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Gold and Mercury

1. Dead Gold is useless. It is necessary to give life to it.

2. Just as the Sun gives light to the planets, Gold can transmute all our imperfect metals.

3. However, dead Gold is useless. Thus, it is necessary to give life to it and to reduce it to its female state, that is to say, to reduce it to its raw matter. It is also necessary for it to be reborn through the path of regeneration by retrogradation.

4. Spiritual Gold is the sacred fire, the ineffable pleroma of the spirit.

5. Instead of ejaculating the spiritual Gold, it is necessary to make it rise through the two ganglionic cords, to achieve the regeneration of the Being.

6. This is how we give life to the dead Gold by reducing it to its raw matter, to convert it into volatile and spiritual Gold.

7. Volatile Gold is the perfect medicine.

8. Volatile Gold is the fire of Kundalini.

9. Gold has an affinity with Mercury; both are perfect and incorruptible.

10. The minor metals are lead and tin, which are soft, and iron and copper which are hard.

11. All these metals of our human personality are transmuted into volatile Gold with the powders of projection.

12. These powders are the white and red elixirs of sexual alchemy.

13. The quadrature of the circle is found in Gold.

14. Mercury and Gold form the chaos when they are insolubly united.

15. Gold fecundates Mercury for creation to emerge.

16. One plus two equals three.

17. The Father and the Mother are united for the child to be born. The united family is the four.

18. This is the quadrature of the circle.

19. Therefore, the quadrature of the circle is found enclosed within the volatile Gold.

20. Potable Gold is the same volatile Gold.

21. This volatile Gold is the sacred fire of sex.

22. Mercury is transmuted into volatile Gold.

23. To synthesize, Gold becomes perfect Mercury.

24. Mercury is the water of the chaos, the Christonic semen that is transmuted into the living Gold of the spirit.

25. “According to Avincena, metals cannot be transmuted until after they have been reduced to their first matter...” — Raymond Lully, Clavicle

26. The raw matter of the great work is the Mercury of secret philosophy.

27. This Mercury is our own Christonic semen.

28. “The Sun is the father of the metals, the Moon is their mother...”

29. “Upon these two planets the whole Magistery depends.” — Raymond Lully, Clavicle

30. The Sun is the man; the Moon is the woman. The entire magisterium of fire depends on the sexual union of the two.

31. The man and the woman are the father and the mother of all these metals of our personality, which we must transmute into the pure Gold of the spirit.

32. “Therefore I advise you, oh my friends, that you do not work with the Sun and the Moon [the magisterium of the fire], except after having reduced [all our metals] to their first matter...” — Raymond Lully, Clavicle

33. With this we would like to say that we must push aside all types of ‘isms,’ like Theosophism, Rosicrucianism, spiritualism, pseudo-esotericism, Fourierism, etc., and we must completely comprehend what is the Mercury of the secret philosophy.

34. Raymond Lully states in his Clavicle:

35. “Therefore I advise you, oh my friends that you do not work with the Sun and the Moon, except after having reduced them to their first matter, to Sulphur and the philosophers’ Mercury.” — Raymond Lully, Clavicle

36. In other words, this signifies: “Thou shalt not fornicate.”

37. We must accumulate the whole of our Christonic semen to transmute it into the living fire of the spirit.

38. We must reduce all our metals into the Mercury of the secret philosophy.

39. The Gnostics have sexual union only with their spouse to work with the raw matter of the great work.

40. Raymond Lully states:

41. “Oh my children! Learn from me how to attend to this venerable matter, because I will tell you now, on my word, if you cannot extract the Mercury of metals, you will travel this path in blind obscurity and in constant doubt.

42. “Therefore, oh my children, I adjure you to precede to the light with open eyes and then you will not tumble as those who are blinded by their perdition.

43. Therefore, Gnostic brothers and sisters, keep the sixth commandment of the law of God that states, “Thou shalt not fornicate.”

44. Let us learn how to control the venerable matter of our Christonic semen.

45. Remove the Mercury of the secret philosophy from the Sun and from the Moon, which means, from the man and from the woman, from these two metals.

46. Work with this Mercury and learn how to serve yourselves with it, so that you may march towards the light with open eyes and not fall as blind people into the abyss of perdition.

47. Thus, you will engender the king crowned with the red diadem, the master of metallic transmutations.

48. This is the phoenix bird that is reborn from its own ashes.

49. This is the salamander that survives within the fire.

50. This is the universal chameleon that disguises itself with innumerable colors.

51. At times, it is black; at times, it is red; at times, it is white or of various colors.

52. Our Mercury blackens, reddens, whitens and is revested with a thousand colors that are observed in the changing atmospheres of the alchemist.

53. It is necessary to “...boil, boil, boil, and be not weary.”

54. Thus, we transmute the Mercury into potable Gold.

55. Thus, we succeed in joining the cross with the triangle.

56. The receptacle must be well sealed to avoid the escaping of even a single drop of our philosophical Mercury.

57. If the seed of the wheat is pulled out from the Earth during the process of putrefaction, then the wheat cannot grow and the seed dies.

58. Likewise, our seed must not be pulled out or taken from our Philosophical Earth, because the seed and the universes that could flourish would be lost and we would fail in the great work.

59. Generation is always followed by regeneration, which is the sprouting or growing of our Beings.

60. Thus, we must reduce the dead Gold into its female state, into the raw matter, and remake the path of generation by retrogradation, which means by transmutation.

61. Hence, we convert the dead Gold into living Gold.

62. What is important is not to pull out the seed from our Philosophical Earth.

63. The Gold and the Sun possess all the virtues of the universe.

64. Do not forget, Gnostic brothers and sisters, that our Philosophical Earth is our own human organism.

65. Do not pull out the eternal seeds from this Philosophical Earth.

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