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The Parathyroid Glands

The parathyroid glands should never be removed, because it has been proven that terrible convulsions and inevitable death can occur.

In a very amazing, knowledgeable way the two pairs of parathyroid glands normally regulate all the calcium values that are abundant in the cells and blood. The secretions of the four wonderful parathyroid glands have to carry out the whole labor of calcium control in the cells and the blood. This difficult job is possible thanks to the secretions of the four parathyroid glands.

Indeed, these glands are very small and are situated on each side of the thyroid. Observing attentively, the biologists would be able to see a pair of small bodies the size of a pea.

Astrology sustains that Mars regulates these glands.

Conventional science only sees the glands from a very materialistic point of view. The science of the Gnostic sages goes beyond.

In all atoms there is a triad of matter, energy, and consciousness. Every cell is a triad composed of matter, energy, and consciousness.

Each gland of internal secretion is a truly microcosmic laboratory. The interrelation between the glands of secretion, the wise interchange of biochemical products, and the infinite perfection in which the glands work is showing us to satiation the existence of certain intelligent coordinates whose root we must search for in the cosmic consciousness.

Wherever there is life, there is consciousness. Consciousness is as inherent to life as humidity is to water.

The yearning for consciousness and spirituality cannot be repressed. In Soviet Russia today there are fifteen million Muslims. It is evident that the materialism of Marx has failed totally.

Every machine is organized according to laws. Every machine has its rudder, its lever from which it is governed, and a pilot who controls it and conducts it. Why then should our human organism be an exception?

The human body is a perfect machine built in the workshop of Nature by the cosmic consciousness. This machine has its rudder and lever from which it is governed and conducted. That rudder is the autonomic nervous system. The pilot that controls this machine is the Innermost (the Holy Spirit). Therefore, by means of the autonomic nervous system lever, the Innermost wrapped in the astral body controls the whole organism and all the hormonal secretions.