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The Eighth Chamber

1. Knock strongly on your temple, oh arhat!

2. Be joyful, sibling of mine, be joyful since you have reached the goal of your heart.

3. The specialist who awoke your fourth serpent and who with supreme efforts, wisely conduced your serpent to those sacred centers of your heart, has been paid.

4. Every work must be paid for, and your specialist has been paid for this grandiose service, which is to have wisely conduced your serpent from the coccyx to the ineffable chambers of your heart.

5. Only unselfish service, chastity, and sanctity take us to the ineffable summits.

6. Now, sibling of mine, you have seen what the great service is.

7. I know many spiritual brothers and sisters, good and virtuous, who fight for their perfection.

8. I know many brothers and sisters who fight indescribably to correct their defects and to purify themselves. Yet, they do not remember others... They feel alone, they fight for their own spiritual progress and for their moral self-development. However, they do not remember that they have brothers and sisters, and that all of us are children of the same mother.

9. Their spirituality is selfish spirituality. Therefore, the masters do not owe them anything. There is nothing to pay them because nothing is owed to them. They do not assist anyone. They do not sacrifice themselves for anyone, nor do they fight for the spirituality of anyone.

10. Every initiation is a payment that must be given to the human being. Yet, if nothing is owed to the human being, then nothing is given to him. Therefore, even if he screams and cries out asking for an initiation, he will become old before receiving it.

11. The majestic door of the sacred temple of your heart is opened.

12. Enter, sibling of mine, into the great cathedral of the soul in order to celebrate the feast of the arhat.

13. Enter, sibling of mine, into the heart temple, so you may receive the Fourth Initiation of Major Mysteries.

14. Wear your best clothes... The temple is at feast, because the mind and the heart are united by means of the fire.

15. Some ineffable maidens dance the sacred dance of the runes before you.

16. Your mind hangs from a beam! It is Christified! And it is now unfastened from the cross in order to celebrate the feast.

17. Your mind is now a living Christ. Your mind shines with the sacred power of the fire.

18. Ineffable music resounds in the divine places.

19. The fire of the arhat shines within the sacred chamber of your heart.

20. You now carry Christ within your heart, and the white dove of the Holy Spirit has formed its abode in your heart temple.

21. Ineffable angels carry the long train of your cloak... The beautiful maidens dance the dance of the runes.

22. The king of the world, seated upon his throne, awaits you, sibling of mine!

23. Sanat Kumara, dressed with a ceremonial vesture, delivers the sacred symbol of Mercury to you.

24. You are an imperator of the mind, you are an arhat of thought.

25. Your mind now burns ardently within the sparks of the universal flames.

26. Your mind now shines within the igneous rose of the universe.

27. You have liberated yourself from the illusion of separatism. You are That... That... That...

28. You live in all hearts. You see through all eyes. You hear through all ears, because you are That...That... That...

29. You can now exclaim: “I am Atman, the ineffable.”

30. “I am what I am. I am the one who has always been, the one who will always be.

31. “The entire starry infinite is my body... The entire universe is my personality. This is why I express myself with strength and power, through my arhats...

32. “I cry in the child. I sing in the bird and I flourish in my pomegranates.”

33. Now you must understand, sibling of mine, the personality within impersonality.

34. Now you must comprehend, sibling of mine, that the illusion of separation is a heresy, and that the selfish personality of those who only want to be themselves, and nothing more than themselves, is the worst of the heresies.

35. When I, Aun Weor, affirm that we must have a strong and potent “I” and a powerful and robust personality, I am not referring to the selfish personality, nor to the animal “I”... I am referring only to the divine “I” and to our gigantic personality formed by all the beings of the infinite.

36. Atman thunders and flashes in all the infinite spaces and manifests himself with potency through his arhats.

37. Atman the ineffable has no weaknesses. He expresses himself with power and majesty through his prophets.

38. Our “I” is universal, and all the bodies of all the living beings are the bodies of our internal and divine “I.”

39. When we have spoken of a strong and powerful personality, many have not understood the personality within impersonality. Thus, they have fallen into the horrible heresy of separation.

40. Brothers and sisters of mine, do not let yourselves be guided by the selfish personality of your mental body, nor by your animal intellect.

41. You must listen only to the Innermost who resides in the heart. You must learn to hear the voice of the silence.

42. When we speak of a universal “I,” we do not fall into the absurdity of Annie Besant who forgot the individuality of the Innermost.

43. We recognize the individuality within the unity of life, and although we know that the drop sinks into the ocean, we also know that the ocean sinks into the drop.

44. Atman is one who expresses himself as many. The ardent sea of life, free in its movement, has many flames.

45. However, all the flames, when joined, form the sea of ardent fire... the world of the mist of fire.

46. The Innermost is individual and universal at the same time.

47. “I am the flame that burns in each human heart, as it burns in each grain and in the nucleus of each star.

48. “I am the tree, the stone, the bird, the man, the light, the bread, and the wine.”