The Coming Age

In the teachings of the past, instruction was conveyed by parables, or symbolic word pictures. A new system of expression is being engendered in the race, and youthful minds will speak what they think, regardless of the older minds about them.

This will mark the beginning of the emancipation of those living under normal conditions in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Even now youthful minds, though ignorant, often speak with authority, and this is bringing about an entire change in civilization’s output. For when a man speaks with authority he links himself with the greater essence of Truth within his own interior world. A man conscious of the Truth manifesting within himself speaks with a corresponding authority, for he is then under the shekinah of nature’s consciousness.

In the Golden Age of the remote past, before man developed a personal will, he was guided by intuition and spoke with authority and truth. Much later, in the Age of Copper, and this present Age of Iron, man developed a personal will. Therefore, we must be patient with the youth of today, for the urge of nature, calling for cyclic change, is driving him to a pronouncement of his true character. As the age progresses, the youth will be less outspoken and will conserve his thought, so that when he does speak, he will be able to assert himself and make people listen.

So will begin an Age of Emancipation, when men will think for themselves and openly express their authoritative character. They will no longer be ruled and governed by a minority of the so-called “master minds” of the politicians,  and by those in authority who rule the masses. The Doctrine of Emancipation is the unfoldment of the law of becoming. Within every man lies that atom of the infinite and great reality which to the Yogi is the Lord God of Truth within. The great avatars have all said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is within,” and to attain to the consciousness of the Lord God of Truth within is the ambition of every true seeker (Yogi). Criminal souls, which have been rejected by their own level of consciousness, group themselves together in the spheres beneath our feet. In the animal world souls are not individualized as in the ordinary person on the physical plane. Hence we find some individual semi-human souls mingling with the animal group souls. The animals reject and fear the presence of these semi-human individualized souls and hence they flock together for protection. These beings always ask us what is going on in our sphere and earnestly desire to enter it. They are similar to the earth-bound spirits which inhabit our world, and often their magic gives them the power to incarnate here. This state is like the close association of a human being with his dog, which causes the animal, through love, to take upon itself the thought atmosphere of its master. The master also in some degree enters into the consciousness of the animal world, by projecting his atmosphere into the dog. When the people of a nation can find sympathy and love only through the devotion of a dog, or other animal, it is a sign of a nation’s decadence.

In early days people lived together in community groups, sharing with each other the fruits of the field which they had cultivated, and binding themselves together for the protection of the tribe. They slowly became individualized and powerful, making slaves by conquest, each man taking land under his own jurisdiction, the products of which he no longer shared with his tribe. In time, being separated from his neighbors he built walls around his property and became distrustful of his fellow creatures. He built himself a castle, for he lived in fear, and he trained dogs to protect him and guard his domain. He placed his affection upon his dog, because he trusted no human; hence, no one trusted him. But the picture of the past is changing, and the present merely awaits the next great human cataclysm to shift the tide of destiny into the channel through which it is to gain experience in the coming age.

An inspiring and urgent call to action, to awaken our latent powers and restore our rightful place in the cosmos: as an awakened, kind, and responsible human being.

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