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The Subconsciousness

When a criminal is psychogenically analyzed, subconscious factors have to be taken into account.

These types of factors are reduced into three, namely:

  • genotype (inheritance / genetics)
  • phenotype (education)
  • paratype (circumstances)

The upright social conduct of any individual is the outcome of perfect equilibrium among these three factors.

When there is disequilibrium among these three factors, the outcome is crime.

These three factors can be positive or negative. They are positive when they manifest as upright thoughts, upright feelings, and upright actions. They are negative when they manifest as criminal thoughts, criminal feelings, and criminal actions.

Let us study these three factors separately.

Inheritance / Genetics

Inheritance is the vehicle of karma, nemesis, or law of destiny. Here, we are not asking you to believe; you may not believe in it. However, what we need is to analyze and to profoundly delve into the distinct inner depths of the mind.

Concerning beliefs, to say, “I believe or I do not believe,” is proper for ignorant people. We are mathematicians in our scientific investigations and very demanding in our analysis and our expression.

Death is a subtraction operation. When that arithmetic operation is finished, only the values remain. These values are what continue. These values constitute the psychological “I,” the myself, the ego, that reincarnates in order to satisfy its frustrated desires and in order to continue existing though a new personality.

The “I” is a bunch of memories, passions, desires, hatreds, violence, lust, greed, etc. The “I” constitutes those values. Those energetic values are anterior to the seminal germinal cell.

If we investigate all the intra-atomic and inter-atomic states of the seminal germinal cell, we only find electricity and magnetism.

We are not establishing dogmas. Let us perform the test. Let us take the seminal germinal cell into an atomic physics laboratory. Thus, if we split the atom of the seminal germinal cell, we will liberate energy, because according to atomic physics any atom is an exponent of energies.

If a scientific clairvoyant analyzes those liberated energies of the atom from the seminal germinal cell, he then will find the reincarnating ego (the values).

Existence begins with the cell that is elaborated within the man’s testicles and prostate. This cell (sperm) is decapitated when entering within the maternal ovum.

The factors of inheritance are deposited in the genes. The word gene comes from the same Greek root that originates the words genesis, generation, genre, etc.

The genes are within small bar forms that are named chromosomes. Paternal and maternal inheritance is in within the genes.

Inheritance is the vehicle of the cruel nemesis of life.

Inheritance is the outcome of karma (the law of action and consequence, nemesis).

“For with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.” —Matthew 7:2

As the action is, so will the consequence be. This is the law.

We carry the outcome of our past evil deeds within our inheritance. Axiomatically speaking, we state the following: evil actions are the causa causorum of inheritance.

This axiom is comprehensible when we understand the law of reincarnation and of nemesis (karma).

The values of a man who was an artist will reincarnate in a family of artists who will provide the necessary genetic inheritance for him.

A sum of mystical values will reincarnate among compassionate people.

The values of a libertine person will reincarnate among libertine people. The values of an assassin will reincarnate among assassins and thieves.

It has happened many times: cases of saints reincarnating among bandits and vice versa. When this happens, it is the law of destiny adjusting accounts.

We carry within our subconsciousness all of that inheritance. The factors of our inheritance betray us many times.


Now, let us analyze education. This second factor of the subconsciousness is very important. Education begins at home. The child learns more through example than from precept.

In modern homes the child witnesses the adultery of his parents.

The child is an eyewitness of the anger, greed, and lust of those who gave him life.

The child sees with astonishment in his home the revolver or the rifle of his father and the magazines or tales of assassins and thieves, etc.

The child goes to the movies where he enjoys watching scenarios of detectives against thieves who assault people in the roads or who assault banks. When the night of Christmas or any other holiday arrives, the child receives cannons, revolvers, and pistol toys. So, the child can then play as a bandit or a thief who assaults people in the roads, etc.

All of these are stored in the subconsciousness of the child.

The child’s parents are the ones who poison him little by little with the fatal venom of delinquency.

Time passes, the child grows, and the ideas of crime that were deposited within his subconsciousness develop, evolve, and progress. This subconsciously occurs even when the child’s vital conscious part ignores everything that happens within the profound regions of his subconsciousness. Any given day the fruit (ideas of crime) ripens and the harvest is crime.

Everything that is sown within the subconsciousness flourishes in the mind over time.

The situational reaction of a homicidal one who never wanted to kill is the fatal outcome what he learned as a child.

The new gangster, the street-smart thief, the new burgler who was a good citizen, is the outcome of a false education.

Pornographic, erotic novels and movies engender prostitution, seduction, and abduction with force and violence, etc. The pornographic movie actors and writers are teaching perversities to the subconsciousness of children and adults. Therefore, the time has arrived to fight against moral corruption from the prostitutes of intelligence.

