The Dayspring

In nature there is an intelligence which broadcasts intermittently instruction and aid to those advancing into the temple of their Innermost and we pay our respect and devotion to the Truth which is so made manifest.

History is replete with the messages of those forerunners who gave humanity an upward movement towards the goal of happiness. They cleverly hid in words the glorious Information Period which nature gives to those who have progressed in aspiration for Truth, but the nature of this vibration has been little discussed.

Science has recently discovered a new vibration called cosmic rays. To the alchemist of old, and to the occult student, it was known as the Dayspring  and this vibration manifests whenever a New Age is to be brought to birth.

Intermittently the Dayspring of Youth vibrates through humanity, bringing about a new vitality to stimulate and guide men towards deliverance. If we accept it, this vitality supports us in our desire for knowledge; if we reject it, it returns us more deeply into ignorance. It brings about a rush of new thought and stimulates the mind to a greater eagerness for Truth in all walks and occupations. It seeks to raise man above his former level of self-thought and conscious action towards a finer and more ennobling environment. It marks the beginning of a new movement in time and history; it marks the beginning or the end of religions and epochs. It brings to humanity a new type of information which will stimulate the younger minds to seek Truth.

These movements bring about developments such as occurred in Greece, when its manifestation came in the form of beauty. In Egyptian times it brought the grandeur and austerity of God to the people. In Chaldea, Assyria, and Babylon it brought about the knowledge of astronomy, astrology, and numbers. In the present era its first vibrations were perceived about three years before the Great War. Its message was: “Devotion to carry through that which man undertakes, simplicity and austerity of life, and devotion to God, in order that nature may reveal herself to the human consciousness. ”

What does this message of the Dayspring hold? It symbolizes the union of nature with man, and of man with nature. These are two kingdoms to be married, and marriage (in the occult schools) means the perfect union of two opposites with the creation of an equally polarized result. Thus it is consummation of a union with nature’s consciousness, to be effected in conformity to nature’s law. In other words, it symbolizes the union of the human man with his natural man, who exists in the higher and finer vibrations of matter—his higher self—the man whose will is the will of nature (God).

The student, during his development, is possessed with a force and power which is similar to that used and manifested in the man of nature. The worker of miracles is one who is unified with his natural man. Thus, according to his degree of development, he is given command over nature and her kingdoms. We read in history of these men of God, who performed miracles and did things impossible to the ordinary man, and we must realize that a physical body was necessary in order that the higher self, by union with it, could fructify into expression. Yet we observe in history that if the body of the healer had been injured or scourged (as in the case of Jesus), the higher power could not act through the physical vehicle of the human man. For this reason the Yogi tries to bring his body to such a state of perfection that it may become a worthy vehicle of his higher self—the natural man.

The student soon comes to recognize the pressure which is intermittently brought to bear upon his physical vehicle and its densities by what he at first senses as outside vibrations. Later he learns to tune in and harmonize his body with the different vibrations which he discovers in nature’s consciousness. He discovers that there is a difference in the vibrations of the higher planes and of the lower submerged worlds beneath his feet, and he learns to tune in on either as he wishes.

Man, whilst he is insulated, does not realize the force and power of vibration flowing through him, yet when he makes contact with the earth he instantly receives a shock and is exhilarated. In time the student trains himself to visualize what is going on within him in these different states of nature’s consciousness.

It is quite easy to see spirits, the inhabitants of the mineral kingdom, and other earth-bound entities, but it is another matter to perceive the inhabitants of air. This can be brought about only after long periods of thought and aspiration for Truth. Man also has the power of liberating the imprisoned consciousness of trees and can communicate with them. This is a higher type of clairvoyance experienced in the wonderful voyage of discovery, the search for knowledge and truth.

This higher type of clairvoyance gives the student the power to see through material objects, in the same way that super-criminals, by using an instrument, can see through the walls of a room. This instrument is similar to the X-ray, and they can see through a thick wall, as though in a fluoroscope, the settings of precious stones, coins, and minerals. There are schools for criminological invention, just as there are schools for the honest, scientific seekers of Truth. These schools also exist on the higher and lower planes of consciousness.

A man under hypnosis can often distinguish what is in one’s pocket, or identify a card which an assistant produces in a crowd. Likewise in Yoga practice the student becomes equipped with a “third eye,” which can see through appearances and can register the vibration of another person’s mind. We do not at first realize when we aspire for knowledge and truth, that we are receiving direction and guidance from our natural man, that the Lord God of Truth is within all, and that within us there exists the Kingdom of Heaven.

The union of the human and the natural man comes through the aid of the initiate teacher. Those teachers who have attained, have the power of bringing down this higher attainment into others, just as John brought down the higher man of nature into Jesus. These initiators first bring down a period of illumination to the human mind, and afterwards the consciousness of nature—the natural man—the miracle worker.

Every great teacher to whom God Realization has come, has attained this state through the aid of some great initiate. We read in the New Testament of Jesus’ initiation by John (the voice crying out in the wilderness), and in Nepal we may see the cave in which Jesus received his initiation from the great Chinese initiate.

