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The Furnace and the Receptacle

1. “Aristotle says, in the light of lights, that Mercury is to be concocted in a three-fold vessel, and that the vessel must be of most hard Glass...” — Roger Bacon, Mirror of Alchemy

2. The vessel must be round with a very small neck.

3. This vessel is the virile member. The semen is within our sexual organs. It is the raw matter of the great work.

4. The vessel must be hermetically sealed with a cover, which means, it is necessary to cover our sexual organs very well, to avoid spilling the raw matter of the great work.

5. Our glass must be placed in another vessel, hermetically sealed as the first, in such a form that the heat acts upon the raw matter of the great work from above, below, and from all sides.

6. This is the formula: Introduce the virile member into the female vagina without ejaculating the semen (without reaching the orgasm).

7. Thus, the phallus, which is the receptacle that contains the raw matter of the great work, remains surrounded by the walls of the vagina and is submitted to heat, equal on every side.

8. Our disciples will now comprehend why “Aristotle says, in the light of lights, that Mercury is to be concocted in a three-fold vessel, and that the vessel must be of most hard Glass...”

9. Nature bakes the metals in the mines with the help of the fire, however it needs receptacles that are adequate for baking.

10. It is noticeable that heat is always constant within the mines. The mountains filled with mines are completely closed in order for the heat not to escape, because without fire the metals of the Earth cannot be elaborated.

11. We must do the same with the phallus and the uterus. Both man and woman must withdraw without spilling even a single drop of semen.

12. In the beginning,

“...let your fire be gentle, and easy, which being always equal, may continue burning: and let it not increase, for if it does, you shall suffer great loss.” — Roger Bacon, Mirror of Alchemy

13. However, brothers and sisters, you can intensify the fire, little by little.

14. In the beginning, the practices of sexual magic must be short, but later you can prolong them little by little, making them more intense each time to intensify the fire.

15. “Grind it seven times,” my sibling.

16. There are seven serpents that you must raise upon the reed, until the king appears, crowned with the red diadem.

17. The work is analogous to the creation of the human being because,

“Nature contains nature: Nature overcomes nature: and Nature meeting with her nature, exceedingly rejoices, and is changed into other natures.” — Roger Bacon, Mirror of Alchemy

18. The furnace of our laboratory is the virile member and the vulva, sexually connected.

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