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The Supraconsciousness

The most elevated kind of clairvoyance in the universe is supraconsciousness. All of the avatars or messengers from the superior worlds have been supracognizant clairvoyants. Hermes Trismegistus, Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus Christ, etc., were supracognizant beings, messengers from the superior worlds, initiators of new eras of historic evolution.

Imagination, inspiration, and intuition are the three obligatory ways of initiation. We are going to examine each one of the three steps seperately.

Let us begin with:


For the wise, to imagine is to see. Imagination is the translucence of the soul.

What is important is to learn to concentrate thought on one thing only.

Whosoever learns to think on only one thing makes marvels and prodigies.

The disciple that wants to reach imaginative knowledge must learn to concentrate himself and know how to profoundly meditate.

The best exercise in order to attain imaginative knowledge is the following. While seated in front of a plant, we concentrate on it until forgetting everything that is not related with it. Then by closing the eyes we become drowsy, and we keep in our imagination the form and figure of the plant, its structure, perfume, and color.

The disciple will imagine the living cells of the plant. The disciple must provoke drowsiness during these practices. The disciple, while in drowsiness, will profoundly meditate on the internal constitution of the plant. It possesses protoplasm, membrane, and nucleus. The protoplasm is a viscous, elastic and transparent substance, similar to the egg white (albuminoid matter). The disciple, while in drowsiness, must reflect upon the four fundamental elements in the protoplasm of the cell of the plant. These four elements are carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen. The membrane is a marvellous substance without color, a substance within which the water becomes totally insoluble. This substance is the well-known cellulose.

The disciple, while concentrated, will imagine the nucleus of the cell as a small corpuscule, where the great universal life palpitates. The nuclear filament is within the nucleus, as well as the nuclear juice and the nucleolus which are all covered by the nuclear membrane. The nucleolus is formed by corpuscules infinitely full of shining beauty. These are residual products of the incessant reactions of the plant organism.

The disciple, while well-concentrated, must imagine with complete logical precision all of those mineral substances and organic combinations that are harmoniously unfolding within the cellular protoplasm of the plant. Let us think on the grains of starch and on the portentous chlorophyll, without which it is impossible to reach perfect organic synthesis. The chlorophyll is presented in granulated form (chloro-leucite) as a very beautiful yellow color (santofilia) that becomes that precious green color of the plant while under the solar rays.

Every plant is a perfect cellular community with incalculable perfections. The student, filled with a mystical attitude and enchanted by the exuberant beauty of the plant, must meditate on the perfection of the plant and in all of its scientific processes.

The mystic is in rapture when remembering all of the phenomena of nutrition, relation, and reproduction of each cell of the plant.

Let us see the chalice of the flower. Here are its sexual organs, here is the pollen, the masculine reproductive element. Here is the pistil or gynecium, a very precious feminine organ, with its ovary, stylus, and stigma. The ovary is a sack full of marvellous ova. The stamen can occupy different positions in relation with the pistil, for instance insertion beneath the ovary, insertion around the ovary, or above it.

Fecundation is verified with the function of the feminine germs and masculine gametes. After exiting the anther, the pollen, the masculine gamete, reaches the ovary of the plant where the ovum, the feminine gamete, is anxiously waiting.

The seed is the precious and enchanted ovum that after being fecundated is transformed and grows.

Now the student should remember the step on which he is meditating. A sprout will emerge as a delicate bud; imagine it growing slowly, until seeing it with your imagination spreading branches, leaves, and flowers. Remember that everything that is born must die. Imagine the plant’s process of dying. Its flowers wither its leaves dry and the wind blows them away. Finally, only a few twigs remain.

This process of birth and death is marvellous. By meditating on the whole process of birth and death of a plant, by meditating on its marvellous life, if the concentration is perfect and drowsiness achieves a profound level, then the chakras of the astral body will spin, develop, and unfold.

Meditation must be correct. The mind must be exact. Logical thought and exact concept is needed for the purpose of developing the internal senses absolutely perfectly.

Every incoherence, every lack of logical and moral equilibrium obstructs and damages the evolution and progress of the chakras, disks, or lotus flowers of the astral body. The student needs a lot of patience, willpower, tenacity, and absolute conscious faith. On any given day, within dreams, while in meditation, emerges a distant picture, a landscape of nature, a feature, etc. This is a sign that there is progress. The student elevates himself little by little into imaginative knowledge. Little by little the student is removing the veil of Isis. On any given day, the plant on which he was meditating disappears. Then, a beautiful child who replaces the plant is seen. That child is the elemental of the plant, the soul of the plant.

