A Queen of the Fire

1. We have now entered a medieval palace. A child plays in this ancient palace.

2. The child climbs on a ladder. We must become children in order to climb the ladder of wisdom.

3. A queen of the fire lives within this ancient palace. She is the elemental queen of the juniper tree, who was incarnated in a physical body in an ancient medieval court.

4. She is a moderate magician. She is an austere magician dressed in a medieval style. This elemental queen has a beautiful, youthful appearance. She lives a very exemplary life in this ancient feudal palace.

5. When submerged in profound internal meditation, we penetrate into a subterranean salon of this ancient mansion. Before our spiritual eyes, a humble bed, a sublime lady, and several holy masters are present. They assist this elemental queen of the juniper tree, who was incarnated in a physical body in the Middle Ages.

6. This strange abode, where one breathes the dust of the centuries, appears illuminated by an old glass spider.

7. Before the bed, a smoldering iron vessel gives off a vague and delicious smoke.

8. The fire intensely burns below this vessel.

9. A liquid boils, and in the liquid is the plant of the juniper tree.

10. The liquid of the vessel is the pure water of life, within which the juniper tree appears.

11. This is the plant of the divine kings. Three Zipas Chibchas of Bacata practiced the worship of the juniper tree.

12. All the divine kings of the past practiced the royal art of the juniper tree.

13. The mantra of the elemental of the juniper tree is Kem-Lem.

14. The elemental of the juniper tree resembles a beautiful girl. Each tree has its elemental.

15. All the elementals of the juniper trees obey the elemental queen, who was once incarnated in this ancient medieval palace.

16. The queen begs Agni for help, and this child of fire floats in this strange abode.

17 Thus, the elemental of the juniper tree obeys, and several masters of wisdom appear within the smoke of the vessel.

18. The smoke of the juniper tree forms a gaseous body. This is in order for the invoked angel to dress with it and to become visible and tangible in the physical world.

19. All the divine kings of the past practiced the royal art of the juniper tree in order to speak with the angels.

20. The invoker must drink a glass of juniper tree water during the rite.

21. The chakras enter into activity with the rite of the juniper tree.

22. Each tree has its elemental. The elementals of the juniper tree obey the queen of the fire, who was incarnated during the Middle Ages in a pompous court.

23. The queen of the juniper tree now cultivates her mysteries in a subterranean temple of the earth.

24. When burnt as a perfume, the berries of the juniper tree cleanse the astral body of all types of larvae.

25. The initiate must clothe himself with his priestly vesture in order to officiate in the temple with the elemental of the juniper tree.

26. During the time in which the sacred service of the juniper tree endures, the tree from which the branches and the berries are taken must remain covered with a black cloth and must have several stones hanging from it.

27. During the holy invocation of the elemental of the juniper tree, the initiate must sound a trumpet made from the horn of a ram.

28. The elemental of the juniper tree forms a gaseous body with the smoke that serves as an instrument for the invoked angel.

29. If the invocation is worthy of an answer, the invoked angel will respond to the call. He will make himself visible and tangible in the physical world in order to speak with the one who is calling him.

30. Those who are unworthy can call a thousand times but they will not be heard, because all doors are closed to the unworthy, except the one of repentance.

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