The Sealed Book of the Universe

When we enter into the consciousness of nature, we discover that the Great Sealed Book of the Universe is intermittently open to those who are inwardly seeking Truth.

The Great Law has something to give to humanity which will regenerate the race, so that we may gain consciousness of the law of justice, for nature desires to unfold to the student the understanding of the law of cause and effect (karma). In Yoga practice, as the student goes inwardly and studies the many lives and incarnations through which he has passed, he is instructed in the knowledge of this law regarding the different states of his evolution. He is, as it were, resurrected in these lives, and learns that he has brought upon himself untold suffering through injuring others, and has gained knowledge for himself through the Path of Experience. He is then taken over into another division of nature’s consciousness, where he studies the beginning, rise, and fall of nations, and analyzes the causes and effects which have brought about their destruction. Great empires have been destroyed, yet history does not tell us much about the cause of their decline. The student discovers, however, that the nation which does not build itself up in the security of the greater powers of nature and God, eventually passes into oblivion. Thus Egyptian civilization quickly passed away when it no longer attuned to nature’s determinative energy.

The lawgivers of Egypt were at first guided and directed by the Great Architect of the Universe and had recourse to the laws of nature, but when that nation no longer responded to the direction of truth and the rulers secured personal gain by building up laws for the government of the many, then their knowledge of truth was withdrawn. Later, the priesthood of Amun Ra (no longer fulfilling the Law’s original purpose) became very powerful, and built up laws of their own. They became so powerful that the occasional God-enlightened ruler, who sought to administer justly the greater Law, was unable to break their power. So we see that “a house which is divided against itself cannot stand.”

There exists today in nature the plan of a great temple to be erected near the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx. The Great Architect planned the pyramid, and its builders are again being brought out of time to manifest as nature’s law demands, in an edifice plan which will give security and instruction to the efforts of races who seek union with the law of nature. This temple will be a “plan form” symbolizing man’s achievement throughout eternity. We all recognize this “edifice plan” in the inner spheres, which symbolizes nature’s fixed principles for the attunement of our mind world.

A great domed building will be erected in homage to our foster parent, the sun, for truth travels like a ray of light, and sometimes its beams are reflected into the secret chambers of the Pyramid1.  Already the Sphinx (the moon symbol), constantly looking towards the East, awaits the time when the sovereign purpose of this moon god may be known, and its book of revelation opened.

The Great Pyramid was constructed according to the law of nature, and symbolizes periods of destructive, as well as constructive activity. It is the map of both the constructive and destructive forces of nature and man, and it acquaints us with the fact that Truth can only be attained by humanity in an ascending spiral scale, and that the apex of our pyramid can only be reached through the secret chambers of our hearts, by entering our interior states of being, where the Lord of Wisdom is seated upon his throne, the administrator of the law of justice—Truth.

The great temple of the Sphinx is within the finer essences of nature, and the student can see the great mundane elemental being who guards its entrance. Information regarding the wisdom books, relating to the present, past, and future, is to be found within this temple, and there is a machine which measures the direct and retrograde movements of learning. The theory of evolution, as conceived by our scientists, does not in the least conform to the accuracy of these instruments, for they measure the movements of nature, and the understanding of these things is given to the advanced souls, the wisdom seekers of humanity.

A great discovery regarding nature’s consciousness will shortly be made, which will shake the minds of humanity. Those who have knowledge of nature’s mysteries, and who have consciously attuned themselves to her truth, will be able to bring down this primordial consciousness of nature into people’s minds. Thus will nature’s presentment of truth come to the human understanding. This primordial consciousness reflects the truth and falsity of each to others, and the evil man cannot stand in it. It lights the torch which every true seeker after knowledge possesses, and will prove dangerous to any sham or falsity which the student may possess.

This great shining orb of nature’s truth gives us the power to pursue our own voyage of discovery, and a positive, one-pointedness of mind for union with Truth. This manifestation is nature’s justice sword, and an understanding of the law which governs it will give the knowledge of truth to its possessor.

Few people have any knowledge of our sun, or its higher counterpart, the Sun behind the sun, nor have they knowledge of the other suns which are creating another great globe, called by the Mohammedans, “The Globe of Akhama.”

Truth is like a flaming sword, and all the darkness hovering about our world cannot extinguish the book of wisdom records guarded by the Sphinx, for the Great Architect has so recorded. When man can stand in the presence of the torch of truth, then this wisdom knowledge of the Sphinx will become common property, for the secrets of the Law are guarded only until the wisdom religion is again known to the teachers of Truth.

The scientists of our world think that evolution is gradual, but this is not so, for there are forced movements in nature, both backwards and forwards, similar to the tides of the sea. The movements which built up Greece, and the knowledge given to Egypt of the forces of nature, were all measured.  The Renaissance, and the retrograde movements which came after, were measured, and even now we can see the path of a new civilization, and measure its dark age of destruction and turmoil, and also its emergence into peace and security in the future.