Later, during a dream, he awakens his consciousness; then he can say, “I am in the astral body.” The consciousness awakens little by little. In this way, the moment arrives in which the disciple will acquire continuous consciousness.

When the student enjoys continuous consciousness he no longer dreams; he can no longer dream, because his consciousness is awakened. Then, even when the physical body is sleeping, he moves himself consciously in the superior worlds.

Exact meditation awakens the internal senses and performs a complete transformation of the internal bodies.

Whosoever awakens consciousness has reached imaginative knowledge. He moves in the world of symbolic images.

The symbols that one saw while he was dreaming are now seen without dreaming; before, he was seeing them with a sleeping consciousness. Now he moves himself among them with a vigilant consciousness, even when his physical body is profoundly asleep.

When the student reaches imaginative knowledge, he sees the symbols but he does not understand them. He comprehends that all of Nature is a living scripture that he does not know. In order to interpret the sacred symbols of great nature the student needs to elevate himself into inspired knowledge.


Let us now study inspiration.

Inspired knowledge grants us the power of interpreting the symbols of great Nature. The interpretation of symbols is very delicate. Many clairvoyants have become homicidal or have fallen into the crime of public slander because of not knowing how to interpret symbols.

Symbols must be analyzed coldly without superstition, maliciousness, mistrust, pride, vanity, fanaticism, prejudgment, preconceptions, hatred, envy, greed, jealousy, etc. All defects belong to the “I,” to the “myself,” to the reincarnating ego.

When the “I” interferes by translating and interpreting symbols, then it alters the meaning of the secret scriptures and the clairvoyant falls into a crime which can conduct him to jail.

Interpretation must be tremendously analytical, highly scientific, and essentially mystical. One has to learn how to see and how to interpret in the absence of the “I,” of the “myself.”

It seems very strange to many mystics that we the brothers and sisters of the international Gnostic movement speak of divine clairvoyance with the penal code in hand. Those that think in this way consider spirituality as something that has nothing to do with our relationship to daily life. These people act wrongly; they are mistaken. They ignore that what each soul is in the superior worlds is the exact result of the daily life that everyone of us lives in this valley of tears.

If our words, thoughts, and actions are not just, then the result appears in the internal worlds and the law falls upon us.

The law is the law; to be ignorant of the law does not mean the exclusion of its fulfilment.

The worst sin is ignorance. To teach the one that does not know is a work of mercy.

The whole tremendous responsibility of the law falls upon the clairvoyant.

One has to interpret symbols of the great nature in the absolute absence of the “I.” Nonetheless, self-criticism must be multiplied, because when the “I” of the clairvoyant believes he knows a lot, then he feels himself infallible, omniscient, wise, and even supposes that he sees and interprets with the absence of the “I.” These types of clairvoyants fortify the “I” so much that they end up converting themselves into terribly perverse demons. When a clairvoyant of this type sees his inner god, then he interprets the vision in accordance with his tenebrous criteria, and exclaims, “I am doing well.”

We have to know how to interpret by basing ourselves on the law of philosophical analogies, on the law of correspondences, and on the numerical Kabbalah.

We recommend The Mystical Kabbalah by Dion Fortune. This book is marvellous, study it.

One that has hatred, resentment, jealousy, envy, pride, etc., does not achieve elevation of himself to the second step called inspired knowledge.

When we elevate ourselves to inspired knowledge, we understand and comprehend that the accidental accumulation of objects does not exist. Really, all phenomena of nature and all objects are found intimately and organically joined together, internally dependent upon each other and mutually conditioning each other. Really, no phenomena of nature can be integrally comprehended if we consider it isolated1.

Everything is in incessant movement. Everything changes, nothing is quiet. In every object there is internal struggle. An object is positive and negative at the same time. Quantitative transforms itself into qualitative. Evolution is a process of the complication of energy.

Inspired knowledge permits us to know the inner relationship between everything which is, has been, and will be.

Matter is nothing but condensed energy. The infinite modifications of energy are absolutely unknown, as much as for historical materialism2 as for dialectical materialism3.

Energy is equal to mass by the velocity of the light squared. We the Gnostics separate ourselves from the two antithesis of ignorance, and we integrally study man and nature.

Life is every determined and determinant energy. Life is object and subject at the same time.

The disciple that wants to reach the inspired knowledge must concentrate profoundly on music. The Magic Flute of Mozart reminds us of an Egyptian initiation. The nine symphonies of Beethoven and many other great classical compositions elevate us to the superior worlds.

