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The White Elixir and the Red Elixir

1. The white elixir and the red elixir are the Tree of the Science of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life.

2. The red elixir is the pure Gold of the spirit. It is the Tree of Life.

3. The white elixir is the sexual force of Eden.

4. “The red Elixir turns into a citrine color infinitely, and changes all metals into pure gold.

5. “And the white Elixir does infinitely whiten, and brings every metal to perfect whiteness.

6. “But we know that one metal is farther off from perfection then another, and one more near then another. And although every metal may by Elixir be reduced to perfection, nevertheless the nearest are more easily, speedily, and perfectly reduced, then those which are far distant,

7. “And when we meet with a metal that is near to perfection, we are thereby excused from many that are far off.” — Roger Bacon, Mirror of Alchemy

8. This is the blessed magistery of the great work of the Father.

9. It is important to learn how to project the red and white elixirs upon the metals to transmute them into pure Gold.

10. The formula consists of mixing one part of the elixir with one thousand of the metal closest to perfection.

11. All contents are enclosed within the receptacle, which is then placed in the furnace so that the fire, after three days, makes a perfect union.

12. The same process must be repeated with other metals that are closest to perfection. Thus, we succeed, little by little, in transmuting all the metals into pure Gold.

13. This Gold is purer than all the Gold of the mines of the Earth.

14. The metals are our internal bodies that must be Christified with the white and red elixirs.

15. The first metal that we must transmute into Gold is the physical body.

16. We project our white and red elixirs upon this metal to transmute it into the pure Gold of the spirit.

17. This work is performed when we have raised our first serpent upon the reed.

18. After three days, that is to say, after the first serpent has passed through the three highest chambers of the head, the buddhic body or body of consciousness is integrally fused with the Innermost.

19. This is how the closest metal is transformed into pure Gold when this integral fusion with the real Being is achieved.

20. A new master, who is the result of this fusion, emerges from the living profundity of the consciousness.

21. This internal master is the authentic master of metallic transmutations.

22. Later, the master of metallic transmutations must do the projections upon the remainder of his metals in order to transmute them, by extracting from them the pure Gold.

23. It is necessary to “...boil, boil, boil, and be not weary.”

24. In the beginning, the fire can be low, but later it must be very intense to achieve the perfect transmutation.

25. The second metal that must be transmuted is the ethereal body.

26. We perform this work by projecting our white and red elixirs over this body.

27. The spirit and the fire of the second serpent, which are the two elixirs, transmute the ethereal body into To Soma Psuchikon, the body of Gold.

28. The third metal that we must transmute is the astral body.

29. We perform this work with the third serpent that belongs to the astral body.

30. We extract a superior astral body, which is the Intimate Christ, from the astral body.

31. This Child of Gold is Horus.

32. We then transmute the mental body to extract the Christ-mind from this metal.

33. Thus, we enter the room of the double Maat and we liberate ourselves from the four bodies of sin.

34. When we achieve a perfect metallic transmutation, the four bodies of sin give us the four bodies of Gold.

35. The four bodies of sin are replaced by four heavenly bodies that serve as a temple for the three-unit immortal spirit.

36. We extract the body of liberation from the physical body.

37. This body is made with flesh, but flesh that does not come from Adam.

38. It is a body filled with millenarian perfections. It is elaborated with the most evolved atoms of our physical body.

39. The body of Gold that interpenetrates the body of liberation is extracted from the ethereal body.

40. The Child of Gold of alchemy that replaces the astral body is extracted from the astral body.

41. The Christ-mind that replaces the mental body is extracted from the mental body.

42. This is how we achieve the metallic transmutation.

43. This is how the four bodies of sin are replaced by the four bodies of glory.

44. This is how we transmute the metals with the white and red elixirs.

45. This is how the inferior quaternary reinforces the divine triad.

46. The gods of nirvana are dressed in four bodies of glory.

47. The gods of nirvana do not use the four bodies of sin.

48. Only we, masters of nirvana, who are accomplishing a mission here in the physical world, must keep our four bodies of sin to express ourselves through them.

49. However, when we are liberated from the four bodies of sin, we enliven them in the form of hypostasis or by hypostasy.

50. The same eternal and spiritual triad must pass through gigantic alchemical transmutations to reach the union with the One, with the Law, with the Father.

51. There are seven serpents that we must raise upon the reed to convert ourselves into the king crowned with the red diadem.

52. The fifth serpent gives us Christ-will. The sixth serpent gives us Christ-consciousness. The seventh serpent unites us with the One, with the Law, with the Father.

53. It is necessary to “...boil, boil, boil, and be not weary.”

54. The receptacle must be hermetically sealed to impede the spilling of the raw matter of the great work.

55. In this work of alchemy, spiritual substances are converted into corporeal substances and the corporeal substances are converted into spiritual substances.

56. This is our sacred magistery of fire.