The secrets of nature, which humanity most desires, are to be found in nature’s keeping, and are evidenced in history. From this source we are taught that there are chains of initiates stretching from the remote past into our day and time, and from thence again into the remote future. If we are worthy, and have been searching for truth through many lives, there will come a time when certain of these ancient gurus will make themselves known to us, and from that time onwards we become interested in God’s work, not man’s.

The student finds the school of initiation a very difficult one. Initiation acts as an extension of consciousness and it is only when we become true to ourselves and others that we can be initiated. I will give you one instance from my own experience early in life. A lady once came to my studio in which there were many distinguished people. My intuition told me at once that she had need of my services, but when she left, my friends gathered around me and said that they all disliked her appearance among them, and a dear friend told me calmly that if this woman came again, she would not visit me. In my weakness and lack of courage, I did not afford this unfortunate woman my protection and aid at the moment when she most needed it. She had been dragged through the divorce court and the case was much advertised in all the newspapers. Through the bribery of witnesses, she was looked upon as a moral leper. Years afterwards she was exonerated by the honest confessions of the bribed witnesses. This is one of the greatest crimes I ever committed. It was lack of courage, but it served one good purpose, for it taught me to act at once, regardless of personal or public opinion. When you discover your personal responsibility you are beginning to form your character of expression and, if you do not act when your intuition prompts you, your natural man will bring a picture of your “unfaithfulness to self” to your mind, and it will become a regrettable incident in your life and cause you suffering.

We must always remember to let the head govern the heart and the intuition govern the mind. Below the sternum or chest bone is a great “brain center,” the solar plexus which registers our emotions and desires, and we often find that emotion governs our hearts when our clearer wisdom teaches us not to do that which our heart impels. A great doctor was in the garden of some friends when a man approached his host, asking for a job, telling a very piteous tale. The man was given a dollar, but the host wished to give the man a job. “Do as you wish,” the doctor said, “but he will not prove to be of any use to us,” and this later proved to be correct. This doctor was known as a man whose intuition was always correct, and he was a great puzzle to his acquaintances. He was known all over the world as a great natural healer, and one of his assistants said that of all the men he had ever met, the doctor had the most uncanny intuition. His directions were often opposed by the medical staff at the sanatorium, but it was invariably discovered later that he was right. Once, when a supposed thief was brought before him, he said, “Let the man go, he is honest.” When asked how he knew, his answer was simply, “I know.” He has never yet formed a wrong judgment. Even in buying so simple a thing as a motor car, which he had never seen before, his judgment was correct.

Devotion to God brings about a singular merit, for it marks the beginning of nature’s efforts to forward man’s development into the consciousness of his natural man (nature).

According to Yoga teaching the greatest evil in humanity is lack of devotion to the Lord God of Truth which is within us. The average man believes that God is outside of himself in the heavens somewhere, yet all the great masters have taught that the Kingdom of Heaven is within, and that the Lord God of Truth dwells there.

We seldom take the time to question ourselves about this Kingdom of Heaven which is within, but if we persevere in our aspiration for Truth, nature will provide us with the key, for the great beings within nature always stand in the presence of God; their will is God’s will, and their law is the law of universal nature, the knowledge of which sets men free.

In order to depart from old associations and ideas, we must strip ourselves bare of prejudice and, like children, begin to associate ourselves with the ideals which service to nature (God) will implant in our hearts; then instinct, intuition, and nature’s will can be returned to us. In Yoga, this is similar to passing from an old state into a youthful condition of enterprise. The things which were dear to us and the possessions which we admired and loved, lose their attraction and we desire of this world only those possessions which our service to humanity and God bring us. When this change of mind comes, old conditions pass away and we seek union with our higher self and the knowledge and illumination which the Lord God of Truth within confers upon us.

Thus we acquire detachment from things. This does not mean that our interest in and love for humanity is swept aside, but we are taken into a plane of understanding where the knowledge of how to serve broadens within us, and a greater consciousness of love for those about us manifests. It is attachment to people and to things which causes us most suffering.

When I eventually met my teacher, I found kindliness, patience, and a loving heart. With some seemingly unknown power he stimulated me to talk about myself, and he afterwards brought back to my mind every detail of the conversation, so that I could analyze everything that I had said. After this first meeting I realized my supreme ignorance of myself, my mind, my body, and my higher self. Although I was, as I thought, physically fit at the time, I had to go through a year’s hard training in physical culture and had to study dissection. Later I realized, when I passed through my second step, or phase of development, that I had need of all the physical vitality and stamina that I had built up in the previous year. It is not easy to discipline the body to prepare it to be nature’s sounding board, and I must acknowledge my teacher’s patience for, like a child, I had to be taken and shown the world as it is, for the first time.

As an aid to the higher perception, you are first taught to perceive the things which are going on around you. Few people today can give you a clear and accurate description of the entrance to their own house. The greatest aid that can be given humanity is to teach it to perceive what others pass by unnoticed, or accept as commonplace.

