The Fire

1. We must work with the matter of our blessed stone, with the goal of perfecting our internal bodies.

2. In the mines, we see how the crude elements are transformed by heat until they are converted into Mercury.

3. In the mines, we see the fire transforming the grease of the Earth into Sulfur.

4. The heat acting upon these two principles engenders all the metals of the Earth according to their purity or impurity.

5. Nature produces and perfects all the metals of our planet Earth by means of incessant baking.

6. Roger Bacon stated the following,

"Oh, infinite madness, who asked for this; who forced us to want to make the same thing with the help of rare and fantastic procedures?"


Roger Bacon (c. 1214–1294)

7. Certainly, beloved brothers and sisters, the following phrase of Roger Bacon is very true,

"Nature, contains nature: Nature overcomes nature: and Nature meeting with her nature, exceedingly rejoices, and is changed into other natures."

8. Angels are not made with theories of men.

9. Angels are natural, not artificial.

10. Nature contains nature, and the blessed Stone is our sexual nature with which we can work in our magisterium of fire.

11. It is necessary to bake, bake, and re-bake, and to not become tired of it.

12. The ancient Alchemists stated,

"Let your fire be tranquil and gentle, let it be kept as this each day, always uniform, without being weak; if this is not so, it will cause great damage."

13. The fire becomes weak and even extinguished when the Alchemist ejaculates the semen.

14. The Alchemist then fails in the Great Work.

15. Our magisterium is first of all submitted to a gentle and soft fire, but in the work of the Great Work, it is necessary to intensify the fire, degree by degree, until reaching the goal.

Reveals the true meaning of the genuine documents and symbols used by the medieval alchemists, such as Paracelsus, Basil Valentine, Francis Bacon, and more, by showing how those teachings are hidden in the Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Judeo-Christian Bible.

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