The Spleen

The spleen is a very important organ in the human organism.

When the hour of sleep arrives, the soul wrapped in the astral body abandons the physical body and travels in the world of the fifth dimension. Meanwhile, something remains inside the physical body. This something is the ethereal double. The double is the lingam sarira of the sages of Hindustan. Dr. Paracelsus named that ethereal double the mumia.

This mumia is a double organism of ethereal matter. This mumia is the vital seat, the vital depth of the physical body, which is absolutely unknown to Western medicine. Yet it is known totally by Asian doctors.

The mumia of Paracelsus is a thermo-electromagnetic condensation.

The vital body has a fundamental chakra in the spleen. The lotus flower of the spleen specializes the vital currents of the Sun. The lotus flower of the spleen attracts the solar vital currents and absorbs them. We see then in the spleen that the white blood cells transmute into red blood cells.

The vital energy collected by the spleenic chakra passes to the solar plexus and then spreads throughout all the nervous channels of the autonomic system, filling the whole human organism with life.

The thyroid gland collaborates in this job with its biological iodine, disinfecting all the channels of the autonomic nervous system.

When the soul wrapped in its astral body reenters the physical body, the body is already repaired. If the conscious being were not to leave the physical body, then his emotions and thoughts would interfere with the reconstruction of his human organism.

During the day, many organic refuses are being accumulated in the canals of the autonomic nervous system. This organic refuse impedes the circulation of the vital fluid. Slumber is the outcome of this interference. Thus, during the sleep process, the human organism is reconstructed.

A medium in a trance state can project the mumia through the spleen. This mumia is then utilized by some disincarnated entities who enter within it. Afterwards, these entities physically condense or materialize. This is how it has been possible to have seen and touched some people that have been dead. This is not a fantasy, because photographs have been taken of those persons that are already dead. The photographic plates cannot lie. Facts are facts.

The famous Dr. Louis Zea Uribe, professor of medicine in the National University of Bogota, was an atheist, materialist, and skeptic one hundred percent. When this man saw, touched, and felt those phantoms that materialized in a laboratory in Naples, he then was transformed radically and became a spiritualist one hundred percent. In a scientific laboratory in Naples the materializations that were made through the famous medium Eusapia Paladino were studied. Thus, the skeptic scientists saw, heard, photographed, experimented, and believed.

A saint or holy person is a result of a upright, pure sexual life, while a criminal or a liar is the result of a degenerated, impure sexual life.

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