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The Heart

The heart is truly a double pump. One side of the heart pumps blood in one direction while the other pumps blood in the opposite direction. These two pumping directions complement and harmonize each other wonderfully. The most interesting thing about the two opposite blood streams pumped by the heart is that they do not collide but help each other to advance together.

The heart is truly the Sun of our organism. The heart is the greatest wonder of creation. Nevertheless, there are eminently cultured and educated people who do not know the physiology of the heart.

It is something to admire, to see the passage of blood through that swift river of the aorta. This artery is truly a mighty and beautiful river. We are filled with admiration and mystical beauty when contemplating that grand river full of life. This grand river ramifies into minor rivers, small arteries and then into small creeks that carry life to all parts, to nourish and give life to millions of small micro-organisms (cells, genes, etc.) All those organisms are triads of matter, energy, and consciousness. All those beings of the infinitely small adore us like a god. The smallest creeks of the blood are the capillary vessels. The cells of the diverse tissues and organs are found inside the weft of the capillary networks. Thus, the cells live from the blood streams pumped by the heart.

The cells are composed of molecules and atoms. Each atom is a true universe in miniature. Every atom is a triad of matter, energy, and consciousness.

The Nous atom, which lives in the left ventricle of the heart, governs the atomic intelligences. The suction atoms of the heart obey orders of the Nous atom and transmit them to the engineer atoms that conduct the activity of each organ. The atomic workers of each organ obey orders from the engineer atoms and work according to those orders.

There are also a multitude of indolent atoms that cause diseases.

The Nous atom of the heart works under the direction of the Architect atom and the latter under the orders of the Innermost.

The heart is a shallow muscle about the size of the fist, that looks more or less like a pear. The heart contracts, expands, and relaxes incessantly. This is the ebb and tide of the grand ocean of life. Every life has its systole and diastole. Everything pulses and repulses in the infinitely small, as well as in the infinitely grand. “As above, so below.” This is the law of the grand life.

In the heart are two wonderful polarities: positive and negative. These are like two hearts incessantly pumping blood into two opposite directions.

The two compartments of the heart have two chambers, a superior and an inferior. The superior chambers are the atria. The inferior chambers are the ventricles.

The secret doctrine recognizes seven secret chambers in the heart and seven secret cavities in the brain.

There is a right atrium and a right ventricle. There is a left atrium and a left ventricle. The superior chambers from right to left are the atria. The inferior chambers from right to left are the ventricles.

Meditating on the heart lotus, we control the tattva vayu (air principle), and the power over winds and hurricanes is granted. The Hindustani state that the lotus flower of the heart has twelve wonderful petals. The whole intimate functionalism of the heart, its whole vital profoundness must be sought in the lotus flower of twelve petals whose subtle stem emanates from the heart temple.

The vena cava, full of organic wastes, deposits blood into the heart. The right atrium receives the impure bloodstream and wisely passes it to the right ventricle that is beneath. A few instants later, the right ventricle pumps its blood charged with lymph and wastes through its valve to pass it to the interior of the lung by means of the pulmonary artery.

The cosmic intelligences have not neglected anything. It is interesting for the sage to contemplate this whole functionalism. It is wonderful to see the great pulmonary artery divide itself into the two smaller arteries, one for each lung.Inside the lungs, the pulmonary arteries ramify also, until they become minute capillary vessels. Each drop of blood has to pass inevitably through the capillary vessels of the lungs, where it delivers the excess anhydrous carbon and absorbs, in exchange, the exceeding oxygen. The rich oxygenated blood penetrates intelligently into the small veins and then to the larger veins. The two great pulmonary arteries deposit their rich blood charged with oxygen into the left atrium of the heart. The blood has exchanged its excess of anhydrous carbon for oxygen. Now with life renewed from the left atrium, the blood passes to the left ventricle and then through the aorta under the rhythmic impulse of the heart and follows at last into all the arteries and sangineous vessels. In all this work we can see the intimate relationship between vayu (air principle) and the heart.

Therefore, the Hindustani are not too far off when they associate vayu (air principle) with the heart. This demonstrates to us the physiological-cosmic knowledge that the Asians possess concerning the heart organ.

Why do the Westerners not want to study the Asian Yoga? Why do the Westerners want to laugh at what they do not know? It would be wiser to study Sivananda, the great yogi. (The book entitled Kundalini Yoga is a prodigy of Asian wisdom.)

Those who wish to put their body in a Jinn state, those who want to learn to put their physical body in the fourth dimension, must develop the lotus of the heart. A yogi with his body in a Jinn state can fly through the air, walk on water, as Jesus Christ did on the Sea of Galilee, or walk through fire without burning as many yogis of India do. A yogi with his body in a Jinn state can go through rocks as the disciples of Buddha did.

The lotus of the heart develops with meditation and prayer.

The Western doctors say that the heart produces two sounds, one low pitched and muted and the other loud and high pitched, “lub” and “dub.” The physiologists assure us that the first sound is pronounced immediately after the contraction of the ventricles, and that the second is due to the closing of the valves that separate the ventricles of the aorta and the pulmonary artery. The Hindustani doctors go further because they have refined their senses. The yogis of India state that in the heart there are ten mystical sounds.

“The first is chini (like the sound of that word, like the voice of the Son of Man); the second is chini-chini; the third is the sound of (the great cosmic) bell; the fourth is that of conch (the internal thundering of the Earth); the fifth is that of tantri (lute); the sixth is that sound of tala (cymbals of the gods); the seventh is that of (enchanted) flute; the eighth is that of bheri (big drum); the ninth is that of mrdanga (double drum); and the tenth is that of clouds (thunder, the sound of the seven thunders that in the apocalypse repeat the voices of the Eternal One).” —Hamsa-Upanishad

If the sounds heard by the Western doctors are true, why can the ten sounds of the Asian not be true? If the two sounds of the Western doctors have been demonstrated, why should the ten Asian sounds not be demonstrated?

Everything is a question of demonstrative scientific procedures. The Westerners have their demonstrative scientific procedures. The Asians also have their demonstrative scientific procedures.

The Asian concentrates mentally and meditates on the ten mystical sounds. The Asian mind absorbs itself in the ten mystical sounds. Hence, the yogi’s “nissus formativus” or the [protoplasmic] astral body of the medieval doctors (within which there are all the psychic and spiritual principles of the human being), leaves the physical body in ecstasy within the ten mystical sounds of the heart. This is the Samadhi of the Hindustani yogis. Thus, this is how the yogi transports himself to the most distant worlds of the infinite.

Instead of laughing and criticizing these matters that they have neither studied nor experimented, the Western scientists should study yoga.

The Hindustani state that inside the chakra of the heart there is a hexagonal space of an ineffable black color. The ten mystical sounds are there.

Western minds laugh at all this. If the Western scientists would develop clairvoyance, they would see, and stop laughing.

Doctors are able to photograph the heartbeat. This is done with the instrument called the electrocardiograph. It is wonderful to see how they totally synchronize all the heartbeats, all the chambers, as if there were only two. This is only possible thanks to a handful of nerves. This handful of nerves, also called the ventricular atrium, automatically synchronize in a wonderful form the two atria in a single weak heartbeat contraction, and the two ventricles in a single strong heartbeat contraction. If the electrocardiograph is capable of photographing the heartbeats, how much more would he who develops clairvoyance see? A new world opens before the clairvoyant, an infinite world of immeasurable variety.

Within the heart is the internal Christ of any human being who comes to the world. He is our real Being.