The Green Lion

1. The Green Lion is the Innermost of everyone.

2. This work is performed with the Vitriol of Venus.

3. V.I.T.R.I.O.L.

4. "Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultul Lapidem."

5. Visit the interior of the earth, which by rectifying, you will find the occult stone.



6. It is necessary to visit our own interior Earth in order to find our blessed stone.

7. This blessed stone is the semen.

8. Vitriol:

9. Liquid glass, flexible and moldable. By rectifying this liquid, we find the tincture of gold, the Green Lion of alchemy, the Innermost.

10. The Vitriol has two colors, one red and the other white.

11. The red color reddens everything; it even dyes the white bodies with red.

12. This is the color of passion.

13. The white color whitens everything; it even whitens the red bodies of the Abyss.

14. We enter into the world of passion through the doors of eroticism, in order to steal the cups of the spinal column from the devil. This is how we are stealing the fire from the devil.

15. The tempting demons then attack us in the underworld and we must fight great battles with them in order to steal the cups of our spinal column.

16. Each cup stolen from the underworld shines with immaculate whiteness in its corresponding vertebra of the medulla.

17. This is how the whiteness of the Vitriol whitens all of the red bodies.

18. We must descend to the Abyss many times, and ascend again, to search for the Red and Green Lions.

19. Carnal passion is the door to enter into the abyss.

20. What is important is to dominate the beast in order to steal the fire from the devil.

21. Hermes Trismegistus states in his Emerald Tablet:

22. "Separate that spirituous earth from the dense or crude by means of gentle heat, with much attention. In great measure it ascends from the earth up to heaven, and descends again, newborn, on the earth, and the superior and the inferior are increased in power.

23. "By this thou wilt partake of the honors of the whole world, and darkness will fly from thee.

24. "This is the strength of all powers, with this thou wilt be able to overcome all things, and to transmute all what is fine and what is coarse. In this manner the world was created." - The Emerald Tablet

25. Air and water must be added to the Vitriol, and it must be purified for one month.

26. The white and red colors will appear when the putrefaction is completed.

27. Concerning this, we would like to state that by practicing sexual magic, the fire of Kundalini awakens after a certain period of time.

28. The awakening of this fire does not present any dangers because it is performed with the direction of a specialist in the invisible world.

29. The red tincture of the Vitriol is the fire.

30. Paracelsus stated,

"Work with this tincture in a retort and you will see the blackness emerging from it."

31. In alchemy, this retort is our sexual organs.

32. When we are working with the tincture of the Green Lion, the tenebrous ones of the abyss attack us. This is why we see blackness emerging from the retort.

33. But in the end, we will find the white liquid by distilling in the retort.

34. This white liquid represents all of our esoteric degrees of our spinal column.

35. It is necessary to incessantly rectify our tincture in order to obtain the Green Lion.

36. This Green Lion is the natural balsam of all the celestial planets, and it has the power to heal all sicknesses.

37. The Green Lion is our internal Angel, our Innermost.

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