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The First Holy Chamber of the Root of the Nose

1. You have defeated subtle ordeals, oh arhat!

2. Now, sibling of mine, enter into the first holy chamber that leads from the middlebrow to the heart.

3. You have begun to unite the mind with the heart.

4. Now, sibling of mine, enter into the temple in order to celebrate the feast.

5. Be joyful, oh heart, sing, child of mine...

6. Finally, after many centuries... the mind and the heart will be united.

7. Sing, oh heart, because your mind has been humbled before the majesty of the Innermost.

8. Sing, oh heart, because the mind advances within the burning fire towards you.

9. Sing, oh heart, because wisdom will now convert into love.

10. You have entered the holy chamber of the magnetic field of the root of your nose...

11. The temple is in festivity, my child, because the ship of your mind is coming from the other shore to the ineffable beaches of Eden, where the rivers of the pure water of life flow with milk and honey.

12. Sing, oh heart, sing, because the rebel house of Israel has been afflicted and humbled before its God.

13. Sing, oh heart... sing, because your sailing ship advances towards the port of light...

14. Sing, oh heart, because your mind is now liberated from all types of schools, religions, orders, sects, lodges, classrooms, concepts of mother countries and flags, prejudice, desires, fears, hatred, envy, intellectualism, sophism, theories, etc.

15. Intellectualism can only conduce humans towards black magic because it is always accompanied with pride and selfishness.

16. Are not perhaps the proud ones, are not perhaps the erudite ones of spiritualism indeed those who have always criticized and attacked us and who have angrily torn up our books?

17. Intellect by itself only conduces humans towards black magic.

18. Those who always criticize, refute, and attack us do so only because they are moved by their pride, selfishness and vanity.

19. Master H.P. Blavatsky knew adepts of average intelligence, but they were adepts.

20. The powers of the masters emanate from their purity of life and the merits of their heart.

21. The powers of the master emanate from his internal God and from harmony with nature and the law.

22. When the personal ego restores itself in its divine eternal triad after each reincarnation and abandons the mental body, it is disintegrated and its atoms remain scattered in the mental plane.

23. These mental atoms are attracted again when the Innermost reconstructs a new mental body in order to enter through the doors of a new reincarnation in the school of life.

24. These manasic atoms, “Tanha causes,” and other types, are of the same nature of manas, meaning, they are of the same nature of the mental body. They begin to arrange the atomic structures of this new mental body.

25. Our karma is enclosed within these atoms.

26. This process is repeated through millions of births and deaths.

27. When these atoms of the mind are united with the Innermost by means of the fire of the fourth serpent, we then liberate ourselves from the wheel of births and deaths.

28. Nevertheless, in order to be a Nirvani without residue, we must liberate ourselves from the good karma and from the bad karma.

29. We must not owe, nor should others owe us.

30. As long as the lions of the law owe us something, we are “Nirvanis with residue.”

31. As long as we owe something, we are Nirvanis with residue.

32. We must pass beyond good and evil. We must pass beyond intelligence, and even beyond the ineffable spheres of love.

33. We can rise to the summits of light only on the steps of love and sacrifice.

34. We must perform a lot of good deeds for love of humanity.

35. This is how we pay our debts.

36. Later, the lords of the law must also pay the balance in our favor...

37. In the end, we liberate ourselves from the good karma and the bad karma, and we convert ourselves into Nirvanis without residue.

38. The mind must be united with its divine triad, together with the psychic extractions of the astral, vital, and physical vehicles.

39. This is how our triad is reinforced by its inferior quaternary.

40. The inferior manas together with the kamas, prana, and linga reinforce the divine triad by means of fire.

41. For these transcendental goals, we utilize from the same mind only its psychic extract.

42. When he is capable of conversing with his Innermost front to front, face to face, the human being reaches the state of Turiya.

43. Many ask themselves, “How is the Innermost? What figure does he have?” etc.

44. The more humble and simple a person is, the more easily he can comprehend the nature of his divine, eternal triad.

45. However, intellectuals can only comprehend the divine triad with the geometrical figure of the triangle.

46. When the mind is united with the heart, then the mind lives within the triad and it is totally nourished by the triad.

47. Nevertheless, the union of the mind with the heart is possible only by means of the fire.