The Mother Goddess of the World

1. The five-pointed star and the starry cross now shine in the blue heaven of the arhat.

2. Let us now celebrate a feast within the ardent sparks of the universal flames for the Virgin, the blessed Mother Goddess of the world.

3. My Mother shines in her ineffable temple. We must now dress ourselves with our vesture of arhat, in order to celebrate the feast.

4. People believe that nature is something unconscious, but they are wrong. Poor people!

5. When we enter into our internal worlds, we find the mother of all the living beings officiating in her temple.

6. All of immense nature is nothing more than the grandiose body of the queen of heaven.

7. The Mother Goddess of the world is a guru-deva of eternal perfection.

8. We find two altars in the temple of the blessed Mother Goddess of the world, and in the midst of them is the lion of the law.

9. This goddess of the fire has been personified by the virgins of all religions, such as Isis, Mary, Maya, Adonia, Astarte, Insoberta, etc.

10. She is the mother of all living beings.

11. Let us celebrate the feast of the Virgin Mother of the world, oh arhat.

12. The five-pointed star and the starry cross shine in the eternal heavens of the arhat.

13. How beautiful the mother of the world is! Behold her in her ineffable temple, governing all of nature.

14. She wears a brilliant crown of gold upon her head, and her immaculate tunic shines within the sparkling universal flames.

15. Let us celebrate the feast of the Virgin Mother of the world, oh arhat!

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