-control shouting, women hurling their underwear, the loss of intellectual analysis, etc.

The third type, puissant emotion, annuls any type of reasoning and the victim falls into a state of coma or stupor.

Oftentimes in the bull fighting arenas, some otherwise very sensible people fall unconscious, senseless. During black masses, many women—extremely hyper-emotional, with an evolving epileptic type of emotion—fall on the floor senseless with epileptic convulsions. Then, everybody is satisfied, because they consider these women to be possessed by the devil.

We believe that people who are mediums are easily obsessed by hyper-sensory microbes: astral larvae, incubi, elementals, and every type of inferior entity of the astral plane.

Mental disturbances of traumatic origin are the fatal outcome of violent emotions.

Bull fighting arenas have their origin in Pagan Rome. Later, those barbarian circuses planted their roots in Spain. It is lamentable that such a sad spectacle had been transplanted to Latin America. Animal protection societies should fight against those types of bloody spectacles.

The fault of this type of spectacle falls one hundred percent upon the Roman Catholic Church. The Roman sect is the intellectual author of that criminal spectacle, because that sect denied animals the legitimate right of having an immortal soul.

The torero believes that the animal has no soul. This is why without ever feeling charity or mercy they stab picks into the afflicted flesh of the innocent victim. The torero is an executioner of innocents. The torero is worse than the sanguinary tiger of Bengal, because the torero does not kill by a savage instinct of self-defense nor to satiate his hunger. The torero kills innocent animals in order to entertain the multitudes, who are avid and thirsty for blood and pleasure. The torero is similar to the Roman gladiator who after impaling the heart of his victim exclaimed, “Hail, Caesar!”

The word animal comes from the word anima, “soul.” The word anima remains just by taking the letter L from the word animal.

The animal is an anima. The anima of the animal is an innocent and beautiful elemental.2

Every atom is a trio of matter, energy, and consciousness.

The consciousness of every atom is always an intelligent elemental.

If the materialists are not capable of seeing those elementals, it is because they still do not know the scientific procedures that allow us to see them.

We have special methods in order to see those creatures.

Indeed, the atom is a truly infinitely small planetary system. Those planetary systems of the atoms are formed by ultra-atomic ternaries that spin around their centers of gravitation.

The atom with its alpha, beta, and gamma rays is a trio of matter, energy, and consciousness.

The monistic doctrine of the Haeckelian materialist states that force and matter are the same thing. The materialist Haeckel asseverates that consciousness is latent in everything that exists and he states that we must search for it within our brain cells.

We, the Gnostics, go further, because we know esoteric anatomy and the astral body.

The cosmic consciousness reflects itself in the whole panorama of the universe.

We know that cosmic consciousness acts upon force, and force acts upon matter.

The coordinates of every biological, physiological, atomic, etc., phenomena are intelligent. Every directive intelligence is conscious.

We cannot have biomechanical phenomena without conscious coordinates.

You can be sure that the fanatic, conservative, and retarded materialist dogmatically rejects the former affirmations.

The psychological trauma of the fanatics of dialectical materialism is reactionary.

The organism of the animal is a synthesis of matter, energy, and consciousness.

The animal consciousness is an intelligent elemental.

The mineral, plant, animal, and human being have soul. That soul is the cosmic consciousness. There is only one soul; this is the cosmic consciousness. That is the Anima Mundi of Plato. The great consciousness is coexistant with Abstract Absolute Space. You can call that great consciousness God, Allah, Parabrahman, or whatever you like; in the end it does not matter a bit. What is important is to comprehend the reality of the great consciousness. Human words are smoke that cloud the starry heaven of the spirit. What is important is the great reality.

The torero who assassinates the unhappy beast commits a horrible crime against the great universal fraternity. Within the universal spirit of life we, all beings, are one. The hunter who kills his minor brothers (the animals) commits also the cowardly crime of fratricide. The boxer who punches his brother in order to entertain the multitudes is also a fratricide. The wrestling fighters, boxers, the toreros, the sly and perverse hunters, etc., are assassins. The intellectual author of all of those crimes is the Catholic religion.

  1. This is common at celebrity appearances, musical performaces, etc.
  2. The intelligence or soul of non-human creatures, whose physical bodies are the minerals, plants and animals, but whose souls are called variously gnomes, sprites, elves, fairies, devas, etc.