Should you meet a Chinese gentleman of the caste of intelligence, he will take a quick glance at you and meet you on your own level. He will perceive at once whether you are of the animal, mental, vital, or spiritual type, and when he goes into society he observes things in men of which his fellow men still remain ignorant. This training in perception gives the student the power to perceive the genius in the world, and it is his duty to assist by every possible means the light bringers to humanity—nature’s children.

There are people who are strongly linked with nature. The man who is inspired by his natural man is he who produces great works. The instructors in nature’s consciousness make no difference between any of God’s children, and the real Yogi, whatever his color or caste may be, does not separate himself from his fellows.

One great stumbling block in the development of Truth is the attitude that a student may take towards people of a different race, color, or creed. This caste distinction is brought about by ignorance or the customs and habits of different races and creeds. A Mohammedan sage once said to me, “Christianity has not yet begun in your race. Look about you and see if any real Christians are to be found in your creeds. As long as a man believes in Allah, he has a seat at my board.”

Nature’s children come from all races and all creeds, and saints of the different religions answer the prayers of humanity, regardless of what creed they profess, for all creeds can end in God Realization and a knowledge of God’s purpose in all things.

As there are egotists in humanity, so we find them in the different religions. The wine is the same, but the different creeds quarrel about the shape of the grail, and the day of the week, and much good wine is spilt. Where there is ignorance, there is also intolerance and injustice; but in Yoga, when we come into the Presence, we find only love, intelligence, and bliss, and we long for our union with the Presence.

While a suit of clothes makes no man’s body purer in the presence of Truth, the ignorant must have these outward trappings. However, God can be worshipped through the love and devotion which man puts into his work, and those trappings, which bring beauty and loveliness to the mind, are worthy of the craftsman who made them. Whatever one does should be with the ideal in his heart, that it be something worthy of God’s acceptance.

Seeking the presence of the Lord God of Truth within hastens his Presence into the atmosphere of the human man, and eventually the student will feel the Presence, which he at first only discovered in the deeper states of aspiration. Our higher self rests in an atmosphere of peace and intelligence, and we seek, through alliance with nature, to bring this Presence with its healing, into our everyday life. As children we have been told to love God, but how many people ever think of loving nature, which is expressing God!

Yoga practice teaches that what you give you get. Often the gift was not what was desired at the time, nor do you get what you think you want, for usually it is something which turns out to be better. The Lord of Wisdom within knows what is best for conscious man.

In many ways simplicity of life means returning to nature. In order that the spirit in nature may manifest within the human being it is necessary to clarify the body and mind, so through his union with his natural man, man provides a vehicle through which love and beauty may manifest, and then he can “walk with the gods in the morning.”

People nowadays consider themselves civilized, but in reality the most advanced members of human society have reached only the fringe of true civilization. The Yogi student finds culture and refinement in those places where it would least be expected by the advanced mind. Personally, I consider that the three most cultured beings I have ever met, and in whose society I felt most happy, were people who eat their food with their fingers, yet there was such culture and refinement in their hands as I have never seen at the tables of so-called epicures in old titled families. These three great souls had attained God Realization, and were working for humanity. One of the three had his home in the desert, and I still remember his hearty laugh, and his atmosphere; there was such happiness, such peace, such realization, such compassion, such humanity! In speaking to them I felt that I was speaking to the whole world but, to tell the truth, there was no need of physical speech on my part, for my sentences were answered almost before they were formulated. In these men, especially the one from the desert, you seemed to see the rise and fall of civilization, the experience of God.

It was as if each had different attributes. When I spoke to one of them, he impressed me with the devotion of the world in which he was working. The other showed me a changed Europe, where many of our present cities were in complete ruins, and people were seeking nature. There were small self-supporting communities, and the country was divided so that the different races occupied their own divisions, and those of each creed likewise, yet all were working in harmony. But what a different map of the world was this one of the future! Over all there seemed to brood a peace and the consciousness of the spirit. New lands had been reclaimed, and there were climatic changes, but you saw the darkness over what had been thickly populated industrial centers such as Pittsburgh, where now there was nothing but a framework of steel ruins. In England also, along the Thames Valley, were ruined frameworks of buildings, and grass was growing in the courtyard of the House of Parliament, for the people had migrated away from the cities. I also seemed to get the impression of volcanic ash, and a return of hyperborean conditions.

The great discovery of this coming age will be a secret which nature will unfold to man for his “becoming,” in order that he may stand in her presence and know God (Truth). Our hyperborean ancestors, returning from a long voyage of discovery, will operate the lever of knowledge upon the fulcrum of nature and bring again to man his ancient heritage.

The laws of nature are just, and she will give to our minds that which our merit deserves, for, when man earnestly aspires for God Realization, nature’s purpose will be known to him, and he will be plunged in ignorance no longer. Although weakened by toil and despair man shall gain victory over the overlords of nature and receive his recompense, for man was created to have dominion over the angels. The dust of ignorance thrown into a man’s eyes blinds him, but the torch of Truth will bring him out of his darkness.

An inspiring and urgent call to action, to awaken our latent powers and restore our rightful place in the cosmos: as an awakened, kind, and responsible human being.

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