Infesting the inhabited regions of the world and close to the ground there is a discordant note in the lower section of elemental nature today which is not found in the high altitudes. This discordant note takes the form of a kind of larva which endangers nature’s creations as well as those of man. The constant pressure of the minds of humanity on the elements of nature has brought about these discordant conditions.

These disease germs of nature lie dormant beneath the surface of the soil and constitute danger to all life and activity in their environment. They wage ceaseless war upon each other and torment everything which they encounter. The most dangerous types are found in the jungles which have grown up over the civilizations of the past, where slavery and injustice were rife.

We should understand that these conditions were brought about by the misuse of human thought, for man must realize that thought can be destructive as well as constructive. The constant projection of the mind in anger, hatred, or malice creates a thought form which attracts others of a similar nature, until a composite thought form is built up. Nature then steps in and partly ensouls it, giving it form and being, and this thought form, if it becomes attached to the mind, often causes an obsession.

People are often attacked by these forms of hatred and malice, especially just before they awake from sleep. In some countries thought forms are built up by the human mind until they become powerful instruments of oppression and torture. There is a moorhen elemental which haunts the southern districts of England, and it is a built-up body of despair. We call it the “Moorhen,” because its composite shape resembles that bird; its body seems to be of a dull amber substance, and the midribs of the feathers are strongly marked. People who are suffering from despair and loneliness attract the attention of this incubus, and it is a great danger to a sensitive mind when in despair, for its receptivity to thought covers an area of over one hundred miles. Its favorite place of residence is near the Black Rock of Brighton, and a lonely or depressed person, living perhaps miles away, is often drawn to the Black Rock, through the Moorhen’s influence, there to commit suicide by jumping off the cliffs onto the rocks below. I would hesitate to state the number of people who have met their death at this place, for it is a magnet of attraction to the discouraged or distressed mind.

Elsewhere in these areas of influence and destruction are to be found conditions which revert the mind to the past, and rob the sensitive of any power to focus his mind on the present or future. It is by this means that the sadistic condition which prepares the way for suicide is brought about.

There are also demoniacal earth-bound spirits who wage wars upon living humanity and exercise a similar influence. The larvae around brothels are most dangerous when they attack disordered or innocent minds. They seek nourishment from the life force of the healthy and are very devitalizing.

These conditions are very easily contacted. When men tamper with the unknown, in spiritual seances for instance, they always find their own level. A few minds together, aspiring with purity of heart, mind, and body, attract the higher elemental part of nature. Concentrating upon debased physical desires and incest, we attract the conditions of the underworld beneath our feet and bring intelligences of a lower animal nature into our atmosphere. We therefore find that disease may attack nature as well as man.

The “Wise Men” tell us that this is the result of man’s own thought creations, and that it is thought which causes the evolution of those parasites which wage war upon nature and man. Thoughts are things, and man is a spark of the Infinite Great Reality. Like God, he has the power of creation and can build up forms and energies, which can either bring to him truth or evil (ignorance). It is by thought that he creates the universe within which he lives—his own thought-created universe.

An inspiring and urgent call to action, to awaken our latent powers and restore our rightful place in the cosmos: as an awakened, kind, and responsible human being.

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