The Tiger Man

In Yoga practice, on returning to our bodies, we often find the covering of our mental sheath befouled by particles of matter foreign to its natural state. We do not normally realize the foulness of the atmosphere in which we live. The average man who has not built up his Silver Shield of protection, can not protect the node points of his mental sheath from being soiled by the debris and mire of ignorance. In Yoga the mental body protected by the Silver Shield becomes vibrant, strong, and responsive to all the finer vibrations in nature.

It has been written that we “see through a glass darkly.” When we energize our mental body and see the primordial light within us, we are taken out of our darkness and use this screen which nature gives us. We then see face to face. Man’s range of observation is limited, and his sensitivity registers only a certain limited range of vibration.

When we descend into the underworld, the beings there often implore us to tell what happiness is in our world of being. To them, our world, of which they sometimes gain faint glimpses, is a world of light, although when we progress into the higher planes we find it a world of twilight. Our world becomes brighter, however, when we can remove the debris from our mental sheath, so that the primordial light can illuminate our own dark mental world.

After the Yoga student has met his teacher, for the teachers who possess real knowledge hand it down only by word of mouth, there comes a great moment when he is taken out of his body in full consciousness, and shown the evil of the world. One such pupil was taken out of his body by night for a period of a year and seven months, and was shown all the evil of the world, the degree to which the beast in man can sink. Think not that this is a fairy story. Not only is the student shown the evil of the world, but he is taught how to impress the mind of the wrongdoer with the sense of punishment. He is often shown how the innocent may be protected by the “fear of God” impressed upon degenerate minds, and how many souls may be ministered to in their distress.

The horror of the lust and brutality of men and women is a subject the world knows little about. When first seen the student cries out in anguish: “Is there no such thing as goodness, kindness, charity, or love?” It is then the teacher switches him over among the unknown helpers of humanity, both in and out of the body, and he will meet living men who in deep sleep pass out of their bodies, and are then instructed to be helpers of humanity.

There are many men and women who are looked upon as failures in this world, who are doing great works out of the body. Some of these great souls , known to the initiates for their work, realize only in their dreams what they have been doing, but it is to those great workers that the teachers bring initiation and God realization.

As I have said before, man’s so-called senses limit him in the knowledge of his own activities. Could he trace the power behind his personal will, he would realize the havoc caused both to others and to himself by misdirected thought. He would realize that his own thought atmosphere can bring good or evil instincts to birth in the minds of those about him, and that a thought is a thing, and is like a bullet from a rifle which, if illegitimately used, can cause great havoc.

The business man especially is fond of the game of life. He realizes his power and likes to play the game of impressing his personality upon others, thus evolving his own ego. It is this dynamic force in business which brings the knowledge of power and releases into the business atmosphere the dynamics of the underworld. As he plays this game, the business man becomes greedy for money, position, and power, and he learns how to prey upon the weakness of others. He attracts corrupt minds which exist in the worlds of evil, and through this added mental pressure he links himself with the destructive forces of man and nature.

The forces of nature are either constructive, destructive, or distributive. The distributive forces segregate a group of humanity from their state of unity, and weaken them by such separation. The big corporations say to the little manufacturer, “Come in with us, or we will ruin you,” but when they get what they want, they care very little what happens to the “small man.” It is the law of the jungle—diamond cut diamond, steel cut steel.

President Lincoln, in his time, foresaw and warned people of the ferocity of the tiger man. Today, crime has developed as the trusts and large corporations have developed, and their combinations have very little trouble in getting the aid of bankers and others, holding so-called responsible positions in society. It is a network of cooperation among men of criminal instincts, but if these evil-doers could only realize the punishment which is coming to them, they would seek a way out of it all before it is too late, for his own higher self will judge each of them.

Discarnate, earthbound spirits, who are made witnesses of the suffering they are causing and have caused others, often ask in their misery for men to pray for their souls . The purgatory in which they pass their discarnate existence can be realized only by one sensitive enough to take on their mental conditions, when their atmosphere touches him. It is very difficult to get these beings to aspire to the Lord God of Truth within. In this purgatory there is one class of beings whom the lords of justice clothe in sage green apparel—a single piece costume, with a hood similar to that worn in Italy in Dante’s time. This costume is to them a symbol of hope.

The reader must realize that the laws made by men are not always God’s laws. Viewed from the inner planes of being, God’s laws are often contrary to man’s. The great avatars and teachers, who have brought spiritual truth to this world, all agree that, “As you do to others, so will you be done by.” All of them have taught, “Love thy neighbor as thyself,” “That no man is altogether evil; that within all things is the divine spirit of God; and that the ultimate end of all being is God realization.” When men have learned these truths ignorance will be banished from the mind and the Lord God of Truth within will come into his own. Some students desire this more than do others, and it is they who hasten on the path. Some play with their passions and desires, and see not the light that is above them. Many do not realize the goal which sooner or later all men must reach.

We think of murder as the worst crime that man can commit, but man’s thoughts are often far more destructive than the weapon of the murderer. People injure each other by the use of envy, hatred, malice, and uncontrolled desire; then comes a day when man is brought face to face with true justice. His actions of good and evil are summed up within him, and he sees the balance struck.

Man does not take much interest in the sufferings or happiness of his fellows, as long as the actions of others do not annoy him. But, when he has cast up his balance of good and evil, he begins to analyze the happiness and sufferings of his environment. Then he realizes the immensity of the karmic debt that the tiger man must cancel before he can start on the path that will lead him to the Lord God of Truth within.

An inspiring and urgent call to action, to awaken our latent powers and restore our rightful place in the cosmos: as an awakened, kind, and responsible human being.

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