The disciple, profoundly concentrated in the music, must observe himself within it, as the bee within the honey, which is the product of his whole labor.

When the disciple has already reached inspired knowledge, he must then prepare himself for intuitive knowledge.


The world of intuition is the world of mathematics. The student that wants to elevate himself to the world of intuition must be a mathematician, or at least must have notions of arithmetic.

Mathematical formulas grant us intuitive knowledge.

The student must concentrate himself on a mathematical formula and profoundly meditate on it. Afterwards, he must empty the mind and make it completely blank, then simply wait for the Inner Being to teach the contained concept which is enclosed in the mathematical formula. For example, before Kepler publicly announced his famous principle that “the square of the period of revolution of a planet varies directly as the distance from the sun cubed,” that formula already existed; it was contained in the solar system, even when the wise did not know it.

The student can mentally concentrate himself on that formula. He must empty his mind, become drowsy with his mind completely blank, and wait for his own inner Being to reveal to him all of the marvellous secrets which are contained in the formula of Kepler.

The formula of Newton concerning universal gravity can also serve us in order to exercise ourselves in initiation. This formula is the following. “The force between two objects varies directly with each of the masses and inversely with the square of the distance between them.”

If the student practices with tenacity and supreme patience, his own inner Being will teach or instruct him in the Great Work. Then he will study at the feet of the master and he will elevate himself to intuitive knowledge. Imagination, inspiration, and intuition are obligatory steps of initiation. Whosoever has raised the three steps of direct knowledge has reached supraconsciousness.

In the world of intuition, we find only omniscience; the world of intuition is the world of the Being, it is the world of the Innermost.

In this world the “I,” the “myself,” the ego, cannot enter.

The world of intuition is the universal spirit of life.

The world of imaginative knowledge is a world of symbolic images.

Inspiration grants us the power of interpreting symbols.

In the world of intuition, we see the great cosmic theater and we are the spectators. We assist in the great drama of life. In the world of intuition, the whole drama, which is represented in cosmic scenes, is reduced to terrific arithmetical operations. This is the amphitheatrum of cosmic science.

From that region of mathematics we see that there are physical masses above and below all of the limits of external sensory perceptions. Those masses are invisible. We can perceive them only with clairvoyance.

Matter is condensed energy. When its vibration is very slow, its mass is beneath the limits of external sensory perceptions. When its vibratory movement is very fast, then the mass is above the limits of external sensory perceptions. With the telescope, we can only see worlds whose degree of vibration is active within the limits of external sensory perception.

Above and below the limits of external sensory perceptions there are worlds, solar systems, and constellations populated by many types of living beings.

So-called “matter” is only energy that condenses into infinite masses.

The senses of external perception only reach a fraction of what is perceivable.

Dialectical materialism and metaphysics are untimely and antiquated.

We the brothers and sisters of the Gnostic movement go in a distinct way.

It is urgent that scientists study The Treatise of Occult Science by Dr. Rudolf Steiner, great Hungarian medic, born in 1861, friend and disciple of Nietzsche and Ernest Hegel, and the founder of the Anthroposophical Society.

It is indispensable that those who are lovers of science investigate in depth the whole portentous Asian wisdom, poured as a river of gold in the immortal pages of The Secret Doctrine. This work consists of six volumes and is a monument of the archaic wisdom. The great master H.P.B. is the genius author of this precious treasury of the ancient wisdom.

Those who reach supraconsciousness convert themselves into true illuminated clairvoyants. No authentic clairvoyant boasts about his faculties.

No legitimate clairvoyant says that he is a clairvoyant.

When a true clairvoyant sees something important, he gives his concepts in a very cultured way and with supreme respect for others. He never says, “I am seeing.” He always says. “We understand, we have learned.” This is how all of those that have reached the ineffable summits of supraconsciousness distinguish themselves by their gentility, humility, and modesty.

You should read Kundalini Yoga by Sivananda. Meditate on the blessed White Lodge. Inquire within the Gnostic treasuries. Meditate on the profound symbolism contained in each one of the arcana of the Tarot.

Those who reach the heights of supraconsciousness enter into the amphitheater of cosmic science.

The triple way of science, philosophy, and revolutionary cosmic mysticism conducts us into the ineffable regions of the great light.

Gnosis is highly scientific, highly philosophical, and transcendentally mystical.

  1. This is studied as “interdependence.”
  2. “A major tenet in the Marxist theory of history that regards material economic forces as the base on which sociopolitical institutions and ideas are built.” — American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language
  3. The philosophical theory developed by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels that posits that matter is the only reality.