1. In previous chapters we explained divine clairvoyance.

2. Among clairvoyants, there are degrees upon degrees and scales upon scales. This is because illumination is achieved by degrees, little by little.

3. It is necessary to differentiate between the clairvoyance of disciples and the clairvoyance of masters.

4. When the master has risen his first serpent up to the middlebrow, then his Buddhic body receives Buddhic clairvoyance. A star of five points, which radiates an immaculate, white shining light, glows upon the middlebrow of his Buddhic body.

5. When the master has carried his second serpent to the middlebrow, then the frontal chakra of his ethereal body is opened and the master acquires ethereal sight.

6. When the master has made his third serpent reach the frontal chakra of his astral body, he then becomes clairvoyant in the astral world.

7. When the master has made his fourth serpent reach the frontal chakra of the mental body, he then becomes clairvoyant in the mental world. The same happens with the seven degrees of the power of the fire.

8. However, disciples can make their chakras spin. Thus, they will become clairvoyant.

9. This is how disciples prepare themselves for the advent of the fire.

10. A disciple could develop a very potent clairvoyance, yet, if this clairvoyance is compared with the frontal chakra of a master of Major Mysteries, it will be like comparing an insignificant light bulb with the splendorous light of the sun.

11. Oh arhat, the sacred fire of your mental body has opened its way to the frontal chakra of your mind!

12. You have defeated darkness, you have defeated the tenebrous ones, and the door of your frontal chakra is opened...

13. Now, within burning flames of blazing fire, the white dove of the Holy Spirit leaves through that opened door.

14. Receive now a tiny maroon stone... Receive it, sibling... You are now a clairvoyant of Mahat...

15. Enter the temple, sibling of mine, in order to celebrate the feast...

16. Now, my child, it is necessary to unite the mind and the heart by means of fire.

17. The heart and the head must march in perfect equilibrium. The heart and the head must march equilibrated. The heart and the head must march in perfect harmony. This is possible only by uniting the heart and the head by means of fire.

18. From the middlebrow to the heart this is an avenue, a road, and certain secret chambers. Here is where the fire must pass through...

19. Without the power of the fire it is impossible for the heart and the mind to be equilibrated and in harmony.

20. Spiritual devotees from all schools talk about the equilibrium between mind and heart. Yet, without the power of the fire it is impossible for the mind and the heart to be equilibrated.

21. The head and the heart are united only by means of the Kundalini.

22. The fire connects the mind with the divine triad, which resides in the heart.

23. The mind gives us the bread of wisdom when it is connected with the heart by means of the fire.

24. The mental man resides in the head and the heavenly man resides in the heart.

25. It is necessary to unite the mental man with the heavenly man by means of the fire.

26. The Kundalini unites mind and heart.

27. Intellectuals are morally depraved beings because they move themselves only under the direction of the Guardian of the Threshold of their mental body. They do not hear the voice of the heavenly man who resides in the heart.

28. The mind must convert itself into an instrument of the heart.

29. We must learn how to think with the heart.

30. The mind must flow delectably with the exquisite feeling of the heart.

31. The mind must become lovely and simple.

32. The wisdom of the heart illuminates the mind.

33. The wisdom of the heart is placed in the chalice of the mind as the blood of redemption.

34. The mind of the arhat is symbolized by the Holy Grail.

35. The heart’s love is the perfection of wisdom.

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