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The Bamboo Reed

1. “I saw also the height of the house round about: the foundation of the side chambers were a full reed of six great cubits.”
—Ezekiel 41:8

2. “And he that talked with me had a golden reed to measure the city, and the gates thereof, and the wall thereof.”
—Revelation 21:15

3. “And he brought me thither, and behold, there was a man, whose appearance was like the appearance of brass, with the line of flax in his hand, and a measuring reed; and he stood in the gate.”
—Ezekiel 40:3

4. The reed is the scepter of the masters of the White Fraternity.

5. The ascent or descent of the sacred fire is registered in the reed.

6. All of the wisdom of the river Euphrates is inside the reed.

7. All of the wisdom of the four rivers of Eden is inside the reed.

8. The reed precisely represents the spinal column.

9. There is a fine medullar channel in the center of our spinal medulla. This fine medullar channel is the Sushumna channel.

10. There is a fine thread in the center of the Sushumna channel that runs along the spinal medulla.

11. The Kundalini ascends through this fine nervous thread, from the coccyx to the middlebrow, following the medullar course.

12. Our spinal column has thirty-three vertebrae. In esotericism, they are known as canyons.

13. The thirty-three canyons represent the thirty-three esoteric degrees of esoteric Masonry.

14. The Kundalini is awakened by practicing sexual magic.

15. The Kundalini is the sacred fire.

16. The Kundalini is found enclosed in a membranous cavity situated in the coccygeal bone.

17. The Kundalini enters into activity with sexual magic. It breaks the membranous cavity in which it is enclosed and enters the medullar channel through an orifice or door that is situated in the inferior part of the medulla.

18. This medullar door remains closed in the common and current persons.

19. The seminal steam then permits the angel, governor of the elementals of the cedars, to open this door in order for our igneous serpent to enter therein...

20. The fire rises slowly, according to the merits of the heart.

21. Each one of our thirty-three sacred chambers represents determined cosmic powers and a determined addition of holy values.

22. As long as we practice sexual magic and sanctify ourselves, the governing angel of all the elementals of the apple tree opens the holy chambers of our spinal column.

23. In the semen there is an angelic atom that governs our seminal steam.

24. That angelic atom raises the steam of our semen towards the medullar channel. This is done so that the angel of the cedars of the forest may utilize it to open the inferior door of the medulla, in order for the divine princess Kundalini to enter through it.

25. This is why the doors of the Temple of Solomon were constructed with cedar from Lebanon.

26. In the word Lebanon [Spanish: Libano], we find the I.A.O. that permits the angel of the cedars of the forest to open the door of the spinal medulla when we practice sexual magic.

27. I.A.O. is the mantra of sexual magic.

28. The correct way to pronounce this mantra is to vocalize each letter separately, prolonging the sound of each vowel.

29. The mantra I.A.O. must be vocalized during the moments of sexual magic in order to awaken our sacred fire.

30. There are seven nadis or secret centers in our spinal column. They are symbolized by the seven knots of the bamboo reed.

31. Our spinal column truly has the form of a bamboo reed with its seven knots.

32. The rituals of the first, second, and even the third degree, in which we, the Gnostics officiate, belong to the reed.

33. Our spinal column has two orifices, one inferior and one superior.

34. The inferior orifice is the door entering into the medulla, and the superior orifice in the superior part of the cranium is the door departing from the medulla. The terrific force of the hierarchies enters through the orifice in the superior part of the cranium, together with the hiss of the Fohat. It then descends through the profundities of our reed, in order to make the sacred fire rise when we gain a spinal canyon.

35. A door is then opened before us, and a master speaks to us and says, “Enter.”

36. And we enter onto a patio and into a temple in order to receive the degree, the symbols and the feast.

37. These are the feasts of the temples and the feasts of the gods.

38. Thus, through this way of ardent and blazing fire, we are entering into each one of our igneous chambers that spark within the fire of the universe.

39. When a human being allows himself to fall, which means, when the human being spills the semen, the angel of the apple tree, governor of all the elementals of the apple trees, is the one who closes the door of one or more chambers of our spinal column. Then, the sacred fire descends one or more canyons in accordance with the magnitude of the fault.

40. When the sacred fire has penetrated into all of the thirty-three ardent chambers, the high initiation arrives.

41. The Innermost has two souls: one divine, and the other human.

42. In the high initiation, the divine soul is completely fused with the Innermost, and the Innermost is then born in the internal worlds as a new master of the Major Mysteries of the Universal White Fraternity.

43. The seven ardent roses of our spinal column then flame victoriously within the burning aura of the universe.

44. The new master then emerges from within the living profundities of the consciousness. He opens his way through the body of will, and through the mental, astral, and vital bodies, in order to finally express himself through our creative larynx.

45. Now, the master must take out all of his psychical extracts from his inferior vehicles.

46. This work is performed by means of fire.

47. The fire has seven degrees of power.

48. The seven degrees of power of the fire belong to our seven bodies.

49. We have seven sacred serpents, two groups of three, with the sublime coronation of the seventh serpent of ardent fire that unites us with the law and with the Father.

50. These are the seven ladders of knowledge.

51. These are the seven gates of the seven great initiations of Major Mysteries.

52. Only the terror of love and of the law reign through these seven gates.

53. Each one of our seven bodies is an exact duplicate of our physical body.

54. Each one of our seven bodies has its own medulla and semen.

55. Each one of our seven bodies has its own serpent.

56. Thus, we have seven reeds, seven chalices, seven eternal mounts.

57. The medulla of each one of our seven bodies is symbolized by each one of our seven reeds.

58. The sacred wine (semen) resides in each one of our seven chalices.

59. The physical plane, the ethereal plane, the astral plane, the mental plane, the causal plane, the conscious plane (Buddhic) and the plane of the Innermost (Atmic) are the seven eternal mounts.

