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The Lion of the Law

1. You have now entered the thirty-second vertebra of your mental body’s spinal medulla, oh arhat!

2. This is the second holy chamber of your head.

3. The burning fire of the universe now ardently sparks in this holy chamber of your mental body.

4. This is the degree of the lion of the law.

5. Naturae Santa Sororera has given birth to a new lion of the law in the world of the cosmic mind.

6. Examine well the hoof of your beast and be happy, oh arhat!

7. A terrific ray and a frightful exhalation falls from the infinite heavens, and with the thunder of their voices makes the earth tremble...

8. It is the ray of cosmic justice.

9. This ray is beyond good and evil.

10. The lion of the law is beyond good and evil.

11. The lion of the law knows good from evil and evil from good. In everything good there is something evil, and in everything evil there is something good.

12. The super-human is beyond good and evil.

13. Justice is the supreme mercy and the supreme severity of the Law.

14. The intelligence of the super-human is frightening, but the super-human scorns intelligence because intelligence is a quality of Prakriti and Prana (matter and energy).

15. The Innermost is beyond intelligence. He abides in the kingdom of supreme omniscience.

16. The Innermost is even far beyond love. He abides in the supreme kingdom of happiness.

17. On an inferior plane, the happiness of God expresses itself as love, and love is the perfection of wisdom.

18. The two columns of our White Fraternity are wisdom and love.

19. The scale of cosmic justice has two plates in perfect equilibrium.

20. Wisdom is in one of the two plates and love is in the other.

21. Love and wisdom maintain the two plates of the scale in perfect equilibrium.

22. Any disequilibrium of the scale is punished by the lions of the law.

23. Children of humans, remember that the two plates of the cosmic scale are wisdom and love.

24. Have you sinned against the goddess moon? If so, how can you demand happiness in love?

25. Have you sinned against wisdom? Then, sibling of mine, how can you be surrounded with happiness?

26. The lion of the law is fought with the scale. When an inferior law is transcended by a superior law, the superior law washes away the inferior law. Perform good deeds so that you may pay your debts.

27. Whosoever has capital, pays and does well in business. When we do not have capital and a fault is found in the books of karma, we must pay with pain.

28. Now enter, oh arhat, into the holy temple of the cosmic mind in order to receive your feast.

29. You are now a new lion of the law in the world of the cosmic mind.

30. Your mind burns within the ardent sparks of Naturae Santa Sororera.

31. The mind of the lions of cosmic mind burns within the blazing flames of this igneous rose of the universe.

32. “Love is law, but conscious love.”