Coming Powers

There is a new disclosure to be made by nature, dealing with the environment which exists within her, and which surrounds man. Man does not realize that when he is surrounded by the consciousness of Truth, which rests within nature’s keeping, he possesses a protective force—a bodyguard which nature gives him.

In all of the divisions of nature there are directing impulses which move man to harmonize with her, and, if he can do this, he becomes immune from the pressure and onslaught of other minds. Man should try to realize that the stronghold of mind upon his environment constantly misdirects his normal attitude of thought.

Hence it rests with you to discover how to protect your mind and environment from the activities of the thought world about you. The secret of power in man is how to be immune from, yet still actively acquainted with, the thought world about him. So the student must marshal his own powers and forces of alignment with nature’s powers and forces. In order to do this he must assume his real responsibility, both in nature and in his own human environment. Consequently, he must apply nature’s laws for self-government.

At the present time man has little realization of the relationship which can bind him to nature’s intelligence, for he has isolated himself from her; hence, he has practically no knowledge of her law. His first step towards power is a realization of the fact that he has lost his place and position in nature’s environment. He still retains a faint consciousness that he can never be happy until he returns to nature and in time the urge to return will become too strong to be ignored. Hence we notice the exodus of tired workers from the cities, in order to spend some time in the country. This inner urge of man to change his environment is the faint echo of nature calling him to return to her instruction.

In Atlantean days people had memories of the nature consciousness from which they had departed. This was the Golden Age, when man stood in the presence of the Lord God of Truth within. The discovery of the New Age that is dawning will be the recovery by man of that knowledge by which he once gained nature’s protection. Humanity has evolved laws to protect itself from dishonesty and crime. Man has discovered that if he breaks the laws of society he will suffer punishment, but he does not realize that he is constantly breaking the laws of conscious nature and being punished therefor. Alas, in his ignorance, he does not realize that he has ruthlessly destroyed the secure foundation which nature established for the benefit of humanity and that it is nature who is causing him to suffer the penalty.

The wanton misuse of nature’s products, the willful damage to her soil and forests, and the destruction of her vegetation have brought dire disaster upon him. It is for us to reestablish ourselves upon nature’s foundations and bring justice and intelligence to our minds.

When we prove worthy in the deeper states of Yoga, the whole of nature is presented to our gaze. We look upon her creation, and study her movements, and traverse the “missing arc of our circle.” Through experience man gains a slight knowledge of humanity, but through Yoga he enters into other “kingdoms and principalities,” where the one law of justice prevails. On our return we sense humanity’s sufferings and its aspirations.

This world can be described as a place of torment, for, in the eternal struggle to make a livelihood, men fail to produce their own truth. It is only when we approach the consciousness of nature that we can regain the intelligence of the Truth which is in us. Through countless centuries man has been a wanderer, seeking knowledge through many incarnations and earthly experiences. He has thus become a storehouse of wisdom and truth, yet the average man knows little of this submerged knowledge within himself, and is without means to contact and use it.

Man must realize that he is a composite being, and in his body and in his mental environment he carries about atoms of intelligence which are the “recorders” of his own wisdom experience through time. In his practice of Yoga the student passes through the mind worlds into the sphere of memory, and then enters into the Presence, the world of intuition and of nature’s will. Here only are all bliss and intelligence to be found.

There is a natural law of understanding, a natural law of health, and a natural law of well-being. The new discovery of this age will be to acquaint man with those laws which nature would have him obey, and the method of obtaining this knowledge. A Yogi will tell you that nature has a long memory, for after he has passed through the mind world, he enters the realm of memory. Before his vision passes life after life, he knows that they are his past lives, and he studies the laws of cause and effect. He witnesses his actions, both good and evil (ignorance). He observes their causes and their after effects, and sees periods of happiness, as well as of suffering. He realizes that as he has injured others in the past, he has so condemned himself to suffer the same injury at some future time. In this atmosphere he perceives that in one of his lives he had the desire to know Truth and to live a good life, and that afterwards, perhaps in another life, came a period of splendor and brightness, when he was able to assist humanity and leave a pressure of love behind him. He also perceives that when he gave way to his lower passions and desires, misery and suffering followed and that the effects of the evil of one life tainted his happiness in the other lives which followed. He also learns the effect of his conduct on children and youthful minds and learns how nature protects the innocent and afflicts those who injure them. He also learns the value of the love of innocent minds, which ennobles him in his quest for Truth.

While nature’s realm, to mortal man, is a barrier and a “locked door,” everyone possesses the key which can pass him through this barrier. When man fell into the deeper densities of nature and made himself lord of all he could possess, no longer interesting himself in the divine concerns of nature, then his faint perception of the Reality in all things was gradually extinguished and he no longer sought union with the Lord God of Truth within. His desire was to stand apart and hunt and fight and conquer all he could. It has been said of this pretentious ape that one day he cried, “I’m going to be a man and stand upright and hunt, and fight, and conquer all I can! I’m going to cut down forest trees to make my houses higher! I’m going to kill the mastodon! I’m going to make a fire!”  But when he did these things, his desire personality became his god, and he exiled himself from nature, and the Lord God of Truth that is within him.


An inspiring and urgent call to action, to awaken our latent powers and restore our rightful place in the cosmos: as an awakened, kind, and responsible human being.

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