60. There is the need to raise the seven degrees of the fire.

61. We must convert ourselves into ardent kings upon the majestic summits of the seven eternal mounts.

62. We must grasp each one of our seven reeds.

63. The angel who governs the elemental life of the bamboo also has the power to welcome us into the great mysteries of the fire, or to throw us out of the holy temples.

64. All of our good and evil deeds are registered in our reed.

65. The angel who governs over the bamboo fields reads our book and judges us in accordance with the law.

66. Our spinal column is a great book where all of our past lives have been registered.

67. In our spinal column is where we must learn how to resist all temptations with heroism.

68. Christ, who has tolerated all temptations, is the only one who can give us power and strength in order not to fall into temptation.

69. We must form Christ within ourselves in order to obtain strength, in order not to fall into temptation.

70. There is the need to form Christ within ourselves.

71. When a man and a woman intensely practice sexual magic or when they totally abstain themselves with the terrific sacrifice of abstinence, then Christ is formed within them.

72. The Christ substance extends itself in all the infinite space, and, while we practice sexual magic, it is absorbed by each of our seven bodies until Christ is formed within ourselves.

73. These seven ardent portals are something very personal, very intimate, very individual, and very profound.

74. The path of initiation is something very internal and delicate.

75. In order to possess the reed, the disciple must liberate himself from all types of schools, religions, sects, political parties, concepts of motherland and flags, dogmas, intellectualism, selfishness, hatred, anger, opinions, classroom arguments, authoritarianism, etc.

76. There is a need to search for a guru in order for him to guide us along this internal and delicate way.

77. The guru must be searched for within, in the profundity of the consciousness...

78. Each disciple must search for the master inside, inside, inside.

79. The master is found in the profundity of our consciousness.

80. If you want to search for the master, abandon all bookish erudition and pseudo-spiritual schools.

81. The master appears when the disciple is prepared.

82. The gravest danger for the esotericist is to have a bookish culture.

83. The students of esotericism who have read excessively are commonly filled with terrible pride.

84. The student who is vain due to the intellect feels as though he is the lord of worldly wisdom. He not only lamentably wastes his time going from school to school, but moreover, he closes the door of initiation for himself, and falls into black magic.

85. We must become like children in order to penetrate into the wisdom of the fire, which is deep within ourselves, in the living profundity of our internal consciousness.

86. There is a need to be humble in order to acquire wisdom. Once we have acquired wisdom, we must be even more humble.

87. Esoterically speaking, the seven knotted reed of bamboo is the root of our feet.

88. When we comprehend that the most intimate roots of our existence are hidden within the profundity of our spinal medulla and our semen, we then understand this symbol of ardent wisdom.

89. Our spiritual feet are placed upon the unknown, and the unknown resides in our reed. Esoterically speaking, this is why the reed is the root of our feet.

90. This symbol is understandable only when we think in the roots of the trees.

91. The tree lives and feeds itself through its roots, and the roots of our existence are found in the spinal medulla and in the semen. This is why the reed is the root of our feet.

92. In a few words, our temple would not have a fundamental foundation if it was not for the reed.

93. The feet of the human being are placed upon life, and life comes from our reed and from our semen.

94. If the human being did not have a spinal column, his feet would be useless because he would not be able to support himself upon them. He would be lacking the reed in order to remain erect in posture.

95. The human being is able to sustain himself upon his feet because of the reed. We now comprehend the symbol of ardent wisdom that affirms that the reed is the root of our feet.

96. Without this root, our feet would not be able to sustain the physical body and they would be useless.

97. All the power of the human being resides in his semen and in his medulla.

98. The feet of the great monarchs of the fire sustained themselves under the majestic power of their reed. This is why the reed is the root of our feet.

99. Woe to the master who loses the power of his reed, because his feet will tumble to the abyss...

100. Each of the elementals of the bamboo reed is an innocent child with a white tunic.

101. One feels amazement when entering the temple of the angel who governs this elemental population of the bamboo.

102. We see these elemental children living a life of paradise in the temple of this angel.

103. The temple is filled with flowers of immaculate beauty, and these innocent children play happily within the gardens of the temple.

104. The angel who governs them educates and instructs them on the wisdom of nature.

105. In this temple of the angel of the bamboo reed, there is only wisdom, music, flowers, and children who play.

106. This is how we, the human beings, were in the past, as elemental children playing in Eden...

107. But, when the human being disobeyed the orders of the Lord Jehovah and surrendered himself to fornication, the fire of his reed went out, and the human being fell into the darkness of the abyss.

108. It was necessary to send a savior for humanity in order to take humanity off the precipice.

109. This savior is Christ. The wisdom of Christ is the wisdom of Melchizedek.

110. This wisdom is found in sex.

111. Eden is sex itself.

112. The door entering into Eden is the same door from which we departed.

113. This door is sex itself.

114. If we departed from Eden due to disobedience, then we return Eden by obeying.

115. If we departed from paradise by eating the forbidden fruit, then we return to paradise by not eating it.

116. Let us again grasp our seven-knotted reed so that we can convert ourselves into omnipotent monarchs of the seven mounts.