The child learns in school bloody histories of slyness, maliciousness, distrust, etc., that are recorded within the subconsciousness. With all of this recorded within the subconsciousness, the fatal outcome is crime.


Now, let us study circumstances, certain critical circumstances that irritate the subconsciousness and provoke criminal reactions.

Objective circumstances combine themselves with similar subconscious circumstances within the subconsciousness in order to provoke crime.

Objective and subjective images combine themselves in order to provoke crime. Example: an unemployed man, hungry and miserable, remembers having seen in his infancy his father in the same crisis. Then, he remembers that in order to solve the problem his father assaulted a person in the streets and robbed him. Then he remembers the good food that was served at the table of his home after the robbery, etc. Therefore, the critical circumstance of the unemployed man together with the circumstance of his subconscious remembrance combine and provoke the crime.


The three factors genotype, phenotype, and paratype are the psychogenesis of every criminal act.

Crime can be extirpated from its most intimate roots only with an integral culture.

Crime can be extirpated from the mind only with an integral culture.

The subconscious clairvoyant perceives the history of the human race through the centuries. The memories of all our past reincarnations live within our subconsciousness.

Oftentimes when seeing a remembrance a subconscious clairvoyant falls into crime. For example, it can happen that a subconscious clairvoyant may clairvoyantly see his loyal spouse committing adultery. The clairvoyant is sure of his vision; he knows the word hallucination has been invented by ignoramuses in order to disguise their ignorance. He knows that the vision exists.

If the clairvoyant is a non-cultured individual without intellectual discipline of any kind, then he will react in accordance to his bio-psychological “I.”

If he is a neurasthenic clairvoyant he will treacherously assassinate his spouse after having vilely slandered her as an adulterer.

The paranoid clairvoyant will intellectually plan a very intelligent crime.

The epileptic type of clairvoyant will momentarily react with an explosive outburst of brutal anger. Then, after having broken through his explosive anger, his phenotypic superstructure of personal control created by his social habits and his education, he will madly drag himself to assassinate his virtuous and loyal spouse.

The oligophrenic clairvoyant would commit a filthy and horrifying crime. This is how he would assassinate his loyal spouse.

The schizophrenic clairvoyant would abandon her immediately.

The sadomasochist clairvoyant would assassinate her during the very sexual act or after it.

These are the dangers of subconscious clairvoyance. The clairvoyant does not doubt his vision. He thinks that his vision is not a hallucination.

If the subconscious clairvoyant does not study psychiatry, Theosophy, psychology, Rosicrucianism, etc., he can then fall into the most horrifying crimes.

The loyal spouse of our example could have been an adulterer in her past reincarnation. Therefore, the clairvoyant without discipline and intellectual culture will ignore what the past and the subconsciousness are. The outcome of his ignorance and his lack of culture is crime, public slander, etc.

In many spiritual schools, the subconscious clairvoyants may skin their neighbors alive. They calumniate the innocent; they accuse them of witchcraft, sorcery, black magic, adultery, robbery, extortion, etc. Nobody escapes them; they slander everyone.

It is peculiar to see those subconscious clairvoyants as proud ignoramuses who boast of being wise. They foretell infamies. They torment their neighbors by accusing good citizens. They base their actions on their subconscious clairvoyance. They clairvoyantly see people in the old past of their ancient lives, committing errors that in their present life they are incapable of committing.

The penal code should also punish the calumniator clairvoyants.

Constantly, we hear those subconscious calumniator clairvoyants utter phrases such as the following: “That fellow is a black magician and he is putting a spell on me,” or “The lady ‘X’ is committing adultery with the gentleman ‘Y.’”

They affirm it, even when the slandered woman may be a saint. Those clairvoyant ignoramuses lack respect for others.

Nevertheless, we cannot blame their clairvoyance. Indeed, the sixth sense is as natural and normal as the eyes, the ears, the olfactory sense, the mouth, and the sense of touch.

The clairvoyant is not to blame for those errors. The cause of all of those errors is the lack of intellectual culture and the lack of respect towards our neighbor.

The memories of all of those errors that we committed in our past reincarnations live within our subconsciousness. The clairvoyant without intellectual culture sees all of those errors from the past, then he gets confused, and the outcome is calumny against just and honorable people.

The cultured clairvoyant, the intellectual clairvoyant, who has studied psychiatry, Theosophy, psychology, Rosicrucianism, etc., does not fall into such errors, because he has intellectual discipline. The cultured, educated, respectful, and intellectually disciplined clairvoyant enjoys illuminated intellection; he knows how to read the subconsciousness of nature with complete cognizance.

The cultured, educated, respectful, and intellectually disciplined clairvoyant is capable of retrospectively studying the whole history of the Earth and its root races. He is an illuminated clairvoyant.