The Fourth Chamber

1. You have reached the fourth chamber of the narrow way that leads from the middlebrow to the heart. This chamber is situated beneath the thyroid gland, above the sternum (breastbone), the superior part of the rib cage.

2. Fine temptations have assaulted you in the world of the cosmic mind. You have comprehended how crime is hidden within spirituality.

3. You have understood that crime is also hidden within the incense of prayer.

4. You have also seen how crime is hidden among the pleroma of a spiritual fraternity.

5. You have seen, oh sibling of mine, how refined, mental adultery with a tinge of transcendental spirituality can emerge from a simple spiritual friendship between two beings of opposite sexes.

6. Now, my child, you are comprehending in what form and in what manner the mind and the heart are united and equilibrated by means of the fire.

7. A door has been opened. Enter my child, in order to celebrate your feast.

8. The instant has arrived, sibling of mine, in which you must be more concerned with music.

9. The orchestras of Eden resound in the infinite spaces, within the great rhythms.

10. The entire universe is supported by the magnificent orchestration of the spheres.

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