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The paranoid appears normal.

The reasoning and completely lucid madness is named paranoia.

Great personages are always in danger of being assassinated by paranoids. Many presidents and statesmen have been assassinated by paranoids.

Commonly, the paranoid is delirious, with false ideas.

We knew the case of a paranoid Rosicrucian boss. That man intended to monopolize the Rosicrucian science. He was a paranoid with deliriums of grandeur. He considered himself the single priest of the truth. The distrust and pride of that Rosicrucian paranoid were tremendous. The truth is the unknowable from moment to moment. However, that Rosicrucian paranoid was convinced of being the absolute owner of the truth. He believed that he knew the truth.

Many are the occultist, Theosophist Rosicrucians who become paranoids. Every mystic-paranoid considers himself as the very incarnation of the truth.

The “I” cannot recognize the truth, because the “I” has not experienced the truth.

We can only recognize what we know; yet, we cannot recognize what we do not know.

The “I” does not know the truth. The “I” is born in time and dies in time.

The “I” is time itself.

The truth does not belong to the “I,” because the truth is not of time.

The truth is non-temporal; it is eternal.

The paranoid has deliriums about the truth and believes that he has the truth.

The human being can rack his brain searching for the truth, yet he will not find it.

The paranoid believes that he has the truth. Indeed, he only projects opinions about the truth. The mind is bottled up within the “I.”

Some stubborn people say that God exists; others say that God or the truth does not exist. Those who say that the truth exists and those who deny it are both stubborn. To affirm or to deny the existence of the truth is opinion. Every opinion is a mental projection of the “I,” of the myself.

Every affirmation and negation of the truth does not increase or take away an atom from the infinite.

Those who search for the truth are imbeciles, because no one can search what he does not know.

The occultist, Theosophist, etc., paranoid believes that he can find and recognize the truth.

A person can never recognize another person whom he has never known.

Therefore, no one can recognize the truth, because no one has ever known it.

Let us not talk about the truth. It is better to talk about alchemy.

The “I” can die only by transmuting desire into wisdom and love.

The truth comes into us only when the “I” dies.

The esotericists need to be careful to not fall into paranoia.

The delirium of paranoids is very dangerous. Hitler was a paranoid. The Quixote of Cervantes is an example of what a paranoid is.

The delirious ideas from paranoids do not resist logical analysis. Many paranoids like to be inventors. Others like to be great businessmen, illustrious reformers, extraordinary prophets, etc. When we analyze their delirious ideas, we see then that they do not resist analysis. When their errors are shown to them, they are filled with supreme pain. Afterwards, they react against the person who showed them their error and accuse that person as being unjust and envious, etc.

The Rosicrucian paranoid, mentioned by us in previous paragraphs, asked forgiveness of one of his critics. Afterwards, confused, he wept. When it was demanded to him to retract himself in public, he then reacted and accused his critic. This is how the paranoids are.

The occultist, Theosophist Rosicrucians must study the sacred science without loosing their mental balance. Unfortunately, many esotericist students become paranoids. Commonly, they feel themselves to be reincarnations of Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mohammed, Marie Antoinette, Napoleon, etc. This is how they convert themselves into Quixotes, into authentic paranoids. This is the danger of esoteric studies.

Many esotericists are assaulted by the delirium of grandeur; they seem to perform gigantic things, etc. They fill themselves with malice and distrust. They believe that the whole world is bewitching them. They slander others by accusing them of being black magicians, etc. This is what a Theosophist occultist paranoid is.

The paranoid who did not study esoteric doctrines thinks that he descends from Napoleon or from some Count or very famous sage. He assumes that he is a superman. He believes himself to be a great businessman, etc.

In Mexico, we knew the case of a paranoid who assassinated many women. Finally, when they discovered that he assassinated his fiancée, the daughter of a lawyer, he was caught and put in jail. That paranoid was burying his victims in the garden of his home. In the penitentiary he said that he only needed one more victim in order to find the secret with which the human being can mock death and never die. This is how the paranoids are: very intelligent and dangerous people.

According to clinical criteria, there are many paranoids who live normally and who are not dangerous. However, among them are psychopaths who are terribly dangerous!

Commonly, the paranoid is essentially malicious and distrustful. The paranoids are so sly that they even cheat the psychiatrists themselves.

The constellation of paranoia has many degrees. The most socially dangerous paranoid psychosis is the one that deprives some of these individuals of rationalism. Consequently, when they become demented, they commit the most terrible crimes.