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The Seven Centers of the Heart

1. There are seven divine centers in the human heart, and as the initiate reaches each of the great initiations of Major Mysteries, he penetrates into each of these cardiac centers.

2. The initiate has access to each of these centers in each of the seven great initiations of Major Mysteries.

3. In the First Initiation of Major Mysteries, the initiate has the right to enter the first center; with the Second he enters the second; with the Third, in the third; with the Fourth, in the fourth; with the Fifth, in the fifth; with the Sixth, in the sixth; and with the Seventh, in the seventh.

4. A mount of immaculate whiteness with the figure of a pyramid is presented before you. Now, sibling, enter this sacred chamber where the image of the Crucified One shines. You have penetrated into this center before, but now you are entering into it for the fourth time, and in a very elevated form.

5. We always pass through the same centers, each time in a more elevated form, by following the curve of cosmic evolution.

6. Now, sibling of mine, enter the second center and receive your feasts and your gifts.

7. Enter the third center and make your ardent sphere that hangs from a rope to spin... Receive, sibling of mine, music and feasts.

8. Now, enter the fourth center, oh arhat, oh imperator of the cosmic mind.

9. This fourth center corresponds to the Fourth Initiation of Major Mysteries.

10. You are before the dawn of life, sibling of mine... You were a primitive, savage Indian within the virginal jungle of Arcadia... You worshipped the rising sun, yet you did not use reasoning. You guided yourself wisely with only the voice of your instinct.

11. At the end of your journey, sibling of mine, after having Christified your mind, you found that the end is equal to the beginning plus the experience of the cycle.

12. Are you convinced that you cannot know more than God?

13. Reasoning is a crime of great magnitude against God.

14. Due to your poor rationalism, you believed that you could know more than God, but you were mistaken, sibling of mine.

15. You have now returned, sibling of mine, to the positive pole of the instinct, because the end is equal to the beginning plus the experience of the cycle.

16. You have returned to the kingdom of intuition, sibling of mine.

17. Are you now convinced of the uselessness of reasoning?

18. Only the path of straight action, ruled by the voice of silence, can take us to the heights of Nirvana.

19. Rather than using reasoning and destroying the mental body with the battle of antitheses, it is better to work intensely for the benefit of the human species.

20. When reasoning attacks you, then defeat it with the whip of willpower.

21. When the antithetic battle of concepts wants to divide your mind, throw it from you with the whip of willpower and occupy yourself with your duties, in order not to leave the field open for useless reasoning.

22. The only thing that the Lords of Karma are interested in are your works.

23. The Lords of Karma are not interested in your reasoning processes.

24. The process of conceptual selection, the depressing process of options, causes serious damage to the mental body.

25. When the damage crystallizes in the physical brain, then sicknesses of the brain appear, such as intellectual mania, alcoholism, neurasthenia, and madness.

26. You cannot know more than God, sibling of mine. Thus, your reasoning is good for nothing. Cast all the merchants out of the temple of your mind with the terrific whip of willpower.

27. Christify your mind, good disciple. Transmute the water into wine and open your doors to your internal God, so that he may teach you the divine wisdom. Thus you will eat the bread of wisdom without the necessity of useless reasoning that destroys your mental body.

28. There are hospitals and clinics in the mental plane, where millions of mentally ill bodies are confined because of the painful process of reasoning.

29. The mental bodies of many initiates that have destroyed their minds with the process of reasoning are hospitalized in these hospitals of the world of the mind.

30. The mind must flow silently and integrally without the depressing process of reasoning.

31. What is important is the path of straight action. What is important is intuitive action.

32. Intuitive action is just action, just thought, just feeling, divine transmutation, action of plenitude, complete activity, just activity, expressed sanctity, work in plenitude, wisdom in action, and active love.

33. The humanity of Aquarius will be an intuitive humanity.

34. Oh imperator, you saw how many beings began this journey with you.

35. Millions of human beings began to climb the spiral mountain of life. Yet, the majority of them tumbled into the abyss and converted themselves into demons.

36. Only a handful of beings have reached the top of the mountain with you.

37. Enter the temple, oh arhat, in order to celebrate the feast.

38. The temple is decorated for the feast.

39. Sanat Kumara, the Elder of Days, awaits for you upon his throne.

40. His majestic voice resounds as the voice of the army.

41. The Mother Goddess of the world places the sacred mantle of the buddhas and the diadem with the Eye of Shiva upon your head.

42. The Eye of Dangma shines in your middlebrow, and Sanat Kumara exclaims, “You are a buddha. You have liberated yourself from the four bodies of sin. You are an inhabitant of the world of the gods... You are a buddha.”

43. The ancient of days gives you the tunic of the Buddha... Receive it, sibling of mine!

44. During these moments, a child filled with beauty comes out of your mental body. He is the psychic extraction of your mental body. He is your Christ-mind.

45. This beautiful creature is now completely fused with your divine eternal triad.

46. The Christ-mind is formed in your mental body.

47. The Christ-mind is pure, transmuted semen.

48. The Christ-mind is the result of sexual magic.

49. You are a blessed one, oh buddha!

50. Sanat Kumara offers you a new throne.

51. All the brothers and sisters of the temple are happy. All are rejoicing with the new buddha. All of them embrace you and kiss you with holy kisses.

52. The feast is immense...

53. The Mother Goddess of the world has given birth to a new buddha in the world of the gods.

54. Now you are shining with immaculate beauty within this igneous rose of nature.

55. Your inferior manas has been fused with Atman-Buddhi-Manas on the seat of pure Brahma, where only the sacred wisdom of Buddhadharma shines.

56. The Mother Goddess of the world exclaims, “Behold, here is a very beloved son. Here is a new buddha.”

57. This is the wisdom of the heart. This is the seal of the heart’s wisdom.

58. At last, mind and heart are totally fused.

59. The music of the spheres resounds within the divine environs and the goddesses dance with the sacred runes in the temple of the gods.