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The Infraconsciousness

Infraconscious clairvoyance is commonly qualified and known by the name “nightmares.” Also, there are “sleep drunkenness”1 and the hypnic “twilight state.”2

Sleep drunkenness has a longer duration than the hypnic twilight state.

In sleep drunkenness, the cerebral cortex is involved not as a cause but as vehicle called dream consciousness, reflected as distinct variations of sleepwalking.

In the hypnic twilight state there is intense action of the mesencephalon [midbrain]. This intense action is not the cause but the effect of certain short circuits from psycho-infraconscious currents. These originate psychic effects and automatic acts that are sometimes criminal.

In sleep drunkenness there is subsequent lacunar amnesia3 with distinct degrees and traces. In the hypnic twilight state the sensation of amnesia caused by definitively automatic action does not exist. The common factor of both phenomena of psychic origin is the inhibition of normal consciousness by the natural process of the dream state.

Now, we mention a case of infraconscious clairvoyance cited by Swartzer:

“A woman from Pesth dreamed that a dog chased her and she was trying to reject it by stoning it. She, awakened by that nightmare, took her little girl who was sleeping by her side and threw her with violence, as if she was a stone, against the wall in order to scare the vicious dog.”

Let us see another case of infraconscious clairvoyance cited by Krafft-Ebing:

Sargant Simmonds said, “At half-past one o’clock this morning... I heard a female voice—”Oh my children! save my children!’ I went to the house...[and found a mother] who was in her night-dress [and in an extremely excited and perturbed state]. Everything in the place was in great confusion. She kept on crying out, ‘Where’s my baby? Have they caught it? I must have thrown it out of the window!’ ...She told me that she had been dreaming that her little boy had said that the house was on fire, and that what she had done was with the view of preserving her children from being burnt to death... The window had not been thown up. The child was thrust through a pane of glass...” —J.C. Bucknill and D.H. Tuke, A Manual of Psychological Medicine

We have found another case of infraconscious clairvoyance on page 203 in a book written by Drs. Diaz Padron and E. C. Henriquez:

“Very late one night, a man who was alone in his apartment was dreaming that bandits were assaulting his home. Very strong knocks were heard from the door that was next to the stairs. The tenant awoke and rose holding a gun in his hand. He opened the door and shot the gun without seeing or aiming at anyone.

“The bullet shot a young boy who carried an urgent telegram. When the homicidal one saw the deliverer of the telegram falling, he then became aware that he had just wounded an innocent person. In that moment, he completely awoke.”

Those nightmares and evil dreams are phenomena of infraconscious clairvoyance that can originate false conclusions, resulting in crime.

When the clairvoyant is an neurasthenic occultist or esotericist, he can then become a premeditator and perfidious assassin.

A neurasthenic-type occultist student was dreaming of a citizen. With his infraconscious clairvoyance he saw that citizen tormenting him with witchcraft and black magic. A few days later, the neurasthenic insulted and threatened to death the perplexed and astonished citizen. This type of infraconscious vision with premeditation, calumny, and perfidy is very common in some occultist and spiritual students, etc.

The lack of mental appreciation of the infraconsciousness by esotericist or spiritual clairvoyants is due to fanaticism and ignorance.

The mental disorder of ignorant fanatics is due to superstitious fear, to suggestion, and also to the lower aggressive instincts of their psycho-typic “I.”

As the infraconsciousness is within the human being, likewise it is within nature. The tenebrous memories of the whole history of the Earth and of its root races are deposited within the infraconsciousness of nature. Antediluvian monsters live within the infraconsciousness of nature. These are the specters of the past, the nightmare phantoms.

The infraconscious clairvoyant only perceives the cavernous memories of the past and the tenebrous creations from the infraconscious lower depths of the human beings and beasts.

In the infraconsciousness of nature there is only fatality.

Every human being has a double, an opposite, who lives within the infraconsciousness of nature. Facing Buddha, we find his brother and enemy Devadatta, the king of hell. Facing Anael, the angel of love, we find Lilith,4 the antithesis of love.

An infraconscious clairvoyant may see the double of someone and thereafter deduce erroneous conclusions whose final outcome is calumny, homicide, etc.

The infraconsciousness is the tenebrous remnant from a remote past.

A sadomasochist is a sexual pervert that can assassinate his spouse just for pure sexual pleasure. This sexual perversion is infraconscious. The infraconscious values of the psychological “I” constitute the lowest animal depths of the human being.

