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Mind Stuff Matter

We must never forget that we are living in mind stuff matter, and that what we attract, we become. This is because we absorb into our minds and bodies those atoms which are similar to our own nature of being. We must also realize that nature has her seven classified degrees of atmosphere, and that this seemingly solid earth has its own lungs, and breathes in and out as humanity does.

The degree of man’s density follows the law of his development. We perceive the son of Manu in mankind and observe in man the different degrees of mental density. There are minds which are sluggish and slow in perception, and there are mercurial minds which work with great rapidity and accuracy.

Where we place our thoughts reveals to us, through Yoga practice, that division or density in which we are classified. For instance, we can place our minds in the air, fire, earth, or water densities of nature’s elemental substance. The Lords of Creation watch our aspiration for Truth, and when we work through these different densities and, by aspiration for purity, place our minds in the element of fire then, if we are worthy, the Lords of Creation light the torch of our intelligence.

Yoga teaches us to aspire and to seek union with the Lord God of Truth within. Symbols of these divisions of elemental nature are placed before us and, by the proper use of these symbols, we attract into our mental atmosphere the atomic chain which links us with the intelligence of these elemental spheres and we listen in on this intelligence for instruction.

When we seek union with the Lord God of Truth within, the “engineer atom” within the body signals us when it has put us in communication with the intelligence within some division of nature’s consciousness. Through Yoga practice we are given instruction as to how to develop the nerve centers within our bodies, so that they will respond to the seven divisions of nature, for these nerve centers are receiving sets through which we attune ourselves to nature’s consciousness.

When the student communicates with nature, awareness of space and time does not enter his consciousness; rather, a realization of the “eternal now” impresses him with a consciousness of unity with all nature, a consciousness that he is a part of her: Above all, he feels the Presence, and that he is not separated from nature. He has the sensation of coming into a something in which to rest, which heals him and gives him strength. In his own daily work he is conscious of something in nature which gives him a strong urge to know and to become. He has only to shut his eyes for a moment and he can rest in this peace and love, in this realm of intelligence and instruction.

What you have given to nature in thought and deed, she will return to you threefold, and when you are able to break through into nature’s consciousness, the intelligence there will inform you that there is “joy in heaven.”

We speak of these things in order to stimulate the student to aspire for nature’s Truth, for when the mind is linked to nature’s consciousness, if trouble comes and you pause a moment to go inwardly to nature, on your return you will bring into your atmosphere peace and confidence.

When the student prepares himself for this voyage of discovery into nature’s consciousness, he must ascertain the basic principles concealed in answer to the following questions:

Are you ready to bear your responsibility towards man and nature?

Are you ready to stand alone, and to serve unselfishly your fellow beings?

Are you ready to serve nature according to her laws?

What is nature’s position and purpose regarding humanity?

What is your responsibility and underlying purpose in serving according to nature’s law?

Other questions to be answered are:

Where are you standing?

Are you marking time, going forward, or retreating in time?

What self-knowledge have you acquired?

Are you one of the herd, or do you dare speak your thoughts?

With calm consideration ask yourself, “For what purpose did I come here?”

After some consideration you will discover that you lack self-control. If you imagine that you do not, try to stop thinking, or to think on one subject and hold the thought. A great initiate once said, “He who can control his mind for three-tenths of a second can become a master of this world.”

Only by going inwardly and seeking union with the Lord God of Truth within can you come to know yourself and be yourself, and it is by the process of aspiration that you may enter the realms of conscious nature, and receive her instruction. Man gains little by the outer, objective knowledge of this world. The great avatars have all pointed out the one path—that “the Kingdom of Heaven is within.”

Nature’s higher counterpart commands the student to be truthful, for only then can you fit into your place in society, find your own level, and the level of other men.

To be true to nature, as in the earlier Greek and Egyptian days, means to serve the gods, and to serve all Truth that exists in nature and man.

To be of service to your fellow men means to serve those who are truthful, to seek and serve the honesty in men. Here nature begins to give the student one of her greatest gifts, discrimination of purpose. This is a power to discern the type of life a man is living, to perceive whether he is a builder towards God, or a distributor of ignorance; whether he is seeking to bring intelligence into his circle, or to put pressure upon his fellows to retard their search for Truth. There are two types of men, one opens the door to Truth, and the other shuts the door to his fellow men. The one stimulates his friend to self-thought, and the other imprisons his mind and body by domination.

We are constantly referred to the Wisdom saying, “As above so below,” and we discover in Yoga that the physical senses have a higher counterpart through which nature speaks to us, but it is difficult sometimes to frame her expression into human language. For instance, nature’s first pronouncement that we must stand alone means that we must stand alone in the Presence. This means really two things: standing alone in this world, and standing alone in the consciousness of devotion to the Lord God of Truth within.

As soon as the student enters nature’s consciousness he feels the Presence, which he analyzes as love and beauty. Once this discovery has been made, he must always stand thus alone in devotion to Truth, and he will find that when he has learned to “stand alone,” the Presence will be with him. The great initiate Shakespeare brought into full activity the brain center or “chakra” between the eyes, which registered the source of his greater expression. The world conquerors of old had developed the brain center in the region of the navel, which is the register of the knower consciousness on the physical plane. (Compare Job xl-16.)

In their early days the dictators, seeking to serve humanity, knew what they could accomplish, and after a man knows what he can do, he does not worry much about its accomplishment, if it is for the service of his fellow men. But when the personality, the lower “I” enters, as in some modern instances, the egotism becomes pronounced, and the surety of “knowing” disappears. We mention these two conditions for we must remember that the human body is an instrument which, when carried further into perfection, attunes itself to the vibratory impulses of nature and man, and Yogis possess sounding boards which register the physical impulses of nature, and of the sun and moon, and planets of our solar system.

Everything existing in nature is within man, but we must always remember that the mind is part of our physical body and our objective is to keep it going through a process of refinement, so that the great primordial light of the spirit in time will descend into our lower mind world, and eventually into the lower density of our body. All is change, constant change, towards the appreciation of Truth. Nature, as well as man, is an everlasting monument to God, but her light is rejected by the coarser fabric of creation. Nevertheless, in time all creation will become an instrument of service.

We have already spoken of the deeper densities which are below us in matter. There are lower worlds of nature which the human thought has created. The great teachers, recognizing these lower thought-created densities, have often instructed humanity through the instrumentality of science, art, music, and architecture, and by these means they have in many ways moulded the minds of humanity.

We are told, “The sins of the fathers are visited upon the children to the third and fourth generation,” so certain types of jazz music today loosen into the consciousness of humanity the evil which our forefathers bequeathed to us. This type of music can evoke into humanity the knowledge of man’s inhumanity to man through the curse of slavery. Thus, through music, the karmic law still exacts the penalty. In time we will come to realize this and then the world will recognize the services rendered by such masters as Handel and Wagner.

An inspiring and urgent call to action, to awaken our latent powers and restore our rightful place in the cosmos: as an awakened, kind, and responsible human being.

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