The Seventh Chamber

1. You are now before the door of the seventh chamber, oh arhat!

2. This chamber is symbolized by the Seventh Arcanum of the Tarot: The Chariot of War.

3. Remember your first love, sibling of mine. Remember your Divine Mother, the blessed goddess mother of the world, who you abandoned when you ate the forbidden fruit.

4. Did she indeed not love you? What were you lacking, sibling of mine? Why did you abandon your mother?

5. Knock, ungrateful child, knock strongly upon the door of the seventh chamber so that it will be opened unto you.

6. Disobedient child, repent of your ungratefulness. Cry, lament, and fight indescribably so that the gods will open the door of this chamber for you.

7. This is the Seventh Arcanum of the Tarot. You must fight a lot, sibling of mine, in order for the gods to open the door of this chamber for you.

8. The Seventh Arcanum of the Tarot is represented by a chariot of war pulled by two sphinxes, one white and the other black.

9. The white sphinx symbolizes the blessed goddess mother of the world, and the black sphinx symbolizes the shadow of the Divine Mother, Hekate, Proserpine, the queen of the atomic infernos of nature, the black goddess who is greatly adored by the demons of darkness.

10. You abandoned your mother by following this tenebrous goddess of carnal passions. Now, you must repent for your ungratefulness and knock strongly upon the door of the seventh chamber in order for the gods to open it for you.

11. Enter with your chariot of war, oh arhat! Knock strongly so that they will open the door for you.

12. The door has been opened. Now, enter your chamber, oh arhat!

13. Enter the seventh chamber and receive your feast.

14. You are a child. Powerful weapons have been given to you. If you do not know how to use them, you will hurt others and yourself.

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