The tyrannical, obsessive, sexual perversion of the sado-masochist is the concrete manifestation of his infraconscious values.

When this genre of infraconscious values flourishes in his mind, the human being falls into crimes like homosexuality, stupor, force, violence, corruption of minors, etc. Sometimes, such a sexual pervert becomes a mystic, an ignoramus, a sanctimonious one, etc.

We knew the case of a mystical sexual pervert who gave coins to six and seven year old girls “for their candies.” This is how he was cultivating them while they were growing up. Later, he seduced them sexually, and finally, in order to avoid conflicts and problems, he engaged them with other men. Nonetheless, that satyr5 was a mystic spiritualist who, filled with sweetness, was always smiling. He was a hierarch from a spiritual society.

Oftentimes, the sexual perversion of the infraconsciousness places its satyrs in the arena of compulsive psychoneurosis that causes them to commit the most terrible crimes registered by the police news chronicles.

Sexual infraconscious perversion has two very well defined poles: the brain and sexuality. Thieves are positive (+); prostitutes are negative (-). These are the two poles of the human infraconsciousness. Observe the intimate psychic affinity that exists between prostitutes and thieves.

These two poles of the human infraconsciousness live in an eternal struggle within each individual. We clearly see in the example of the spiritual satyr cited in this present chapter the struggle of the infraconsciousness.

The satyr’s brain cultivates the girls with coins for their candies and waits a little while for their maturity. Then, the satyr’s sexuality possesses and consummates the crime of seduction. The satyr’s brain projects and plans; afterwards, he engages the girls with other men in order to avoid conflicts. Behold here the struggle between brain and sexuality.

Many times the infraconsciousness betrays a virtuous spouse and carries her towards adultery. Many prostitutes, who in their past were magnificent spouses, live in brothels. When the sexual perversion of these harlots polarizes itself in their brain, drained by pleasure, they then commit terrible crimes that take them to jail.

These incarcerated, unhappy women feel themselves victims of human injustice; they consider themselves innocent. Indeed, those women are victims of an energy that they ignore. No one has cured such unhappy women; not a single psychiatrist has taught them how to use and drive their sexual energy. They do not know the great mysteries of sex. They are victims of a society that, after perverting them, despises and miserably humiliates them. Society corrupts these unhappy women, daughters of pain, in order to confine them within horrible panopticons and jails where they only end up perverting themselves still more.

The infraconsciousness cannot be confined within jails.

The delinquent does not reform himself in jails. The jail system is a complete failure. Inside jails, the delinquents multiply their hatred and rancor against society.

The sexual problems in jails, the homosexuality and all kinds of filthy vices against nature, are showing us until satiation that the infraconsciousness cannot be confined within jails.

The biggest sin is ignorance.

Only with a wise educational psychotherapy can the reform of delinquents be achieved. The corrective educational treatment within jails can transform them into true reformatory schools. Jails should not exist. There shoud be only reformatory schools, etc. In these schools, the delinquents can be cured with educational psychotherapy.

Convicts must be treated with infinite love and mercy.

  1. “A half-waking condition in which the faculty of orientation is in abeyance, and under the influence of nightmarelike ideas the person may become actively excited and violent.” —Farlex Partner Medical Dictionary
  2. “A state of clouded awareness wherein the person is transiently not aware of their current environment, experiences fleeting auditory or visual hallucinations, and reacts to them by engaging in irrational acts, like public nudity, fleeing, or committing acts of violence.” —Psychology Dictionary
  3. An ancient symbol appearing in Sumerian mythology (4000 BC), later known in Kabbalah as the feminine half or the first “wife” of Adam. After the division, she became the source of many demonic spirits who continue to plague mankind, including the sucubi and incubi generated by masturbation and sexual fantasy.
  4. Satyrs are a type of creature described in Greek mythology with animal features who are only interested in pleasure. Satyrs have levels of symbolic meaning, but here the word is used to refer to a man who is ruled by lust. “Men with excessive sexual needs, who indulge in one erotic adventure after another and even commit sexual crimes, are said to suffer from “satyriasis.” This, incidentally, is a more frequent affliction than nymphomania. Such a state may be permanent and may occur periodically. It is almost invariably caused by lascivious imagination, which engenders an abnormally increased desire and a corresponding reaction on the part of the sexual organ. It may reach such a degree of sexual hyperaesthesia that the man literally goes “sexually mad”. In such a state of bestial sexuality he may indulge in pederasty, intercourse with animals, or rape.” —Waldemar

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