The student often goes into the elemental world in his practice of Yoga and, in a temple there, he can see the revolving globe of our world, the surface of which he is told to watch. Where it appears most bright, is where its people register an appeal to know God. This brightness appeared over the Mohammedan countries during the time of the Great War, while some of the European countries became very dark, and heavily clouded with shadow. To the minds of the Mohammedan followers of God at that time, Christianity seemed to be only on the surface.

As the student enters into nature’s consciousness he begins to realize the differences which exist in its various elemental properties, just as he would notice the difference between the waters of a clear stream and those of a murky, muddy pond. In order to enter this clearer vision, he harmonizes himself with the different organs and nerve centers within his body. Thus he establishes a correspondence between nature’s seven grades of consciousness. If the student wishes to harmonize himself with the devas and chains of initiates, which belong to that division of nature’s understanding, he determines the best method of approach by tuning in to their vibration through the pitch of his voice, or by mantras, or else by his Silver Shield2, the node points of which attune themselves to any particular intelligence or consciousness of the devic creation.

There are minute membranes on our mental body, and on the Silver Shield, which receive the communications which nature can deliver to us, and these communications, through our body’s organism, are transferred to our human brain. We aspire for purity, in order to reach the higher of these devic types and ask for instruction. If worthy, we may be instructed in their magic and understanding of nature’s laws.

We give to these devas our trust and, as we give to them, so they return their trust to us, for that is the law. The devas communicate with us by means of a projected thought form, or thought energy, and also through small impulses towards organization and regeneration. They do this in order that our thoughts may be embodied with purity, and that we may have the desire to express ourselves as truthfully as possible.

The devas will say to us: “Do not tell us what you think, tell us what you know,” for we always speak from the knower consciousness of Truth. They approach us from the consciousness of the world of intuition, where truth underlies all expression. The deva will ask, “How can you change this expression of Truth, as you are ever in its presence.” This presence of Truth flows through us, and according to the degree in which we have made it our own, we shadow forth its force to the world.

Humanity has built up a false creation of its own, which it conceives to be truth. Real thinking is not like our ordinary process of thinking. The Yoga student should know a thing by its development, according to its “plan image,” and its state of action, and it is our duty to assist in its efforts to complete its circle or plan.

Why does mankind hesitate? Because it is their way of preparation towards what they call thinking. The student should know, without any preparation. Love, tolerance, joy, intelligence: we should know all these things without going through a process of building up their form or state of activity. To build a bridge takes time, experience, and care, in order to conform to all the architect’s plans, but, when we build a thing in nature, using nature’s materials, it is done immediately, conforming to the law of its existence. Everything is completely planned and keeps its original species, its atoms cluster about its central “node” point, and its builders conform to the direction of its principal parental stem.

If, for some reason, it evolves an adverse characteristic, its atoms instantly adjust themselves again around its parental nucleus. This is done instantly, without thought, as we know it. So it should be with us, for all men possess that higher mind, which we use to gain the light of truth and justice, although few acquire its use. In order to acquire its use the student must pass from the mind of this illusion world into that inner world where justice and truth abide in the sanctuary of our mind bodies—the presence of the Lord God of Truth within.

This requires a cleavage from the government of our lower mind body, and the establishment of a union with our higher selves. There are simple laws of nature’s unfoldment, which the student must learn, and he should try to attain the consciousness of nature’s higher counterpart in everything, for this is to know God. Unfortunately there are few men eager and persistent enough to seek this knowledge, which would give them peace and happiness, even while in this dense and corporeal body.

The devas are the recognized “bringers” to the Yogi. They teach him when to expect movements of a new type of understanding which will be given to man. It is they who open and close the book which measures to man the duration of a religion. Great religions spring up, blossom, and disappear, like the flowers of the field, leaving but few memorials of the real work of the avatar. We see this in the evolution and development of a religion such as was given to Egypt, Greece, and Rome. At one time these religions were just as vital and resplendent as the teachings of our great advocates of justice and truth in later days. But the devic knowledge is given only to those who seek the services of the devas.

We measure space and time here on our earth, but as we go inwardly into the finer essences of nature, space and time disappear and we find ourselves in the presence of love and beauty. We desire union with the consciousness of the knower, for in its presence there is bliss and knowledge.  


1 — (The great pyramid was so constructed that each year, when the parent sun is in line with the Dog Star, the light falls upon the square Stone of God at the upper end of the great gallery, and thence descends upon the head of the high priest.) See Comte de Gabalis, page 88.

An inspiring and urgent call to action, to awaken our latent powers and restore our rightful place in the cosmos: as an awakened, kind, and responsible human being.

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