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The Body of Liberation

1. There are two types of flesh: one comes from Adam, and the other does not come from Adam. The flesh that comes from Adam is vulgar and corruptible; the flesh that does not come from Adam is eternal and incorruptible.

2. When the igneous serpent of the mental body reaches a certain canyon, the master then dies and is born in life.

3. The divine Rabbi of Galilee, riding upon a donkey, enters the celestial Jerusalem with the newly liberated human being.

4. The newly liberated human being, also riding upon a donkey, triumphantly and victoriously enters the city where he is received with palms and praises.

5. The master contemplates his body of clay that is crumbling into pieces, and the divine Rabbi of Galilee says to the newly liberated one, “You do not need that now.”

6. From this instant, the master is liberated from the wheel of birth and death.

7. A new ultra-sensible physical body, filled with millenarian perfection, has been formed from the finest atoms of the physical body. It has the majestic appearance of the cosmic Christ and is eternal and incorruptible.

8. This vehicle, that replaces the physical body of clay, has been formed in the vital depth of our clay body in the same manner that a chick is formed within the egg.

9. When Franz Hartmann visited the Temple of Bohemia, he found himself with Paracelsus, Joan of Arc, and many other adepts who were living in this sacred monastery with their bodies of flesh and bone.

10. He then dined with the major brothers and sisters in their refectory. Paracelsus instructed him in his laboratory and, in his presence, Paracelsus transmuted lead into gold.

11. Franz Hartmann, in the book entitled An Adventure in the Mansion of the Rosicrucian Adepts, tells us these things.

12. When Joan of Arc left her body in the blaze where she was burned alive, she found herself surrounded by masters that took her to the Temple of Bohemia.

13. Since then, she lives in the temple with her ultra-sensible physical body in the presence of all the other major brothers and sisters.

14. This new physical body has the power to make itself visible and tangible in any place and to feed itself with fruits and pure water. The honey from the honey bee is the food of the masters of the universal White Fraternity.

15. When we, the members of the Sacred College of Initiates, are out of this physical body of clay, we function with the body of liberation, which is made from the purest musk.

16. However, when we are incarnated, accomplishing the mission in favor of this painful humanity, we move through places unnoticed just as anyone on the street. We dress in clothes like our fellow men and women. We live and work to earn our daily bread, just as every citizen does.

17. The body of liberation converts us into citizens of Eden.

18. This is how Christ enters us, through the doors of the triumphant and victorious city.